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01:54 PM on 05/07/2009
Specter said, "I forgot what team I was on."

Now that's hilarious..
Someone who cares - to his unending regret
01:57 PM on 05/07/2009
Makes you think the checks don't feature a logo.
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01:59 PM on 05/07/2009
That seems to be a statement made by some Republicans from time to time.
01:51 PM on 05/07/2009
Ahhhhh Come on Dem's. Do you have to vacillate on every decision?? Get a grip folks, and stop that.
01:40 PM on 05/07/2009
Pennsylvania Democrats you must vote for a genuine Democrat. Specter is self serving and will turn on you once he is guaranteed another six years. I also envision down the road, if you re-elect him, a scenario in which he declares himself as an In independent. In addition, Harry Reid must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:38 PM on 05/07/2009
Arlen shld be "exSpecterated."
Because Republicans are a threat to this democracy
01:36 PM on 05/07/2009
F U Durbin! Sestak will be getting a donation from me if he decides to run. And I am not in PA.
Do unto others ...
01:48 PM on 05/07/2009
I just donated money to him through Give him the incentive by donating!!
01:36 PM on 05/07/2009
My gawd, how much insane genuflecting are we going to do towards specter. He is a traitor and not trust worthy. Does specter first have to sign something in blood to PROMISE to at least vote with his blue tie once in awhile. I think he is a germ in the party. Talk about swine....!
01:34 PM on 05/07/2009
Go Joe!

Love that guy!

Specter, not so much - and he seems to have lost his marbles.
01:32 PM on 05/07/2009
By having Specter be part of the juduciary committee (even as a subcommittee) the Dems are making it more difficult to get their Supreme Court Justices seated. He is a republican through and through, can't they see that?
Paul Peete
Proud to be Progressive!
01:38 PM on 05/07/2009
I tend to agree with you tapley, but I do see that Specteris in a position where if he wants Democratic support in the Primary he will have to vote for the nominee and UHC to get through the primary. He is an opportunist and he won't blow his last chance to hold onto his seat.
02:00 PM on 05/07/2009
From your mouth to God's ears!
04:41 PM on 05/07/2009
I hope you're right. But, if I were in Pa I 'd vote for the Admiral. I don't believe he will support Health Care or the EFCA.
01:29 PM on 05/07/2009
If I could, I'd move (or claim residency) in Pennsylvania just to vote for the Admiral.
01:29 PM on 05/07/2009
If Sestak decides to run, I will definitely send him a donation.
01:28 PM on 05/07/2009
I don't get it. How can they give it to him if the rank-and-file just voted not to do so?
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02:01 PM on 05/07/2009
"How can they give it to him if the rank-and-file just voted not to do so?"

Do you remember what happened when the grassroots Democrats wanted Lamont instead of Lieberman in the Connecticut primary? Most voted for Lamont. The Washington, D.C. Democrats, or at least some of them, supported Lieberman. Some of them continued to support Lieberman when he ran as an Independent to defeat the Democratic candidate.

Just as the grassroots Democrats do not really control what is going on, neither do the rank-and-file.
01:26 PM on 05/07/2009
For whatever reason, at this moment, he needs to be leading that committee.
01:25 PM on 05/07/2009
"No surprise. The democrats are spineless."

Well, conservative fright and hate radio doesn't seem to think the Dems are spineless.
01:24 PM on 05/07/2009
Get rid of ALL of them. What a bunch of political crooks. Dems and Cons alike.
01:06 PM on 05/07/2009
Can someone explain to me why democrats are giving Specter a harder time than republicans are? This is more proof that liberal democrats are interested more in making political statements professing to be on the moral highground than they are in getting positive legislation passed.

Specter's vote gives you a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. That means you have ALL the power now. I repeat, you have ALL the power now. You don't think that vote may be important when it comes to healthcare or education legislation in the near future?

If I were you all I'd try not to shoot myself in the face spending a bunch of time blasting a guy for this little thing or that and spend more time figuring out how to get him to vote your way on key issues.
Its GREAT to be alive and SANE.
01:29 PM on 05/07/2009
I don't know if this will explain things for you. But I think Specter is getting a hard time because there are other Dems who have been in the Party for years and have senority and do not like the idea of being passed over by a person who have been in the Repub. party for the past 28 years. But yet he get's to keep his senority time. That's one thing. And the second, is Specter has gone on TV and said he is NOT a "loyal" Dem and he proved it by voting against President Obama's budget and he says he will not support EFCA.

I say what do we NEED him in the party if he is not going to vote on the most important issues thus far.
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01:41 PM on 05/07/2009
He also said he wouldn't vote for public health care either! And who knows where he will stand on Obama's Supreme Court pick when he or she is finally announced. The idea that Specter gives the Democrats a 60 vote majority might sound good but in practice it is simply not the case. The Democrats need another 5 progressive Senators to be able to override the conservative in their own party.
Paul Peete
Proud to be Progressive!
01:35 PM on 05/07/2009
Can't you tell from his statements that Sen. Specter is not going to be a reliable Democratic vote. I wouldn't give him his seniority after the Coleman statement and the stances against Universal Health Care and card check, and let's not forget his vote against the President's budget.

So since Specter knew he couldn't win as a Repaliban, he ought to be recognized as the pure political opportunist he is. Let him in the Party but don't give him all the party favors.
02:32 PM on 05/07/2009
First off, socialized healthcare like what they have in Canada isn't going to pass no matter what Arlen Specter thinks. But some form of healthcare reform might and he may be an important yay on a bill which addresses key issues in the debate. It might be ripe with compromise and you may not get everything you want but at least the bill gets passed.

The main point is, no matter what they're quoting him as saying, you're surely not going to get the vote of a 30 year senator who's been relegated to junior senator status and who is being mocked publicly the whole way through. Why do you think Durbin is offering him his seat in the first place? That's politics. And you're surely not going to get his vote if he loses his Philadelphia senate seat to a republican because you all abandoned him as another slimy opportunist politician. See the forest from the trees!!!