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Liberal Heathen. Don't Tread on my Freedom Fries.
12:12 AM on 05/18/2009
This is why he is a great President....
dispensing divinest sense from inns of molten blue
12:49 AM on 05/18/2009
He's no Lincoln or FDR yet. It is too early to tell whether the Obama presidency will be a good one.
02:09 AM on 05/18/2009
True. No one knew that about Lincoln or FDR after 4 months either.
09:32 AM on 05/18/2009
Actually, we don't need him to be Lincoln or FDR....he just needs to be who he is ,....and I tell you, he is doing great!
12:06 AM on 05/18/2009
It's a miracle.
11:50 PM on 05/17/2009
I love and admire our President. We are so fortunate to have the right person in office at the right time in our history. I can feel his sincerity whenever he speaks and I know he has given sober thought to what he says. I only wish the media would stop with the negative reporting, always, always, always highlighting the worst that could happen. The American people are hopeful and positive and crave accurate reporting. Like someone stated earlier, Thank God for the internet, that way we don't have to listen to, or see the negative hype.
03:32 AM on 05/18/2009
Keep your TV tuned to PBS --- the only station that attempts to be objective when reporting the news.
Please secede, republicans
11:30 PM on 05/17/2009
"Well done President Obama, well done Notre Dame, well done America."

I must admit, I got a little teary reading that last sentence.

We (America) really did it, didn't we?
I'm still pinching myself.
09:02 AM on 05/18/2009
Ah, I am not sure what you are talking about when you say, "We (America) really did it, didn't we?"

Regarding "sides," I have to admit that there will always be "differing opinions." We need empathy to understand why others think the way they do--especially when they disagree with "us."

The Constitution of the USA is a shield to protect everyone's rights and not a sword to remove the rights of the "minority"--whether based on skin color, religious affiliation, or "other" name used. You don't have to agree, just accept that others will...

Feel free to "educate" others to your opinion, but I'd suggest that trying to force it down will not work... If Jesus can sit down with a prostitute and the "tax man," you should be able to sit down with anyone to find out what they are thinking and to offer support. If not, exactly who are you trying to be like?

If you simply "criticize," you are not part of the solution. If you think there is only "one right way," you are likely as much as part of the problem as all of those other groups who are not willing to remove the blinders and say, "Hey! There is a whole big world out here that is different than I thought."

Empathy--go look it up...
Please secede, republicans
11:41 AM on 05/18/2009
Your first comment completely neutralize anything that come after.
"Ah, I am not sure what you are talking about when you say, "We (America) really did it, didn't we?""
I'm merely remarking on the improbablity of America voting a Barack Hussein Obama in as our president....What did you think I meant?

This: "Feel free to "educate" others to your opinion, but I'd suggest that trying to force it down will not work"
And this:" should be able to sit down with anyone to find out what they are thinking and to offer support"
And this: "If you simply "criticize," you are not part of the solution"
And this: "If you think there is only "one right way," you are likely as much as part of the problem..."
And this: "Empathy--go look it up..."

I'm amazed that my comments above would draw this type of unnecessary response.
What is YOUR problem?
10:50 PM on 05/17/2009
Glad to read your praise for President Jenkins, who greatly impressed me as well.

What I WASN'T impressed by was the pathetic coverage on television. CNN and FOX had the video of the commencement on behind the idiotic talking heads blathering on about something they really knew nothing about (what people at Notre Dame were really thinking and feeling).

Irritating! I wanted to hear the whole thing. Not the usually spewing of talking points.

Thank God for the Internet.
Those who fail to remember history are, um
10:29 PM on 05/17/2009
Was there any mention of O'bama being part Irish?
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12:02 AM on 05/18/2009
part black Irish or white Irish...? ? ? And, was it on his Mother's side or Dad's...? ? ?
Just the facts
12:22 AM on 05/18/2009
Last I heard, St. Patrick's Day was not a holiday in Kenya, where Mr. Obama's father originated. Mother's side seems far more likely...
10:20 PM on 05/17/2009
We are so very blessed to have elected a president like PRESIDENT OBAMA. THE PRESIDENT is a great and noble man.I can now see why NOTRE DAME is such a great institution. I congradulate NOTRE DAME. And once again PRESIDENT OBAMA has taken the winds out of the sails of his haters. Yes I say haters, because that's all they are. The media, FIXED NOISE [FOX] especially . Just like [fox]
took over the annual teabaggers protest, and tried to make it look like the country was against PRESIDENT OBAMA, and that faild, now his speaking at NOTRE DAME [fox] and it's paid contributors
have failed misarably with thier boycott protest of the PRESIDENT. One thing I can say about the media, especially fox, they just don't get it. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA is too smart, to much of a chritian, and too good of a man to be brought down by these hate-mongers. Good always conquers evil.
09:46 PM on 05/17/2009
The protesting "students" are THE SAME BUNCH FOR HIRE that Rove & co. paid for
their faked-up PHOTO-OP hoopla at Bush rallies.

As always, when MEDIA RULES,
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10:41 AM on 05/18/2009
I'm curious if anyone documents the protesters at these events to see if its the same ones showing up everywhere with fresh signs.
11:10 AM on 05/18/2009
i heard there were about 20 of them
Always waiting for the light to dawn
08:16 PM on 05/17/2009
I really appreciate the review of the speech and the comments.

I would dearly like to see a change in terminology, because being anti-abortion doesn't seem to me to be the same as being pro-life. I would think that someone who is pro-life would also be anti-death penalty, against sending young people to prison for minor infractions (pot possession, for instance), anti-war, would support the food stamp program, universal health care, welfare where needed, WICK, job training for those not college (or even high school) material, etc. If your concern ends when the baby is born, then you are only anti-abortion, not pro-life.
09:37 PM on 05/17/2009
12:53 AM on 05/18/2009
Conservatives have always believed that the right to life begins at conception and ends at birth.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood
10:02 PM on 05/17/2009
I've always had more respect for the Catholic position because they are against the death penalty and war in most instances. At least they try to be internally consistent, unlike the evangelicals.
12:04 AM on 05/18/2009
07:39 PM on 05/17/2009
Congratulations to the Notre Dame family, President Jenkins, and President Obama. I won't have to shred my ND degree now.

The administration, faculty, students and parents stated firmly, with overwhelming respect, dignity, and acceptance, despite all that the outsiders - and unfortunately, some insiders - could conger in their self-righteous self-promoting heated obsession with making controversy, that Notre Dame is a great independent university that respects open dialog regardless of the heartfelt, but irrational, beliefs that may be skewered in that process. Of course, it didn't hurt that Obama met the challenge, more or less, deftly skewering a few and leaving others unscathed, if not inflated (I'm now trying to figure out which one of us grads helped him write that "bit too homey" speech - but that's another thread).

I had no doubt that ND would stand hard against the fire storm. After all, any institution of its reputation that can still show up to play football after the last few years must have moxie to spare (kidding, sort of). It didn't disappoint. Thank you for confirming, in the eyes of the nation and world, the worth of ND and, by implication, its diploma, again. Go Irish!
06:22 PM on 05/17/2009
to see Jesus at work in others is over whelming.......Jesus came also to communicate to all us sinners also....Jesus came to serve all ate with sinners , walked among sinners, stayed with sinners and did not judge anyone, nor was given that authority to judge and he was the son of God

--Jesus did not prayed to have his Father destroy all us sinners or the Roman Empire who tortured him and crucified him either calling Jesus evil also ....but prayed for all, loved his enemies, forgave when asked, when sinners repented, was also tortured and laid down his life for all sinners...that is the true gospel of Jesus...not the twisted one we are hearing.from.fear monger instilling hate, instilling fear among the people like the Roman Empire did to its people using religion also as their weapon to control have power who does that remind you of? which party?
Janet Carter
06:01 PM on 05/17/2009
President Obama continues to rock my world. I absolutely adore the guy. There is absolutely NOTHING he can't do. He is second only to God.
07:03 PM on 05/17/2009
Really? Second only to God?

I am guessing he cannot create peace in the middle east, cannot solve the health care "crisis," cannot balance the budget, cannot reverse global warming (no one can, expect God), etc, etc.
09:26 PM on 05/17/2009
You do know we still have ALL of those things right? But as they say all things in time, As the Bible says: There is a time and a place for everthing.
09:39 PM on 05/17/2009

It's past time for God to be DOWNZIED (an amusing republican think-tank invented
word = fired).
Always waiting for the light to dawn
08:05 PM on 05/17/2009
Don't think anyone can quite live up to that. I hope, when Congress has seen to it that most of his dreams and plans come to naught, that we can all appreciate the fact that he gave his best with all the charm and dignity possible.
Matt Wilstein
05:44 PM on 05/17/2009
Here's the video of the portion of his speech about abortion:
05:36 PM on 05/17/2009
The story of the Preacher and the Priest was a beautiful American story, it took the whole issue of Obama's Prez and the role of Notre Dame into a whole new level.
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
05:34 PM on 05/17/2009
Yes it was a victory Mr. Raushenbush. He did well. He was so fine

As a person caught in the middle on the abortion issue, I always wonder if the protestors ever realize what they're saying to someone like me. If Alan Keyes and his fellow protestors thought that by trying to destroy an event that belonged to students who'd worked hard for this day, or the priests thought they would bring me closer to God by trying to make a man feel unwelcome and unclean, they couldn't be more wrong. It goes to a key problem.

Because I find that I can't separate the behavior from the language. When pro-lifers behave this way, I find myself prejudiced against their message. And it works on the other side too. When pro-choice advocates scream that my objection means I'm anti-woman (when I am a woman) and never considers that it's actually more to do with pondering when life begins, then in their dismissal of me, I find myself dismissing them. The result is that neither side taught me, or persuaded me. They simply turned me off. Turned me away.

So when my President, can stand and cut through all of that I wish that when they all left the auditorium that they took not only inspiration from him, but also a lesson. Even in graduation there are still more lessons to learn, don't you think?

Campari with a twist...
05:47 PM on 05/17/2009
Well said. Knowing our President truly believes what he said throughout this speech and proved it by being there, reinforces my vote as well as my pride.
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
08:12 PM on 05/17/2009
I thought he did an amazing thing, glitz. Because he had 2 choices he could have gone with, but didn't. He could have taken the professional old politican tact and just ignored it all and given a "So proud...on this great day...path you forge....our great nation...blah blah blah" speech. Or he could have gotten angry and used the event for a personal platform to denegrate.

Instead he chose to just tackle the problem in front of him and make something useful of it. What I've heard him describe (re his Philadelphia spech on race) as a "teaching moment". Even when the protestors were busting loose he didn't ignore, nor personally shut them down. He just stood calmly, quieted with a gesture, everythings fine folks, and moved on. Without missing a beat.

He's an amazing man. President.
09:38 PM on 05/17/2009
Beautifully expressed.