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04:09 PM on 11/02/2012
I can hear Huey Lewis singing everytime I read one of these artilces.."We are going Back inTime!"
03:55 PM on 11/02/2012
Why is this an issue, the bottom is the fact a woman has a right to choose what happens to her body and if doesn't want to carry her rapist baby there is no one that should be able to take that right from her. What I continue to see is division growing 50.1% want to force their feelings and beliefs on 49.9% and to hell with that. We all have to live our own lives to the best of our ability and if others don't like then don't watch, participate or indulge...just go away
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07:03 PM on 11/02/2012
What is at issue is the people who want to force their religious views on the entire country are running for political office so that they can change the laws. If they get the White House, they will change the makeup of the SCOTUS and Row v. Wade will go down.
03:41 PM on 11/02/2012
Heres some compassion..let the babies live, put them up for adoption..don't let the butchers kill them..
03:53 PM on 11/02/2012
the you pay for the medical costs associated with carrying the baby. Are you willing to do that?? of course not.
kelly socal
Да, это не Рио-де-Жанейро!!!
06:25 PM on 11/02/2012
kill over money?!
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Bryn Collins
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06:53 PM on 11/02/2012
Or the expenses of raising that child.
04:08 PM on 11/02/2012
that's compassion? Making a woman suffer everyday while carrying that fetus to term as a constant reminder of what was done? Wow
04:59 PM on 11/02/2012
these men have no compassion for women who are raped. i think most of them will never have compassion for these women unless they suffer something of similar horror.
03:40 PM on 11/02/2012
women earned the right to vote, but not to have sex on the whim and make a child that they now want aborted.
04:00 PM on 11/02/2012
yes.. a woman is always raped on her whim.
04:29 PM on 11/02/2012
So rape is something a woman wants? You are a real piece of work.
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03:33 PM on 11/02/2012
Rape is an absolutely horrible experience. NO woman should have to suffer through it. This being said, God is the author of life. Our bodies do not belong to us or the government. They and we belong to God himself and He has stated "Thou shalt not kill" NO child should be aborted. What has any child done wrong? We,as a nation, will not survive long if we keep killing our children. Let me ask you these questions. Do you believe in God? Yes or no.
Do you believe God is (A) Pro-life or (B) Pro-abortion/Choice? A or B. Are you (A) Pro-life or (B) Pro-abortion/Choice? A or B. You see Pro-choice IS Pro-abortion. Finally, what are you going to say to God when you go before for judgement and He asks you why you took part in killing His children?
04:07 PM on 11/02/2012
I believe iin reincarnation. And every callous male who rapes ... or supports the idea of bearing a rapist's child .... will one day in another lifetime encounter that problem personally. And until that sould develops EMPATHY, it will recycle until it does.

When I go before God I will accept the next life experience SHE offers me.
04:41 PM on 11/02/2012
I too believe in Reincarnation and part of developing EMPATHY toward our fellow man is knowing that EVERY life is precious, even one that is inconvenient for nine months. Do you think it's ok with God that the baby is killed? Psychotherapist's offices are full of Women who bear the guilt of abortion. Sometimes sad/bad things happen in life. Rape is a terrible crime, but do you really think a woman dealing from the trauma of rape is going to feel better after she ends her babies life? There is a shortage of babies up for adoption and many kind caring couples who would love to give that precious life a home. Adoption is the answer. Not Abortion.
04:22 PM on 11/02/2012
If God is real then he is pro-murder since he advocates the killing of people a lot in the bible. Commit a sin? Death in a lot of cases. God kills children too. First born of Egypt, remember that story in the bible?

I like how in one hand you say women should not have to suffer through rape then in the next breath your attitude BUT you must suffer through the pregnancy because she doesn't own her body but some invisible being who thinks getting pregnant during rape is a gift owns it.

Guess what? She owns it, not some make believe magical deity. If your wife or daughter ever has the misfortune of being raped they can carry it to term if that makes you feel better, but that should never be forced onto a woman.

It is not your concern who will or will not be judged by your god.
God pro-life? That is laughable.
03:31 PM on 11/02/2012
Since a violent rapist has a high probability of being a psychopath, and since there is evidence that psychopathy could be genetic, then the rape viction should be required to give birth to a potential psychopath either to raise herself, or worse, be adopted by an unsuspecting family with other children?
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04:45 PM on 11/02/2012
Essentially, that's what I just said to another commentor.
05:56 PM on 11/02/2012
Yes, the very notion of commiting such an act toward a suffering woman is psychopathic in and of itself. I'll take the next train.
03:28 PM on 11/02/2012
The republican platform states that women who are raped are asking for it. This is what you'll get if you vote republican.
03:59 PM on 11/02/2012
Say it again billswan173. I don't think they heard you.
04:23 PM on 11/02/2012
the HEARD him.. they just don't care.
04:09 PM on 11/02/2012
How desparate do you have to be to make a statement like that?? The GOP platform says nothing of the kind and you know it. All your statement did was confirm the stupidity that comes with supporting a failed administration...
06:28 PM on 11/02/2012
The Republican Platform does say that abortion should be illegal for ALL reasons. Mr. Koster, Mr. Akin and Mr. Murdock are only giving voice to the Republican Party platform. The platform does have the effect of sending the message to women that rape is not a reason for an abortion and your life is not valuable enough to allow an abortion.
04:12 AM on 11/03/2012
How stupid do you have to be to defend republicans' hatred for women. "legitimate rape", "pregnancies from rape are a god's will", "some women, they rape so easy", "this rape thing" ...

All republican quotes in the last couple months and there's more. The party platform is that rape is more acceptable than abortion. You vote republican and you are advocating the abuse of women.
03:04 PM on 11/02/2012
Oh wonderful..."the rape thing"..... Another Republican male affected with testosterone poisoning...just what we need.
03:00 PM on 11/02/2012
Tell you what. How about when a woman, especially a poor woman, suffers "that rape thing" and gets pregnant... since you don't want her to have an abortion, then maybe we should punish her even more by making her pay for all the doctors visits, hospital bills etc etc. that she can't afford,, because afterall, she chose her circumstances and probably even chose to be raped right Mr. Republican? But then again, we all know that women's bodies can "just shut that down" and they don't get pregnant after a rape anyway so I guess its moot.
02:58 PM on 11/02/2012
Many of the coservative republicans have no compassion for women that need birth control
or abortion , even when raped or have health problems . They need to get a heart & some
compassion and catch up - they are way behind the times & want to take us backwards.
We need to vote them out.
03:37 PM on 11/02/2012
I'm ok with birth control..if you pay for it..not me! but if your going to talk about conservative Republicans not having compation...we are trying to save the babies that are being slaughtered..what is compassion..fighting for an innocent life just because one or both parents made a bad choice.
03:50 PM on 11/02/2012
being raped is a CHOICE???
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03:54 PM on 11/02/2012
1) a fetus is not a "baby." That's your first mistake. Look it up in the dictionary. The pro-life people want to change the meaning of words so they can justify their actions. Orwell wrote about that in 1984.

2) abortions are legal in the United States and in all civilized societies.

3) NO TAX money is being used ro pay for abortions. You are mistaken again.

4) a woman's decision to abort or not is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Where do you get off sticking your nose in any woman's birth canal???

5) why don't you get a life and stop stalking pregnant women????
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04:55 PM on 11/02/2012
I couldn't agree with you more. They promote inequality. How many men in Congress have been raped? When I can tell a man what he can and can't do with his body, then fine!!! I was in college in the 70's and we protested...albeit peacefully and we won rights! When a political party takes away rights of 50%+ of the US citizens, it is because they feel threatened. That's what people do these days. If they can't control at least 50% of the population, they might lose! Or the Democrats may win as the majority of conservatives (not all of them) have insulted many citizens. Take the hands of your brothers and sisters and vote and say NO to the GOP. You are fanned my hopeful friend. Let's keep moving forward.
02:52 PM on 11/02/2012
Republicans want to turn the clock back on women. Elect them and soon we won't even be allowed to vote. Get rid of all of them
02:41 PM on 11/02/2012
Another MAN commenting on a situation he will never find himself in but has plenty of thoughts about. Compassionate as always. Let me guess his imaginary friend told him whats right for EVERBODY.
03:30 PM on 11/02/2012
I agree completely!
02:28 PM on 11/02/2012
These Cabemen just seem to keep coming, what their really saying is Rape is No Big Deal, get over it. So here they come with their knuckles dragging the ground and Club in hand. For all that is sane do not vote for them!!! It could be your daughter they pass judgement on next!!!
02:26 PM on 11/02/2012
(Deuteronomy 22:13-29) spoke directly against forcing a woman into a sexual encounter against her will, or what we know today as rape. This command was meant to protect women and to protect the nation of Israel from committing sinful actions.

Deuteronomy 22:25-27 mentioned the punishment the Mosaic Law commanded for a man who raped a woman. The man was to be killed by stoning while the woman was considered innocent. Though the Mosaic Law was for the nation of Israel during the time of Moses, the principle is clear that rape was sinful in the eyes of God and led to the most extreme punishment possible—death for the rapist.
Vickie 1j
You can't bend the wind, so bend the sail.
06:02 PM on 11/02/2012
Funny how they don't bring that up....!!!just about a few cells growing, they wouldn't even be using that if it weren't a way to take away from the election, where are they during the off season!...picking and choosing..not a god policy...I like the one that says ...Thou Shalt Not Judge for it is for the Lord on the day of resurrection ...for you do not know the hearts of your neighbor...that's the best one...
09:01 PM on 11/02/2012
"civil war" is an oxymoron
07:05 PM on 11/02/2012
The problem is, that Deuteronomy also says to stone the woman, too, if the rape happened in the city, because she should have cried out. It doesn't say what she should have done if he had a weapon, or if she was overpowered and gagged, nor does it say that anyone has to respond to her cry for help.