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10:41 AM on 05/23/2009
I suggest a former President of the United States might take a quiet walk in the country and meditate on the huge harm he has wrought.
02:24 PM on 05/23/2009
I could not agree with you more.
Take the former VP too.
10:41 AM on 05/23/2009
Here's a cartoon diagram of what he did when he jumped:
09:08 PM on 05/23/2009
Looks like he was not alone. Maybe a security guard? weird.
Because common sense is very uncommon
10:33 AM on 05/23/2009
Investment bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Bank CEO's, Credit Card CEO's, Auto Exec CEO's do you have this much honor? If you did, you too would have jumped already... I mean aiding in the total destruction of the entire world's economy! Got to rate up there pretty close to the top of the Jump O' meter!
09:56 AM on 05/23/2009
Fact check for "messy" - I read that Roh actually was criticized by many Korean voters for sending S. Korean troops to support America's war in Iraq, and that S.Korean at one point the third largest contributor to the forces there, after the U.S. and the Brits. Remember, even if Roh ran for persident on a platform of more autonomy from the U.S. , International politics is never simple for a small nation like S. Korea, and hence decisions are always compromises - you can't reduce Roh's political stance simplistically.
09:45 AM on 05/23/2009
In the East, honour/shame matter.
09:30 AM on 05/23/2009
Sounds like a naive guy that got in over his head. Sad.
09:20 AM on 05/23/2009
Very sad. Was that really necessary? They're all politicians, what politician is not corrupt in some form or another. Even more so in some parts where bribes are the norm. Give me a break.
02:25 PM on 05/23/2009
He thought he was dying with honor.
wish the concept of honor was not alien to Bush/Cheney.
artist, writer, adventurer
08:52 AM on 05/23/2009
Remember, the Korean people elected him to punish the United States for the War in Iraq.
09:37 AM on 05/23/2009
Yeah, SURE they did.
11:53 AM on 05/23/2009
No, Koreans elected him to stand up to the US instead of being the typical yes man. After a few months in office, he was transformed into a yes man. The president was admired for his eloquence, but no matter where he turned he always faced harsh criticism in the newspapers which led him to wage a public war against them. Being the president of Korea is tough. They love you when they elect you, but after about a year they tend to become reviled. Former Korean presidents don't enjoy the same esteem that their American counterparts do. Sure, people are polite to them as is decreed by Confucianism, but little more. I don't understand why anyone would want to be president of Korea. Being on the take used to be a good reason, but now 60 minutes-like news programs hunt scandals out.
Old school Roosevelt democrat
08:40 AM on 05/23/2009
Was he trying to be his own god?
08:39 AM on 05/23/2009
so he didn't just fall.
FOX NEWS: America's Iago.
04:49 AM on 05/23/2009
Probably was "suicided."
05:32 AM on 05/23/2009
"suicided" ?
Seams "suicided" is not the notion which only exists in China but something universal.
06:41 AM on 05/23/2009
kinda like "disappeared".
04:42 AM on 05/23/2009
In Korea the biggest major newspapers are mere tabloids. They killed Roh by humiliating him on a daily basis. Most of the accusations were groundless. Isn't it fair that Roh was pushed to the edge this much, while the other ex-presidents (Chun and another Roh, unrelated to this late one) who led military coups and killed hundreds of innocent citizens are still alive and kicking?

Today is a sad day in Korea. The symbol of democracy who genuinely cared about his people died after being fooled by the powerful robber class. If I have to compare, Roh was like Kennedy or Obama to many Koreans.
11:31 AM on 05/23/2009
He at least sounds like a guy who had a conscience.
02:26 PM on 05/23/2009
He sounds like a mostly decent guy who might have strayed.
Bush/Cheney are all
03:11 AM on 05/23/2009
You have to appreciate a culture with a tradition of honor so important that they cannot face themselves or the world anymore after what they have done. Suicide should never be the answer but my opinion about it amounts to smaller than an anthill compared to thousands of years of tradition.
02:27 PM on 05/23/2009
Suicide has a different significance in different cultures. It means atonement for this person. Suicide is not shameful in a lot of eastern cultures the way it is in the judeo-christian tradition.
02:49 AM on 05/23/2009
I remember reading that the South Korean regional banks took a huge hit when Lehman collapsed. I haven't heard much about that topic since then. Roh Moo-hyun was President of South Korea during the high point of global ponzi schemes build out. Maybe he knows something about the South Korean economy that isn't widely discussed and he was ashamed of his culpability in it? Maybe I'm wrong, but lets see if there are any major announcements about the health of the South Korean economy in the coming months.
Pointing out the foolishness of republican voters.
02:31 AM on 05/23/2009
In Asian countries suicide has a long tradition of being the ultimate form of apology. In America those who are convicted of bribery or are disgraced tend to either retire in comfort while they associate with their peers or be reserected and return to power. Honor is important in Asian culture. To lose your honor is the ultimate shame.
In the west losing your honor doesn't even fit into the formula. The present actions of officials of the Bush administration are perfect proof. But then again I suppose they never did have such as concept as honor.
Jafafa Hots
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08:54 AM on 05/23/2009
Sure losing your honor fits into the formula here - it's the first step on the path to "success."
02:28 PM on 05/23/2009
Cheney agrees with you.
09:06 AM on 05/23/2009
Whatcha talkin' about? Dubya didn't lose honor. He steadfastly denies that he did anything wrong only on the grounds of he had to make hard decisions and he stands by them. In fact, he probably believes that he is all the more honorable because he stuck to his decisions however bad they are.

Seriously, I personally couldn't live with sending more than 4000 Americans and an untold number of Iraqis to their deaths. That would be enough reason to kill myself. Dubya, on the other hand, is probably working on his spin even in his sleep.
justice thom to scalia boss how "we" feeling today
09:34 AM on 05/23/2009
as momma bush would say,i cant worry my beautiful head with that barbara bush you are the best (not)
02:29 PM on 05/23/2009
Delusion at its max. It was a crusade, so everything is A-O.K.