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Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown
08:09 PM on 05/11/2009
... could almost see it coming with Maggie's "u su@k" comment. Viva la Simpsons!
06:50 PM on 05/11/2009
Didn't Maggie already escape from the "Ayn Rand School for Tots" back in season 4?

"Helping is Futile!"
06:12 PM on 05/11/2009
What I've always liked about the Simpsons is that you can tell that they have a pretty diverse set of writers in terms of political and social opinions. They make fun of everyone and also present many sides in a positive light from time to time. Lisa got in her shot about the "right wing Bible" and Rand looking like a man, and at the same time they presented The Fountainhead's message in a nutshell pretty well.
A Resource Based Economy
11:05 PM on 05/11/2009
I first read the "Fountainhead" fresh, without any political baggage and I loved it. It's a classic that, similar to the Bible, some people reinterpret to push forth self serving ideologies.

I'm just glad I caught on to it before people tainted the message for me.
01:24 AM on 05/12/2009
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I want my jewels back.
11:10 PM on 05/11/2009
Well, they left out the rape fantasies and other assorted Randisms...
05:28 PM on 05/11/2009
everyone should be free to create and act as an individual. the 'new left' strand in the US started in the 60's and rejected old style 'sameness' of twisted communism. New left's goal is to help people help themselves; that is true freedom. Not all are privileged to be able to go to school. What if Maggie had been born a pauper and trapped in a life as pauper due to social restrictions and lack of opportunity? liberalism today is about individuality and freedom of opportunity (REAL freedom aka college shouldn't cost 100k) to be free to be who we want to be.

Rule 5 rules
05:14 PM on 05/11/2009
Hate to get all dorky, but this was a fantasy episode where Simpsons voice famous works of theater and literature. Jodie Foster's voice was in Marge's head. Homer and Marge aren't ghosts either.
Two wheels good; four wheels bad.
09:45 PM on 05/11/2009
That's right. Simpsons "shorts" like this and those from the Halloween series are off the "real" Simpsons timeline.
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10:11 PM on 05/11/2009
The Simpsons doesn't HAVE a timeline, though. The characters never age, the events of one episode rarely impact the circumstances of any other episode.

I don't disagree that Maggie didn't really speak, that the Fountainhead story was in Marge's head, though. But characters on the Simpsons don't have timelines.
05:05 PM on 05/11/2009
Maggie speaking is so rare that it's, not only a T.V., but a pop culture phenomenom. Similar I guess, to Mr. Wilson the neighbor on home imrovement never showing his mouth! May he rest in peace.
04:49 PM on 05/11/2009
The video is funny and homes in on one of the few valid points that Rand made, though she grossly exaggerated the extent of the consequences: some people and some social/cultural traditions do tend to react defensively, or even oppressively, to talented people. But talented people who recognize the power of using their talents to benefit both themselves and others do not require the histrionics Rand was given to.

I read both her major novels and a number of her attempts at philosophy. Anyone who gets locked into her mindset will miss much of the beauty, compassion, and delight of living on our jewel planet. Through oversight, neglect, stubbornness, and ignorance, we have fouled the planet, and the worst foulers would be Rand's heros and heroines, sadly. I do not discourage anyone from reading her, but I do encourage everyone to think beyond her. With all our warts, we're better than she admits.
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05:38 PM on 05/11/2009
Your words are chosen very carefully. That's extremely rare when it comes to Rand - who is among the most polarizing figures I ever heard of. It's inspiring to read your point of view.

Let me add the following: my first impression was that I had to totally rethink everything I previously thought I knew about the Simpsons and Maggie in particular - I saw this particular episode for the first time.

And then it rang a bell: the point of the episode is that Maggie indeed captures what's right about Rand. That doesn't mean The Simpsons or Maggie are objectivists. Obviously neither. The point is simply the usual one: Maggie knows it all. She even knows how to extract the single milligram of truth in Rand before she even went to school.
12:01 AM on 05/12/2009
I read Ayn Rand's works when I was an adolescent and loved them. Later, someone pointed out to me that there are no children in her stories, there are no people who are disabled, there are no elderly, there is no one who suffers from any tragedy that is not of their own making.

For an adolescent, her idealization of focusing on self was liberating. But as I got older, I realized I had more to offer than just caring for myself and that we don't earn the start we are given. Now I see her work as something one grows out of, when we are capable of more than just looking out for our own self-interest. To me, reaching the point where you have some care to spare for others beyond yourself is the definition of adulthood.

Also, her fascination with rape is creepy.
01:26 AM on 05/12/2009
Agreed, but I thought Dominique Francon was one of the best female characters I've ever read.
01:35 AM on 05/12/2009
One could argue that objectivism is lifelong adolescence, with all of its inherent egocentrism and lack of frontal lobe development.
04:33 PM on 05/11/2009
Yep. This is awesomely important..
05:10 PM on 05/11/2009
which is why it is in the COMEDY section. at no time did this site sent goons to your house to force you to click on the link, and it is even marked on the front page (if you had bothered to look) as comedy.
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06:56 PM on 05/11/2009
No one made ME click on the link, although I was jumped, bundled into a van, and driven to a shack in the mountains where I was tied up and forced to watch this episode with my eyes propped open by toothpicks. Then bags of water were tied to my legs and I was thrown into a rock garden. It's a funny world.
04:05 PM on 05/11/2009
so qt
03:43 PM on 05/11/2009
03:36 PM on 05/11/2009
hmmm, i thought 'atlas shrugged' was the bible for right wing losers.

is one the new testament or sumpin?
I AM the atheist in the foxhole.
03:53 PM on 05/11/2009
Actually, the Bible is the bible for right-wing losers. Ayn Rand is the Libertarian's prophet, though.
05:36 PM on 05/11/2009
old testament. not new. the right wing losers do not read nor follow nor care about the Gospel--Jesus's words; he came to show people how to live the ancient words; yet no one cared and they didn't like him for it. Smartest thing to take away from HIM: hypocrites pray in public so all will know, a true Christian prays in private. He said do good deeds so that te Father will know--who cares who else knows. How you treat the least among you is how you treat ME. Also..the best way to tell character is to see who gives a helpong hand when they don't stand to benefit at all from it. Also, he hated the moneychangers making money in the Church...hmm...does mega-Church hypocrisy today ring a bell..hmm...looks like most preachers today think it's God's will for them to make money off of the sheep! I don;t think so!
12:12 PM on 05/13/2009
No, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the "prophets" for we libertarians.
03:14 PM on 05/11/2009
The video and sound sync on this is really bad.
03:24 PM on 05/11/2009
Welcome to the digital wonderland. Remember when television was analog and broadcast live, i.e., in real time? Ah, those were the days.
Politics and Comedy
03:42 PM on 05/11/2009
I was wondering if it was just me
Fred Phelps represents all gay marriage opponents
03:10 PM on 05/11/2009
I love how the right has embraced an author that encouraged individuality but then turns around and accuses anyone who is an individual of being "un-American". They're oblivious to their own hypocracy!
02:58 PM on 05/11/2009
Lisa: "Isn't the Fountainhead the BIBLE for right-wing LOSERS?"

Skinner's mom: "Yeah, but the picture of the GUY who wrote it, on the back cover, is HOT! Rrowrr." LOL
02:37 PM on 05/11/2009
Weird... it shows that the girl has ages over the years!
03:39 PM on 05/11/2009
what??? Has ages over what years?