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DrObvious 02:27 PM on 10/31/2012
I wonder if Michele Bachmann understands yet why people laughed.

She really is out there on the edge of irrational human cognition,  perhaps beyond the point of self-awareness.

If you are in a position to do so,  please support her opponent,  successful hotel businessman and Democrat Jim Graves,   who is pro-business, pro-Main Street America,  pro-middle  Read More...
05:52 PM on 11/01/2012
Republicans if you love Michelle just write her in for President.
05:51 PM on 11/01/2012
Has she ever talked about the $250,000 farm subsidy she gets yearly? Has she ever talked about the $110,000 her husband receives through Medicare for giving counseling to their adopted daughters? Just daughters, I guess??? Why?
05:51 PM on 11/01/2012
The look on her face says it all. None of her other loony statements had prompted this response. She has no clue why the audience is laughing, and never will. If it does nothing but plant a seed inside her skull it will be worth it.
07:55 PM on 11/01/2012
Sorry, there's no room for a seed in there, it's all bone.
05:48 PM on 11/01/2012
I find it hard to believe that the people in her district, continue to vote for such a polorizing figure, who is a loose cannon, and quite honestly I think she has serious mental issues...I want to know what's up with those people who vote for this embarrassment?
05:49 PM on 11/01/2012
Polarizing, sorry
05:47 PM on 11/01/2012
she is totally delusional and so are those that support her
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05:41 PM on 11/01/2012
Who elected this critter?
05:41 PM on 11/01/2012
This poor think just has no clue what so ever to what is really going on.
05:41 PM on 11/01/2012
Religious extremists are bad for society. That goes for ALL religions not just Muslims
05:38 PM on 11/01/2012
Stay back. Every time she opens her mouth, something toxic comes out.
05:37 PM on 11/01/2012
Republicans spend so much time telling lies, half truths and misinformation that they can not remember all the lies.
05:36 PM on 11/01/2012
Bachman is a prime example of how extreme the Republican party has become.

It is time to vote all these Republican extremists out of office.
It's time to end the war on (some) drugs.
05:36 PM on 11/01/2012
The filter between her brain and mouth is either turned off, broken, or non-exsistant. Personally I go with non-exsistant.
05:35 PM on 11/01/2012
Do not let Republican billionaires buy this election

Vote and let them know that "those people" VOTE.

Obama / Biden


Early voting is now open in many states.
05:53 PM on 11/01/2012
you mean let the democratic billionaires buy it? especially the ones who structure their empires on not paying taxes?
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05:30 PM on 11/01/2012
Is she even aware when she is making stuff up?
05:29 PM on 11/01/2012
Just another cyclone out of her mouth