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...I am Siamese if you don't please.
04:17 PM on 10/20/2012
I was driving down the road one day and suddenly panicked because I couldn't remember where I'd left my keys.
Veritatum Dilexi
03:55 PM on 10/20/2012
I'm usually looking for my glasses and my son has to tell me "mom, you're wearing them". That's bad enough, but years ago I'd had a wonderful evening with a man, we stayed up all night talking and he sang love songs to me.

I was so enthralled by this encounter that I dressed in a crisp, Oxford button down shirt and preppie skirt, pantyhose, heels, bag, etc.

Only when I got to a conference I was attending did I notice that people were staring at me.
No. l: I had my blouse on inside out.
No.2:I had my skirt on backwards; and
No.3:My SEAMED pantyhose were on backwards and bagging like hell.

Not only that but in my haste to get ready, I put mascara on only one eye. And I'm a surgeon. Imagine what I can do with a scalpel.
Not a fan of the new format-
05:17 PM on 10/20/2012
I am laughing out loud.....great stuff!
Life ain't like a box of chocolates
03:07 PM on 10/20/2012
I lost my car keys when I moved. Over a year ago. Put 'em in the side pocket of my suitcase, probably thought of a brilliant other place when needing it for a trip - have ransacked the house. No keys. I'll find them in an empty box some day.
Jo- Powers
02:59 PM on 10/20/2012
Toilet paper in the fridge, a roast in the closet, and keys in the freezer. Smoke alarm goes off and someone yells, "Dinner" My life in shiny object moments. I even use the word "thingie" when a word escapes me. That usually starts the word guessing game with the kids. :):)
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07:03 PM on 10/20/2012
"Thingie" is acceptable in normal conversation.
I've used the term "whatzit" in technical sessions with other engineers.
What's strange is that they understood what I was talking about...................
07:21 PM on 10/20/2012
"Thingie....." Yes that word that makes me give a cerebral double take. I blame it on a lot of things, except CRAFT's.
The gentlest gamester is the soonest winner
11:21 AM on 10/20/2012
So true. These senior moments are not always symptoms of dementia, senility or early stages of Alzheimer's. Even so-called memory experts experience these lapses in memory because the human mind is vulnerable to distractions. It's often not easy for them to admit it but try asking their wives and family. Next time you forget where you placed your car keys, you forget your parking spot at the mall when you go shopping or even when you pour orange juice in your bowl of cereal instead of an empty glass during breakfast, that can be funny but hardly conclusive for medical diagnosis
They don't teach micro-bio in vokie school
05:35 PM on 10/20/2012
The technical term is "brain f@rt".
The gentlest gamester is the soonest winner
06:21 PM on 10/20/2012
07:05 PM on 10/20/2012
The human mind works like the body. When it's stressed, it shuts down and goes into protection mode. Stress, is a great deterrent to learning and memorization. However there is a lot involved in the mind. Best to get opinions from specialists who can help.
The gentlest gamester is the soonest winner
08:09 PM on 10/20/2012
Most people I know won't be readily inclined to get opinions from specialists - particularly paid ones including me but I can understand your reply to my comment if you're a specialist or know one very well.
09:00 AM on 10/20/2012
I'm suddenly not feeling so bad about grocery shopping last month, when after spending a leisurely 45 minutes in the store, came out to find that I'd left my keys in the car with it still running......
Thank you to the universe and all the people who didn't take my car for a joyride!
An antibiotic-resistant micro-bio
05:57 PM on 10/20/2012
I did that one time, only I was going in to work an eight hour shift. I panicked that night as I walked to my car because I couldn't find my keys in my purse. Picked up the phone in the call box of the parking garage and called security to meet me at the car because I was sure I'd locked my keys in it, only to meet them there and find the car still running. Good thing I called security too, because they were able to witness me jumping in the car and turning the key with it already running, making that obnoxious squealing sound it does when you do that.

I was 27 years old. :(
09:45 PM on 10/20/2012
First, what a car!!
Second, oh I hate that noise, too!
Third, isn't nice to read all these stories and know that we're not alone? :)