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10:16 PM on 11/06/2012
Wow... look at those pictures of Miley when she was younger. She was actually really cute! What happened???? She is ruining herself!
09:43 PM on 11/06/2012
I'm sorry Miss Milie but your man is so hot that there will always be women throwing themselves at him. He's only 22 and sooner or later he WILL give in to one/some/many of these other women. It's a done deal.

By the way, Liam is super HOT but his brother Chris (Thor) is even HOTTER!!!!!
There is also a third Hemsworth brother, his name is Luke ( he's the oldest one) and he is not as hot as the other two but he is not bad either!!!

What is it about those Aussie's?
It's a country of about 20 million people and from what I can tell, 19.5 million of them are on the super hot scale! I would love to go down there and stay for a few years!
Woooooooooooooooooo Hooooo!!!!!!
Curious Georgy
Get the facts right then you can distort them
09:58 PM on 11/06/2012
Those boys are both sex on a stick no doubt. Makes me want to go all down under.
10:20 AM on 11/07/2012
".....but his brother Chris (Thor) is even HOTTER!!!!!"

Tim Day
Am I waiting to Live or Waiting to Die.....
09:40 PM on 11/06/2012
Publicity Stunt....Here's how it likely went down: Horsey Cyrus wakes up and whinnies to Hemswood..."Hey honey, you know we can get on every mag if we pull a Kristen Stewart....." Hemswood " Thats a lovely idea muffin, pip-pip I'll go cheat...a bully idea, bully I say"
Don't dance too fast, lets make the music last.
08:37 PM on 11/06/2012
Why are you so suprised??? Afterall, Miley is no 1st prize...thats for sure. She's nothing but a spoiled, rich brat with a privileged life. What REAL MAN is going to respect that thing? He's no prize either, baby, so get over him and get on with your life, Miley. As my Mother always told me, there's always a lot more fish to fry! LOL!
07:24 PM on 11/06/2012
Look at this guy, I would cheat with him any day and his brother Chris (Thor) can be next!!!!!
Tim Day
Am I waiting to Live or Waiting to Die.....
09:41 PM on 11/06/2012
I wanna party with you....Wait you are a female, right ?
07:20 PM on 11/06/2012
I mean, seriously, can you blame him??? Who would want to be with Miley? She's ugly as sin. But on the up side for him, he they tie the knot -- he'll get a pretty penny!
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07:05 PM on 11/06/2012
In Latin, the word Cyrus means "light that appears bright for a moment then quickly fades into obscurity".....
07:00 PM on 11/06/2012
am i the only who foresees a huge, scandalous DIVORCE maybe 4-6 months into their "marriage"? whenever they do actually get married
06:42 PM on 11/06/2012
19 and 22 in Hollywood is too young to get married. Live life, make some awesome memories and then settle down.
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06:46 PM on 11/06/2012
19 and 22 is too young to get married outside of Hollywood.
We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs
06:18 PM on 11/06/2012
She is from one of those red states.....not a lot working upstairs.
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05:46 PM on 11/06/2012
Well even though I think they are still too young and in the business they are in I hope they wait and really be sure, I have to say, he is a very good looking guy and girls are going to look and want to talk to him. I'm older but I saw him in a movie with Miley very good both and even I though what a cute guy. Be sure Miley, I don't want you both hurt. I think in Hollywood you have ot prove something by getting a ring, be sure, be sure. Tuff business you both are in, especially when he kisses a hot girl or you the oppsite.
05:31 PM on 11/06/2012
I assumed ever since she got that haircut and said her boyfriend 'loved it', I assumed that something wasn't right with that relatioinship. As in he was not honest and she was niave.
04:57 PM on 11/06/2012
thank u lord i worked 6 hrs on the phone to secretary of state in new jersey trying to find out how our men an women could vote since they were not in ohio,i talked 2 washington col. ohio new jersey could not get any answers i woke up this morning an found an e-mail that stated 4 me to get the word out to all power line workers that it is the law, they r to go to the voting area where they r working and file a provisional ballott most of them have now voted .but secretary of new jersey gave me the most reluctant an uncaring response she said"it is not their problem if our ppl could not vote it was ohios goverments problem not hers ,i feel like she didnt give a damn bout our ppl doing the power work ,i was very insulted by her reaction ,cause if it wasnt for our journey linemen getting the power on for her state she couldnt vote either. god bless america and i solved the problem that she could of done very easy.thank you teia ashbridge dayton,ohio local I.B.E.W.71 my husband and son r both there because they love what they do .
04:56 PM on 11/06/2012
isn't he a prop to hide the fact she's gay?
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07:05 PM on 11/06/2012
She is looking for a daddy figure.....
07:09 PM on 11/06/2012
 that's because her  daddy figure isn't a real daddy figure. shame she had to live in that environment..