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Interlinear explainer of obtuse musings
12:27 PM on 10/16/2012
I've found that the best, and most adamant tippers are people who have worked in the service industry at some point in their life. My spouse had to adjust to MY way of tipping, as he was a chronic short-tipper. Here are MY rules: If I sit at a table for an hour, even if only for coffee, (this is usually over a casual business meeting) I will tip a minimum of $5. Any other bill, I will tip a minimum of 20% for good service. I rarely get anything other than STELLAR service, knowing many servers at most restaurants in my area. I always tip on the PRE-coupon amount. Many, many times, there's much more tip than 20%. We have servers come to our table, even though not theirs, to say "Hi!" etc., when waited on with great attention, that will be rewarded. These people work incredibly hard to put food on their table, horrible hours, oftentimes poor clientele and sometimes bad working conditions.
12:07 PM on 10/16/2012
The best "tipping expert" might be a single mother, a grad student, or anyone else who takes a low-paying job and depends on the generosity of strangers for a little extra. I am sure that if you review this article in an honest spirit you will be saddened by its meanness and lack of perspective. Here's a "tip": try to think a little harder before hitting the keyboard.
11:44 AM on 10/16/2012
So a couple of weeks ago we had a story on how we are probably all under-tipping, and now we are being told we are over-tipping. I'm so confused...

Truth is, restaurant servers are severely underpaid. If you truly feel the need to nickel and dime the tip, do so when you eat out at higher-end restaurants where the tip will be significant already. But doing so at a sandwich shop when the difference is literally pennies just makes you a sad person.
11:22 AM on 10/16/2012
Who wrote this ridiculous piece of trash?
Freedom Rush
freedom is the oxygen of the soul
12:17 AM on 10/21/2012
cindy nit-whitt, that's who.
07:00 AM on 10/16/2012
I am amazed that you are so cheap and have the nerve to write an article on this subject. Going out to eat is a luxury and to give the person who must run back and forth for the things you want to eat be it extra water, another cup of coffee, extra condiments, etc. that is work. They do this for hours at a time and you complain about a few cents. These workers are underpaid and overworked and depend on the kindness of their customers. You are an embarrassment to the working class.
12:26 PM on 10/18/2012
Exactly! He shouldn't have to tip as much because he only ordered water?? Doesn't he realize that the server still had to bring that to him... and probably kept refilling it for him and sliced up the lemon that he requested too?
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Badges we don't need no stinking badges
02:33 AM on 10/20/2012
I'm amazed he wasted the elctricity to write this.
Alas, poor micro-bio!
03:09 AM on 10/16/2012
$25 dollars a year saved! wow! you will have wasted easily that much time diddling around with all these calculations, and Heaven forbid that the hundreds of servers who helped you over the course of the year got tossed that 25 bucks, a dime at a time.. well, that'd be an early Christmas present.
11:48 PM on 10/17/2012
Oh! that is rich!
My snark font is: ON
02:40 AM on 10/16/2012
My wife worked as a waitress through college. We over tip as a choice.
I ask for the senior discount, if they have one, but I add it back to the tip.
I add 20% and round up.
I don't drink alcohol so I tip extra for that because my bill is lower.
How much easier is it to bring a glass of water to the table and keep it full than bring a $10 mixed drink or a $75 bottle of wine?
I have learned to try and tip with cash even if I pay by credit card.
Everyone does better when everyone does better.
09:13 AM on 10/16/2012
I was going to make the same point regarding ordering water, which I usually do. It isn't any less work for the server. They still have to bring you the water and refill it.

I also try to tip cash whenever possible.
12:28 PM on 10/18/2012
Just make sure you hand the server the cash tip directly. I worked in a restaurant for years with a supervisor who was constantly stealing tips off tables.
Black Adder II
You're a sad, laughable figure, aren't you.
12:17 AM on 10/16/2012
Minimum tip for food when I go out is 2.00 even if I am spend 5.00 for my food and the place allows tips. I don't go to coffee houses but would be 1.00 for the one drink if not 1.50. At bars I pay cash per drink and always tip 1.00 per drink minimum and tend to get drinks that are stronger then if I didn't tip. Stronger drinks I up the tip.
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11:49 PM on 10/15/2012
Wow, what a disgusting cheapskate. Save $25 a year? Wow! And all it takes is making sure that the people who wait on you aren't happy, which would have cost you $25 A YEAR! In some states, waiters are paid minumum wage, and might do OK. But in others, they actually are paid less than minimum and must claim a minimum percentage of their sales as presumed tips. If you stiff a waiter, you might actually be making them pay to work.

So you throw an extra dollar or two, which means nothing to you really, but will make the waiter happy and more likely to do a better job next time. So what if, gasp, it means you have tipped 20% instead of 15%! Who cares what percentage it is. If most of the customers do this, the waiter can actually go home feeling good and having a decent paycheck. If most are cheapskates, it is a miserable job.
12:10 AM on 10/16/2012
She's giving more than most people give so i don't understand why you are so upset. Most people only tip 15%
01:42 AM on 10/16/2012
MORE than most people give? And you know this how...? PLEASE, do everyone a favor and CONTINUE TO BRING YOUR OWN SANDWICH TO WORK. And, by the way, occupy your time with issues that really need attention, like, oh, i don`t know, world hunger or political campaigns. Although for the brain dead, i am assuming here (she needs a calculator to figure out 15% or 20% tip on a 10$ bill), those topics must present a difficulty..?
Everyone does better when everyone does better.
09:14 AM on 10/16/2012
10 years ago most people tipped 15%. The standard tip has been 18% for quite some time now. I usually tip 20%.
nefarious humor
11:36 PM on 10/15/2012
Another article about proper tip percentage? Again give what u can spare. If the service sucks screw em... those that depend on tips for survival need a better job
04:09 PM on 10/17/2012
really? and who is going to serve you drinks and food if we all get a better job?
11:09 PM on 10/15/2012
When I got out to breakfast or lunch I tip $5 regardless of the amount of the bill. Since I go to the same places often the waitresses remember me and I always get great service. Sure I could save a few bucks but I could also save by eating at home.
11:01 PM on 10/15/2012
you are to cheap, you shouldn't go out if you are that concerned about .48 cents
10:59 PM on 10/15/2012
this is a obama voting dem for sure
10:59 PM on 10/15/2012
I work as a waitress, we get $2.63 an hour meaning we make all our money through tips. Most of us are working as waitresses to afford furthering our education. In my case, it is the only way I have been able to afford to pay for nursing school. We work very hard for our money, and if we can't be super attentive it's because we have more than one table going. Super rude for you to even post this. I'm sure $40 a year made a HUGE difference in your life.
10:58 PM on 10/15/2012
I worked in restaurants was bad.... i moved on.