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USAF combat veteran
01:36 PM on 10/15/2012
Yay for misguided notions of chivalry in a society which espouses misandry.
08:07 PM on 10/15/2012
No such word, except among deluded MRAs. Try looking up the word "misanthrope" or "misanthropy."
Equal means equal, hypocrites.
08:15 PM on 10/15/2012
...says the queen of misandry.
Per angusta ad augusta
01:10 PM on 10/15/2012
I see the gist of where he was going, but he draped it in the sexual mores of antiquity. As such, he will be mocked and misunderstood when he should have looked to something like the Million Man March and simply kept his article exclusively on men acting with respect and a moral compass. Chivalry turns to condescension far too quickly, giving the impression he views women as these helpless fawns in the forest who are clueless, weak and vulnerable. Points for attempted substance, none for style.
12:32 PM on 10/15/2012
I find it interesting that nowhere in his column does he appear to use the word 'prince'. Is it enough, in his opinion, for the man to coddle without otherwise acting the chivalric gentleman?

Perhaps he should look to his own behavior in order to attract the sort of woman he seeks.
Short, balding, brilliant... (well, maybe not so)
12:17 PM on 10/15/2012
A little tacky, yes. But the guy's got his heart in the right place and his priorities lined up in the right order.
03:39 PM on 10/15/2012
i agree. Lets not be so hard on someone who asks nothing more than less violence and more love. It doesn't matter if its not perfect, lets get to a place where we can feel safe and then worry about the rest.
05:21 PM on 10/15/2012
I agree I think his heart is in the right place, but it doesn't fit in today's society. As much as women want to feel safe, they don't want to be treated like helpless children. Furthermore, with the new age of equality, why should it be a man's responsibility to protect women?
If women want to be treated like princesses, then they would need to treat men like princes.
Sweet and admirable, but about at least a century out of touch.
Heathen Distributist
11:20 AM on 10/15/2012
I find this use of "princesses" rather amusing. I wonder what he'd do if he ended up married to Aethelflaed, daughter of King Alfred the Great. She spent a good part of her life leading men into battle. Sometimes I wonder what these people would do if they ended up with someone taking after a real princess, knowing how to handle herself politically and possibly even militarily....
11:08 AM on 10/15/2012
Here's what happened. Women were always jealous of alpha males' ability to have sex whenever they wanted. So the sexual revolution was started so women could act more like alpha men. This is the result. Women are extremely unhappy, unhappier and more dissatisfied than ever, because it turns out even though they they can have sex whenever they want, they can't have sex only with the guys that they want, the alpha males, because there are now so many other women chasing the alpha males. Too bad, so sad.
Just a little bent
01:04 PM on 10/15/2012
Yep, now we have 80% of the women chasing 20% of the men - 'gonna be a lot of unhappy people out there when they hit their forties and realize their youth is gone....
01:10 PM on 10/15/2012
There are a lot of unhappy people out there already for exactly that reason.
02:00 PM on 10/15/2012
What makes you think that women are jealous of what you call the alpha males or that their only goal in life is to have sex?
02:08 PM on 10/15/2012
That's who women want to be: the "real men", the top dogs.
11:06 AM on 10/15/2012
What about the girls who are looking for 'princesses' rather than 'princes'?
02:06 PM on 10/15/2012
Or how about the girls who aren't looking for anybody at all but are only in college to get an education?
10:47 AM on 10/15/2012
"What are we up to"? Ain't no "we", buddy. You were part of it, but not me and not a lot of men.
Lisa Shields
Poet & Advocate For Special Needs Children
09:38 AM on 10/15/2012
I raised my daughter with Xena as a role model.

Could we PLEASE stop feeding young women fairy tales, and then being shocked when they find more frogs than princes in real life?
Heathen Distributist
10:52 AM on 10/15/2012
Um... Fairy tales are good, as long as Disney hasn't got their hands on them....

The Frog Prince is a multi-layered story. Cinderella, as collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is not the way we usually portray it but a story about humility devotion to ancestors, and virtue. I could go on and on. These are deep, wonderful stories that get totally mangled by the modern entertainment industry.

The problem is not fairy tales. The problem is what happens when the "sell romantic images to girls" industry gets their hands on fairy tales.

Lest you doubt, here is the story of the Goose Girl from the Grimm collection. It is too long to reproduce inline but... Fortunately the story is too gory for Disney to save....
09:37 AM on 10/15/2012
Ahhh the student described Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome.
09:32 AM on 10/15/2012
I appreciate his sentiment. I think ultimately, the objectification of men and women for pleasure without commitment is a problem. It leaves in its wake unmet expectations, broken hearts and encourages behavior that leads to pressures and anxieties young people don't need to deal with.
Tanya Nguyn
Trust Women!
04:54 PM on 10/14/2012
I'm endlessly saddened by the picture pained by such fluff. discussions of trends on how long women wait; comments from men on how we should dress, etc.

The thing is, a mature, grown up society allows each woman to reflect upon her choices in her way and her time. pressure on us as teens, in every rag to look like some pencil or eat like an anarexic rabbit, to be clean and propper and "pure", all while tossing everything in our faces about using sex to sell.

society needs to grow up.

women already have.
Heathen Distributist
10:57 AM on 10/15/2012
But I don't think most men find pencils sexy. It may be that female status/community/peer pressure is a bigger factor there than you want to consider.
Tanya Nguyn
Trust Women!
11:24 AM on 10/15/2012
Where does that peer pressure come from.  not a woman's world, but a men's world. 

Until women have equality, until we see 50% of the house and senate, 50% of hte income, etc. be in the hands of women, we won't know how women would view their own bodies.
11:24 AM on 10/15/2012
I agree with euinhverfr. I find women putting pressure on themseleves on on each other to be a certain way, not so much men. Who do you think runs the fashion world? Go check out who the editor of Vogue is ... I'll give you a hint, it isn't a man.

As a man i want a healthy, trim woman, not a pencil. i think part of the problem today is women think being non-fat is being a pencil. it's either fat or barbie ... except there are other choices.
Tanya Nguyn
Trust Women!
04:51 PM on 10/14/2012
another man, pushing his agenda on women.
cause they are "princesses" and should be treated with "love".

hello, maybe the women enjoy the heck out of sex!
09:35 AM on 10/15/2012
I don't think this is an issue about the enjoyment of sex. It is about being real people, maturely making decisions to treat one another with respect, not as objects. It is encouraging men to treat women with love and for women to respect themselves enough to seek commitment over hook-ups.
My micro-bio is a desolate wasteland
09:53 AM on 10/15/2012
funny, he did not direct his article to his frat bros and guys, he directed it to women, their misguided desires, their vulnerability, etc.

Maybe he should have actually written to men eh?
lolly caust
It is the empty seats that listen most raptly
02:56 PM on 10/14/2012
obviously, he sees himself as a prince
i'd disagree
Sarah Trickey
love, luck and lollipops. Narf!
12:57 PM on 10/14/2012
Well, as sweet as it can seem that some young man is wanting to be a 'knight in shining armor' for 'ladies in distress'.....
My father used to tell me to 'find a mate who will take care of you'. It has taken me several years to understand he meant 'find a mate who cares for you' - and there is a huge difference.