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11:05 AM on 11/05/2012
Hmmmmmmmm Theb republicans will never let them have statehood for a couple of reasons.They are not WASP's and there language is for the most part Spanish.Thats the two biggist reasons.the other is they vote democratic.
01:26 PM on 11/05/2012
You do realize that we (as a nation) have two official languages- Spanish AND English?
05:57 PM on 11/05/2012
Yeah we have no official language.
01:50 PM on 11/05/2012
Actually, PR is a very conservative religous state.
11:03 AM on 11/05/2012
Also with becoming a "State", U.S Income Taxes, State Taxes, English as the primary language and worst of all OSHA, EPA and the whole slew of other U.S. government agencies who will fine the "State" into bankruptcy.
01:31 PM on 11/05/2012
OSHA and the EPA are already here same with State taxes, Federal taxes apply if you work for a company that originates in the US
04:06 PM on 11/05/2012
PR is not a backward place. Many pharmaceutical companies have gone there because of the education and skills of the people there. All of the laws in place on the mainland concerning work rules are already in place there.
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10:50 AM on 11/05/2012
Puerto Ricans are Americans by birth. I've served with many in our military. I think they should be required to solve most of their problems before being admitted as a state.
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11:18 AM on 11/05/2012
where, in the WORLD, would the USA get the "20 billion in federal funds" ??!! We already have a failing economy--why would WE WANT to increase it?
baby huey
Say what again I dare you
12:05 PM on 11/05/2012
They already pay Federal tax so I guess we're the one mooching of them, it's bout time we paid them back.
That government is best whichgoverns least
12:08 PM on 11/05/2012
And why not? After all Obama will increase it anyway,(if re-elected) !
10:49 AM on 11/05/2012
People that are not Puerto Ricans should not speak in behalf of Puerto Ricans.
10:53 AM on 11/05/2012
People that are mainland Americans can and should speak on the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico.
I prefer independence for Puerto Ricans,not statehood.
01:14 PM on 11/05/2012
So glad you can't vote in that election, then.
04:08 PM on 11/05/2012
Should you have a say in what happens in a state that you don't live in? Fact is, you don't. Why then should it be any different for Puerto Rico?
11:07 AM on 11/05/2012
I agree and it shoud be decided by the people of the United States by a citizen special election or a congressional vote. Why can't they take care of there own country, solve crime and unemployment on their own. Couldnt be because they are looking for their share of entitlements could it. Let them vote about whether THEY want to be a state, and THEN let the citizens of the U.S vote. I am all for that.
04:11 PM on 11/05/2012
I guess you either don't understand or don't want to understand that Puerto Rico IS part of the US. Like it or not it is. Many of the problems there are as a direct result of US laws and policy, such as the illegal immigrants that enter the country, Your ignorance is telling! You think that all people that you "consider" inferior in your little mind are only concerned with entitlements. WE are citizens and have been for over a hundred years.
04:28 PM on 11/05/2012
Most of the social problems in Puerto Rico have easy solutions, but we required National Sovereignty to implement those solutions. National Sovereignty imply two complementary things: First it implies that the ownership of Puerto Rico, the ultimate legal authority upon Puerto Rico, which now is in Congress, should return to its legitimate and natural owners, the People of PUerto Rico. Second, it implies that the Administration of crucial areas of Government like immigration, Coastal waters, ability to make commercial and political treaties with other nations, participation in United Nations Assembly and subcommittees, etc. etc. should be in Puerto Rico's hands.

In the first case Puerto Rico needs to be the real master and ultimate authority in Puerto Rico's matters. In the second case, over the last 100 years the US nave develop national interest of its own in Puerto Rico, So a negotiated agreement, a Compact of Free Association as it is called in international law, should be negotiated between the Sovereign Nation of the United States and the Sovereign nation of Puerto Rico, to determine which Government competencies would be administer by USA agencies or delegates and which ones will be administered directly by Puerto Rico Government.

This can be done. The US has negotiated similar Compacts with other former territories. It is time it does the same with Puerto Rico.
10:43 AM on 11/05/2012
what would puerto rico bring to the table. independence would be best for the rest of the USA.
10:38 AM on 11/05/2012
Don't Puerto Ricans serve in the U.S. military and also vote in the elections? Well Hawaii is way out in the ocean...may as well ad this country too!
11:01 AM on 11/05/2012
Yeah let go to the Hawiian embassy and demand they makeup their mind and either join us or get list.You are truely a republican aren't you?????
12:24 PM on 11/05/2012
(correcting myself...add...not ad).....and I think you meant Puerto Rico. I am "a-political" right now with this election.  I know some lovely Puerto Rican families and their children are the best behaved in school.  I would welcome them as fellow states-people.
baby huey
Say what again I dare you
11:27 AM on 11/05/2012
UMMMM not sure but Hawaii is already a state.
10:36 AM on 11/05/2012
just because you are born american does not mean you are an american at heart. we have a lot of immigrants that give birth to fake americans.
Demons run, when a good man goes to war.
04:13 PM on 11/05/2012
yeah because PR hasn't been part of the US for over a hundred years. I guess since Alaska became a State in the 50s no one there is really American either. Sorry Palin
10:28 AM on 11/05/2012
make it a state...and clean it up.
10:25 AM on 11/05/2012
1. How many tax dollars would be leaving the state?

2. How many entitlement dollars would be going into the state?

Is it 1>2 or 1
Al Carioti lives in Orlando, Flo
10:20 AM on 11/05/2012
It's really time for a decision on their part to be made. They and we can both benifit from State status.
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10:18 AM on 11/05/2012
what federal money would Puerto Rico lose by becoming a state?
10:09 AM on 11/05/2012
If they stay "illegal" there are more freebies......if they become a state they have to pay taxes for the benefits and there will be no more free education. They will be taxed for obamacare and will not get the free benefits from it like illegals. They will have to help pay for the free loaders just like other US least those who are producers.
10:08 AM on 11/05/2012
maybe obama can get than done before tomorrows election.Never waste a vote
09:50 AM on 11/05/2012
Wow...handouts?????? Typical liberal thinking...a huge problem this country is facing..people with the mindset, those more fortunate should provide for the less fortunate with entitlements & handouts. People do give all the time, but it should be their choice, not forced by the hand of a socialist dictator,...when people get handouts, they work less, are less responsible, never happy, want more and they are not a better people for it. So go Independent PR...manage your own funding and programs. At least you will have better control over your own future...America's future is hanging in the balance no thanks to the Obama regime....
10:56 AM on 11/05/2012
There are just as many ,so called,liberals against Puerto Rican statehood as anybody else.
Obama has not said a word about statehood.Why are you blaming him?
baby huey
Say what again I dare you
11:37 AM on 11/05/2012
Sherry you're not so bright they are already citizens of OUR country, but they don't have full rights that statehood would bring, do you really think it fair or right that they don't.

What state do you live in and how would you feel if that were removed along with your rights as a U.S. citizen