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11:38 PM on 11/01/2012
Congrats that these two find a way to make it work. It's not easy, that's for sure. But seriously,try spending 270 days apart in a war zone. Or 15 months apart and then, maybe then, you may treasure the time you have with your spouse a bit more. Marriage is a true blessing and should never be taken for granted for whatever reason.
He who laughs last probably didn't get the joke
11:36 PM on 11/01/2012
First comes fame, then marriage to another so-called famous person, then the grand finale of divorce. I give them maybe 6-8 more months.
02:19 AM on 11/02/2012
They have enough money to survive it, most miserable people stay together because of money, when they have self esteem and a few bucks, they leave..
03:08 AM on 11/02/2012
Like I said, I hope they never have kids
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live laugh love
11:12 PM on 11/01/2012
Speaking of these two being on the CMA, did anyone else think the sound was off? The singers, most of them, were muted by the background music. It almost sounded like their mikes were off.
01:05 AM on 11/02/2012
Whomever mixed the sound was pathetic. I was in the sound and lighting business for 20 years. Either the woman/man mixing is partially deaf or inept. I wonder if the sound equipment (mixing console, mics, etc) were cheap or old and in need of repair. I totally agree with you. The audio sucked. Great observation on your part!
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live laugh love
10:47 AM on 11/02/2012
Oh, thank you for responding so fully, I know nothing of mixing etc, but when you can barely hear the singers it seems something is wrong.
10:23 PM on 11/01/2012
Stupid article. Lots of people spend a lot of time apart and they manage to make it work, ie the military. These two knew the deal when they married. Nothing to see here.
10:19 PM on 11/01/2012
Congrast to Miranda and Blake on Song of the Year CMA
01:07 AM on 11/02/2012
By the way, are amazingly hot.
09:10 AM on 11/03/2012
And...incredibly single!
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10:12 PM on 11/01/2012
what's a turtle killer?
01:08 AM on 11/02/2012
haha................. doesn't the name say it all?
09:50 PM on 11/01/2012
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On the road to Shambala
09:39 PM on 11/01/2012
He was married when they met and Miranda stated she set her sights on him and he was going to be I'm wondering if they will be able to be together for the long run...
10:04 PM on 11/01/2012
I doubt it..
01:10 AM on 11/02/2012
we31sc.....oh what little faith and positive attitude. Mr. or Ms Gloom. So sad for you.
02:21 AM on 11/02/2012
Sure, a lot of people marry the wrong person young and then find the love of their lives, Paul Newman was married when he met Joanne Woodward, and they were married forever, the second time they know for sure
The perfect mix of cynical, drunk and lazy
09:21 PM on 11/01/2012
Sounds like the perfect relationship. Well, add some random strippers and then it is perfect but this is pretty close
09:07 PM on 11/01/2012
Wow, great to see that they missed the whole point of getting married. Why bother since it seems like they prefer being apart more than together anyway?
Stay Positive..Be nice
08:59 PM on 11/01/2012
Totally get it. My perfect relationship would not be living together 365 days a year. I am, at the same time, 100% faithful.
Pretty cool when you know what works for you even when it does not conform to societies expectations.
The perfect mix of cynical, drunk and lazy
09:22 PM on 11/01/2012
I agree totally. I have always advocated having separate rooms and if possible, separate houses. Alone time is not valued enough.
08:52 PM on 11/01/2012
you have an extra quote - We don't' go... there's a ' after the t in don't
10:09 PM on 11/01/2012
Good eye. Should we notify the owner?
03:55 AM on 11/02/2012
do you know them? i was hoping they'd check the replies... :D
12:43 AM on 11/02/2012
seriously? you wasted a post for that???
03:53 AM on 11/02/2012
seriously? you wasted a post to reply to me? lol
08:41 PM on 11/01/2012
Blake has a great voice and a great stage presence, but the fact that [1] he spends LOTS of time away from his wife, [2] he posts lots of drunken tweets, and [3] he publicly expresses frequently a vehement disdain for homosexuality may be leaving clues as to his inner state of being.

A lot of entertainers have a great public life, but a private life -- not so much, sometimes. I'm sure almost everyone wishes him well -- he's a great talent.
10:22 PM on 11/01/2012
"I think he doth protest too much".
08:37 PM on 11/01/2012
He is a talent-less turtle killer. She must only see his looks. Look into his soul, you will be disappointed! He is a "White Liar". Also, his voice would not blend with Christina's.
08:36 PM on 11/01/2012
No gap is too wide if you both feel so right. We don't care about the social "norm" but chemistry. Many couples with age gap work out fine and get alone splendidly on our site. We celebrate the MeetYounger dot com which achieved tremendous success bringing couples together!