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Mythologist, Intuitive Counselor
10:11 AM on 05/20/2009
Melissa was, by far, the best dancer of the final three. Her performance was flawless. Gilles' sex appeal has won him a lot of applause, but if you watch his moves closely, they don't measure up as a dancer. He's clumsy. Forget about Shawn. She's a gymnast and her portrayals as seductress don't cut it. She's far too young, but extremely competitive. I'm disgusted with that show. The way Carrie Ann puts down most of the female dancers is very unpleasant. She's a woman in her forties who is having a hard time honoring younger and more attractive dancers. She's very catty. This show doesn't work.
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10:09 AM on 05/20/2009
They were just dancing ....not saving the world from anything....It sounds like your chubby little fingers have the ability to vote for this.....why don't you try to turn out for our next election and vote for something that matters?
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself~FDR
11:07 AM on 05/20/2009
My gosh ~ I can't believe I just read that. Are people not allowed an hour of down time a week? Cop a look at my profile, schoolgirl. I am extremely political, and I am certainly not the only one on HuffPo who comments daily, and in great detail, about what is happening all around us - yet takes an interest in a dance competition. Where does it say those that cast a vote in the show did not cast a vote in the election?

Your arrogance is stunning. You do appear to be quite adequately living up to your 'name'.
09:59 AM on 05/20/2009
Gilles was robbed. The problem with DWTS is that it is not really a dance contest, it is a popularity contest. I can see all the young girls around the country doing their texting and voting for Shawn. Gilles was superb from beginning to end. There was just no comparison between him and the others. Cheryl is a magnificent teacher and choreographer. One thing I can say is, I voted for him and Cheryl from day one. There are many of you out there that were so confident that they would win that you didn't vote. That's where the blame lays.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself~FDR
11:12 AM on 05/20/2009
I agree with you mamawlewis. I'm on the west coast and saw this article last night about 10 minutes before the show was to start and I was so disappointed I didn't even watch it. It is indeed a popularity contest (as is American Idol, etc.). Gilles was very popular but with Shawn, as someone else said here - there were no doubt thousands of teenagers voting fast and furiously for her, and it had nothing to do with her dancing ability. Sad. But them's the breaks. There's nothing anyone can do about the human factor.

Some commented on here last night that they were so sure he was going to win, they didn't vote. You are right ~ that is where much of the blame lies.

As for Gilles (and Melissa as well) - they not only performed brilliantly, they also were lovely people with a great deal of humility. Shawn? Not so much (imo).
01:56 PM on 05/20/2009
09:44 AM on 05/20/2009
I was thrilled with Shawn's win! Even though the people had ABC keep saying this was the best contest ever, I disagree. Maybe I am just bored with the format or sick of all the commercials. I liked and voted for Kim and Derek and was shocked when they got the boot, especially before Ty and his partner. Then I voted for Melissa and Tony, mostly because Tony has ever had his partner win. I would like to see Tony and a few of the other professional dancers ( like Kim, and Karina) who have got to the finals, win the contest instead of the same few dancers. Spread the mirrored trophies around!
I did not watch last night's final...had to see the final season episode of "The Mentalist." Besides all the final show is, is a recap of the season.
For all you Gilles' fan, I think he might have won if he had been partnered with one of the other professional dancers.
09:42 AM on 05/20/2009
i would concede that shawn did have the best free-style dance of the three finalists. but she was simply too young to take seriously with respect to the adult passion (and quite honestly the sexuality) that go hand in hand with many of the styles

there is just no comparison between her last cha-cha and gilles last tango... (or w/ melissa's samba - shake it girl!)

it's not the first time i felt someone robbed on this show (john o'hurley comes to mind)

oh well, it's not like i'll follow their post DWTS careers anyway
09:50 AM on 05/20/2009
And I I can't understand why people follow Dancing With The D-List" to start with.
"The more I see of man, the more I like dogs."
10:13 AM on 05/20/2009
For lack of anything better to watch. Next season, if they don't change the scheduling, they will be pitted against "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox, which is a far better show.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself~FDR
11:18 AM on 05/20/2009
For some light entertainment perhaps - or to appreciate beautiful choreography - during a period of economic hardship, doom and gloom in the news.... What - nobody is allowed to relax in the evening and be entertained?

It's not your cup of tea - fine. Nobody said it had to be. But for you to make the decision to step into a conversation about a show you obviously think is beneath you (D-list as you put it) and then put down people who DO like it, is, imo, arrogant and mean-spirited. Thanks.
09:37 AM on 05/20/2009
Mark has worked so hard with each contestant he has been paired with. I was happy to see them both win.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself~FDR
11:20 AM on 05/20/2009
On Mark's behalf, I was happy. I remember 3 or 4 seasons ago he and his partner were voted off simply because it had been assumed they would win so many didn't make the effort to vote. I do like him and he is an exceptional dancer.
01:57 PM on 05/20/2009
he was so antsy to win more so than shawn. he's not gracious. he showed contempt for a judge's cmment. he turns me off.
09:36 AM on 05/20/2009
Wow - some pretty nasty comments here about our little Shawn. Cabbage Patch girl? Yikes. I was very excited for all three of the finalists - and was thrilled Shawn won. To say that Gilles was a "nobody" is silly. A person that's naked on Sex in the City isn't a "nobody". I thought that it was a tie between Gilles and Shawn after the dancing on Monday and Tuesday - so the less than 1% in scoring didn't surprise me. Melissa, while graceful and talented, relied way too much on exposing her abs. Wish I had abs like that, though! But, folks - lighten up! The show was for entertainment - and that's what we got. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Personally, this is the only season I have watched because of Shawn and the local interest. (I live in the Des Moines area). Doubt I'll watch again because of all of the silly programming they do. But I enjoyed all the dancers and appreciate the talent and, yes, athleticism it takes to perform. Way to go, Shawn. You made us proud in the Midwest.
Needs of many outweigh needs of few or one
09:15 AM on 05/20/2009
I was just alittle surprised...I voted for the three top dancers all season...Last nite it was all Giles....Shawn danced flawlessly....So did Giles......Congrats...
08:46 AM on 05/20/2009
sorry...sean was good but not that good.
to me, it would of been like handing ty the trophy.
sean...sorry but this trophy shouldn't of had your name on it.
i think i blame the judges.
08:10 AM on 05/20/2009
I stopped watching when they booted off Lil Kim!!!
"The more I see of man, the more I like dogs."
10:15 AM on 05/20/2009
Yes, that was a real shocker. I thought the final two would be Kim and Gilles, who were the two best dancers.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself~FDR
11:21 AM on 05/20/2009
I agree (although I continued to watch). Lil Kim was amazing and what a sweetheart.
07:10 AM on 05/20/2009
I was really disappointed. I voted for the first time this season, and always for Gilles.

During the final voting I could not get through repeatedly. By the time I was able to get through the computer said I had reached my limit of calls from my phone number after just one successful call, which of course was bogus because I was only able to vote once instead of the supposed 5 times allowable from each phone line. I wonder if this happened to anyone else.

We are very disappointed at my house. Gilles was consistently the best dancer. It's sad that he did not win. I think Shawn should have actually been in 3rd place overall, but I have to wonder if her being an American Olympian and Gilles being a Frenchman had anything to do with who won. I'm seriously considering not watching the show next season. I think it was rigged this year. Gilles is a class act even though he got robbed!
10:36 AM on 05/20/2009
i agree 100%. Gilles was the superior dancer and performer, and I think Shawn's win does tell you a lot about who's watching and who's voting (USA, USA!!). I don't know where Shawn will head from here, but I think Gilles will have lots of opportunities--he's a definite moneymaker. I loved his dancing, but I also won't mind seeing him in any degree of undress in the future!
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself~FDR
11:31 AM on 05/20/2009
I agree 100% with both of you. Some have said Olympians come in with an edge - three for three now - I have to agree.

I had Gilles as #1, Melissa #2 and Shawn #3. Gilles and Melissa were also a class act throughout and did not portray any sense of entitlement.
06:48 AM on 05/20/2009
Gilles did not ? Was it because of Cheryl who won twice already ? These days one never knows, any kind of contests can be fixed, plenty of jealousy going on there towards Cheryl !
We remember the very first one when the best one was robbed by the outfit challanged woman. But Shawn was still the second best , but let`s remember it is a dance contest where grace is the key and not the most atheletic one. Melissa had the unfair adwantage being a ballet dancer....and why I even watch this, nothing is fair these days......
07:12 AM on 05/20/2009
It's because of the judges' cowardice. That whole last dance exercise was for not. The judges are there to balance the popularity of some participants vs others (i.e. Shawn a gold-winning gymnast vs Giles the unknown). Instead they gave perfect scores to everyone. And also, they milk this thing for every drop. I will no longer watch. The show is becoming pretty stale and predictible.

The only one who was a true ballroom dancer was Giles. I do give kudos to Melissa for coming in late and doing so well. Shawn is a gymnast and it wasn't surprising that she did OK.

THis show is just another farce. From now on my dancing show will be And so you think you can dance. That is a terrific competition and the judges are no nonsense judges.
10:01 AM on 05/20/2009
any show that relies on viewers to vote as half of the scores should not be taken all that seriously.. Think about it. No one knows Gilles, he's French, he's hot, and he's appeared naked on screen. A lot of America would not vote for him- particularly the conservative Freedom Fry homophobic male voting block (not that he's gay at all, but his sexuality would intimidate a lot of men).

There is no reason that anyone would not vote against Shawn as she's totally wholesome and a bona fide American heroine. The only reason that anyone would not vote for her is because they like someone else better.
06:39 AM on 05/20/2009
I was so disappointed that Gilles didn't win. Out of the final three, he was the only one who did not have either dance training (Melissa) or an olympic gold medal in gymnastics, both of which would give a contestant an edge.

I had a feeling Americans wouldn't vote for a Frenchman, what with all the hatred they have of a people they know nothing about. Shawn was actually the only one I did not want to see win. I never really looked forward to her dancing, though I did enjoy it at times. She was too young and cutesy, and sometimes she looked downright odd playing the sexy role, although she did improve.

Someone should make a movie about Rudolf Valentino, with Gilles in the lead. They could have Ty Murray play Will Rogers and weave it into the story. I think it would be perfect casting. I hope Gilles gets a lot of opportunities from this show. He is one hunk with a heart of gold.
Remember, no matter where you go, there you are !
06:28 AM on 05/20/2009
I was thoroughly p;ssed. Gilles and Cheryl were robbed because of a cabbage patch doll lookalike. I think the professional judges should always have the deciding vote.
10:12 AM on 05/20/2009
I think the judges did have the deciding vote, as intrest in the show wained because Giles was so terrific, they started chatting up the little chunky monkey, she did improve but wasnt that good. I have decided that all these reality shows are riged, wish the would start hiring some good actors for prime time and not the ones that are trying to get back in the lime light, just how many 15 minuets of fame is needed. Cheryl always gets my vote.
10:40 AM on 05/20/2009
While I agree with you both, c'mon--don't call names. Girls of Shawn's build don't need to be referred to as "chunky monkeys" or cabbage patch dolls. She's broad and muscular, not chunky. Grannies are supposed to be kinder than that!
05:43 AM on 05/20/2009
Omygawd...Giles and Cheryl were so hot.
Did you see that last dance 2-nite? I just wanted to make love to them both!
Cheryl is the hottest thing EVER!
Oh no! I am so f**king sad this is over!
Honestly, the last final three were amazing to watch! It was such a close call.
But Cheryl and Giles really made me tingle.
06:51 AM on 05/20/2009
Coming from a woman, I think Cheryl is far superior than any of the pros and they did not want her to win anymore.....