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03:46 PM on 11/06/2012
Bieber????? Serious????!!!! I'm in shock!!! ))) Оnly Ian Somerhalder!!!!!
08:44 AM on 11/14/2012
Obviously Ian
02:33 PM on 11/06/2012
Ian somerhalder!!
02:32 PM on 11/06/2012
Ian Somerhalder!!!!
07:47 AM on 11/06/2012
Why is Kanye West on this list?? I have never once heard him described as sexy....
Ali Adams
veni comedi dormívi
11:24 PM on 11/05/2012
Bieber?????????? I'm stunned, just stunned
08:17 PM on 11/05/2012
Of course I voted Ian Somerhalder... but Justin Bieber..he's not a man..yet..still teenage...
11:55 PM on 11/04/2012
Ian Somerhalder, of course!!! Justin Bieber? Serious? OMG!
11:34 AM on 11/04/2012
Why does Justin Bieber have even CLOSE to the same amount of votes as Ian Somerhalder? I dont want to live on this Earth anymore.
09:50 AM on 11/04/2012
It's sexiest MAN alive, why the hell is Justin Beiber on here? Ian Somerhalder is clearly the sexiesy
08:15 AM on 11/04/2012
Justin Biber ? Are you kidding me ?! He shouldn't be on this list. Ian Somerhalder is the Sexiest Man Alive.
10:33 PM on 11/03/2012
Why is Paul Walker is not on the sexiest man alive list? He is hot.
10:32 PM on 11/03/2012
Paul Walker is hot!!!!!!!!! He should be the sexiest man alive.God having alot to create this hot and cutesi Man.Wow
03:11 PM on 11/03/2012
So where is Tom Hiddleston? How come Justin Bieber is on this list, but not Tom Hiddleston?!
07:07 AM on 11/03/2012
Justin Bieber
10:19 PM on 11/02/2012