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The GOP, separating mind and state since 1968.
06:59 PM on 11/14/2012
22 shocking facts mormons don't want you to know, by Darrick T. Evensen, former missionary, apologist and author for the LDS faith.
10:40 PM on 11/14/2012
23 they want your money, now!
Bob Kellerman
Let's have more sanity toward each other
04:35 AM on 11/15/2012
23a -- they want all the money, right away, and you can starve, unless they need you to be in a video showing how charitable they are
08:01 AM on 11/16/2012
I just read these and then researched them and wow, those facts are RIDICULOUS. Thanks for comment, I hadn't had a laugh in a while.
The GOP, separating mind and state since 1968.
01:47 PM on 11/17/2012
your denial is pungent. remember, no true church historian, which you are not, won't deny these facts. and, if you are over 40, you remember the 1978 mark of cain debacle, the hoffman bribery/bombings and the changes in the endowment ceremony. (as well as joseph's polygamist history and brigham's bizarre prophecies -- with all research done through the church's own history)

also, as the author stated, they aren't facts for (you) brainwashed members -- just outsiders 'investigating the church.' best to know what you are getting into instead of taking 'milk before meat' from missionaries 'lying for the lord.'
the meadow
nothing pending
04:18 PM on 11/14/2012
Without comparison a parable cannot be understood.

And, may we always be able to come together and ponder these things.

For, the greater good.

My way of saying; a respectful thank you, to all who came and to all those who openly shared.
The GOP, separating mind and state since 1968.
03:45 PM on 11/14/2012
can always tell the mormon defense league / apologists. low to 0 fans and paragraphs of B S.
01:06 PM on 11/14/2012
I converted to the LDS church thirty years ago. After leaving a Beverly Hills job in the entertainment industry managing actors, actresses, producers, directors etc...I quit to raise my family with my husband and son and now two daughters. I felt the doctrine and Book of Mormon easy to understand and accept. I found my ward or for you who don't know the LDS church, congregation, accepting. I wanted my kids to be raised with Family Values, morals and firm foundation in knowing that Jesus Christ is our Savior. My son is an Eagle Scout, degree in Computer Programming with three children. My daughters, college educated. One is married with two kids and the other attending a University, Cosmetology School and working. We believe in hard work and education. There is nothing bad about it. There are those who are not living the commandments and I can tell by their venemous posts, they are unhappy and they want to tear down those of us who are. This life isn't about getting everything you want, doing whatever makes you happy, it's like a Petrey dish, you are dropped into it by choice and it's up to you to do what is right, be charitable, live the laws of the land, grow a family, love others, do not lie, steal, murder, covet, work hard and by the fruits of your labors we know all about you. Please don't bash what you don't understand.
The GOP, separating mind and state since 1968.
03:38 PM on 11/14/2012
family values are universal, not just mormon -- you just pay more for them there...
Life without liberty has no value.
08:11 PM on 11/14/2012
She didn't claim a monopoly on the concept. What is wrong with you?
11:00 AM on 11/15/2012
And what is wrong with that? I have nothing that didn't come from my Heavenly Father, so why would you criticize me for wanting to pay back at least 10%, or more if I wish, for what He has given me and my family?
08:23 PM on 11/14/2012
I understand Romney was a missionary for the Mormon faith and after this election, I understand Romney will lie about anything anytime to anyone to get what he wants.

Not my fault the Mormon religion is tainted because Romney has the ethics of a used car salesman.
04:27 AM on 11/15/2012
You certainly don't know Mitt Romney, or the Mormons.
I will leave when I choose to!!!
02:13 AM on 11/16/2012
LOL! Ain't that the Truth!
A Groover has to expect a few setbacks .....
06:12 AM on 11/14/2012
Mitt firmly established that Mormans are devout L-I-A-R-S .....

very bad PR job Bishop ....

months and months of never ending lies ....
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01:19 PM on 11/15/2012
The only one lying was Obama.
Bob Kellerman
Let's have more sanity toward each other
04:37 AM on 11/14/2012

--- although individual mormons can be quite charitable, the church itself has the reputation of spending nearly all its income on advertising, sales, and building fancy temples in areas where the local membership is unable to tithe enough to pay for them

--- there is a deafening silence about the amazing waffling of Mitt Romney, who was liberal in Mass, but "severely conservative" when he needed the nomination, then moderate when he debated the President.
Not to mention Ann's baldface lie (which I heard with my own ears) that "creating life in order to destroy it" was a description of stem cell research, which uses DISCARDED embryos, and has benefited her personal health. Not to mention Romney's choosing the complete whackdoodle, Ryan.
Romney was supposed to elevate the status of mormons, but the lying and creepy attitude did a world of harm to the public's opinion of you. Many Americans now believe you condone lying.

--- still waiting for the church leaders to acknowledge that they went off the deep end by invading CA with Prop 8, or to notice how their efforts have contributed to the bullying and deaths of young people

08:13 AM on 11/14/2012
Mr. Kellerman, I respectfully disagree with each of your assertions. They are each incorrect. And I'll say that your treatment of the LDS church shows a great ignorance of the reality of the reputation of the Church in its spending, and how it spends. In fact, it is exactly the opposite of what you said. Ann Romney's comments on stem cell research is factual, as is yours about discarded embryos. Both have been "on the scientific table". She did not lie. Your dragging politics into this post is unnecessary, since this article is about the Church, not the politics of Mitt Romney. All other major churches were also involved in the Prop 8 battle. It is due to the church's organization and populous membership in CA that it gained so much popularity during that battle. Mormons did, after all, help to settle CA. It has one of the highest LDS communities in the nation. And the LDS church, above all other major religions, has always been the quickest to admit when something was done that was wrong or perceived wrong. The Lord said to judge others by their fruits, not to tear them down. It is a fact that the LDS community is one of the best when it comes to the "fruits" they bear. We're all human, and do our best. And this article, while not 100% spot-on, did a great job of describing the Mormon matter in America. Thank you Mr. Mansfield!
Bob Kellerman
Let's have more sanity toward each other
04:01 PM on 11/14/2012

30 seconds of research would show that mormons are about 2% of California, including those too young to vote, while the Gay population is about 8 times as large (because Gay people move to California to get away from arrogant judgmental folks like you)

And you have born a lot of "fruits" into an early grave, with your TV ad campaign of lies and scare tactics to foist Prop 8 onto parents, by suggesting Gays would take over their kids,.


-- of course I know the answer -
06:41 PM on 11/15/2012
How do you know how they spend? Open the books for a full audit.
10:28 PM on 11/14/2012
Indeed. Romeny still does not think he did naythong wrong is is busy blaiming. Folks that are centered and growing, maturing can admit when they are wrong. Mormons are never, never wrong as you know. Hey, I am still waiting for them to acknowledge that Parrish/Potter was a church ordered murder in 1857.
11:13 PM on 11/13/2012
This was a cool article-I'm mormon and I can say that my faith does push me to try for exellence- not that I always succeed. Family, Community, Service, Work these are things that are very important in my faith. I'm not surprised that there are so many high profile people who are LDS. Real faithful people try hard in all they do!
06:09 PM on 11/13/2012
Wow, I would hate not to believe in God (knowing that there really is) an on the day of judgement you really are going to be standing before God and for the non-believers that's going to be hot and sad!!
Thinking is more interesting than knowing...
09:42 PM on 11/13/2012
Any supposed loving god who would punish me for using intellect I must presume s/he gave me is not a god I want to spend eternity with, thank you.
11:15 PM on 11/13/2012
That could change at any moment! Good luck with that!!
Truth often causes wailing and gnashing of teeth
11:10 AM on 11/14/2012
How refreshing it is to drop in and see the solid truth presentd by Tammo
Cuidado!!! Llamas!!!
10:42 AM on 11/14/2012
If "god" wants to be believed, then it should show up.
04:47 PM on 11/13/2012
This is for those who are in the area of Sandy victims. If you can help, this is an organized effort to help our neighbors who have lost so much.

"Please share this video with any friends and family that might be able to help the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Not only at the Rockaways, but Staten Island, Long Island, and New Jersey. The church is coordinating the efforts, but anyone (both Mormon and non Mormon) is welcome to come and help."
For more information about this and other ongoing efforts please visit:
Bob Kellerman
Let's have more sanity toward each other
04:48 AM on 11/14/2012
It is very good that many mormons helped people.

However, the video is a sugary commercial for mormon public relations

To seem Christian, you guys should have done the good deeds, and made it about the victims, not about how fabulous and deserving of appreciation you are

To seem truly interested in the victims, the video should have contained an appeal for others to donate to the Red Cross, or the New York and other funds for victim relief.

It comes across as another chapter of the "and I'm a mormon" series, which the majority of the American public finds manipulative.

IF YOU ARE MORMON AND CAN'T SEE THAT THIS POINT OF VIEW HAS VALIDITY, well, I think you are simply contributing to the church keeping its head in the sand about its image

But is very nice that those mormon people went there and helped
08:19 AM on 11/14/2012
I find your enmity toward the LDS church very sad. You must have been either indoctrinated against it, or you must have been terribly hurt by someone who was LDS. I pray one day you'll see the truth. The LDS are the most unselfish, service-oriented people that America has. You should be so blessed to be one of them. Their fruits follow them everywhere they go. And it is a glorious thing to behold and share - not for glory, but for others to feel inspired and to grow in their desire to rise to the occasion and serve as well. Your paradigm needs to shift.
10:58 AM on 11/14/2012
This video was not done by the church, it was done be a member of the church. And having 3000 people volunteering is a great example.
11:56 AM on 11/13/2012
When I hear Mormonism I think of the church that teaches that dark skin is a sign of God's displeasure and is a measure of personal righteousness. The church that bans the reading of any religous material not approved by the church leaders and denies public access to its archives. The church that has an estimated net worth of 50 billion dollars, but keeps its finances secret from its members and from the public. The idea that it is a sin to drink a cup of tea. The church that believes polygamy was once God's plan, but is now a sin, but is God's plan for the hereafter. The belief that an Eqyptian funeral document was written by Abraham althought he had been dead for 2,000 years when it was written. The church that teaches its members to obey without question everything their leaders ask. Encourages young and old to stand and profess publicly to know the unknowable, sends uninformed young men and women into the world to proselyte; has leaders who censure truth-telling historians. Mormonism is a CULT. Be careful!
08:18 PM on 11/13/2012
Wow, you guys are making progress today. Only 75% of what you said is false. Maybe you can get that number down to 50% by tomorrow? Practice makes perfect.
09:24 PM on 11/13/2012
Complete123 - - - - it would seem that you do not research history and make a great deal of assumptions based on misleading information. . . Regarding “dark” skin… You have not truly studied the Book of Mormon but rely on what others say, a common difficulty for those who do not comprehend… A dark skin was a sign of the curse of no priesthood, not the curse itself. In the Book of Mormon, if you keep reading, the darker skinned people eventually became more righteous (and priesthood holders) than those with fairer skin.

If by "dark" skin you mean black -- There is a lot of folklore and misinformation about black members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. . . The first black person was baptized two years after the Church’s founding in 1830, and Mormons started to ordain black men into the priesthood the first one in 1836, even to the office of Seventy. . . Which other church in America (or any other social institution) was putting blacks in leadership positions over whites in the late 1830s to 1840s?. . . Today there are over 1 million Mormons of black African heritage worldwide. While African-Americans make up 3 percent of Mormons in the US, according to a 2009 Pew Research study, they make up 9 percent of converts… In Africa, at just over 300,000 LDS, membership has grown by 10,000 new members per year, they now have 3 LDS Temples, and are building
03:19 PM on 11/14/2012

I was a third generation LDS. It was like Watergate, the most damning part of the story was the cover-up. It is about exposing the cover-up, the small wording changes to The Book of Mormon, selective storytelling, and all the continuing contrivances that can mislead good and honest people and control their lives. It is about closing church archives, the expulsion and censoring (and attemped censoring) of the truth-tellers, somthing I experienced first hand. For the objective researcher, it is the process of exposing the hidden facts that creates such an intense mistrust of the corporate church. It is a measure of LDS corporate succcess that virtually all local leaders I have known have no idea of any of the major deceptions that permeate the church.
11:43 AM on 11/13/2012
The article seemed to miss perceiving the main focus and mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints---which is our Church's mission for our own members as well as our mission for those who do not belong to our church. And that is to lead people to believe and follow Jesus Christ. What this article portrays as our ambitions and our drive for success, etc., are far less important to us than our focus on Jesus Christ, and that we are to love Him, serve Him and follow His commandments.
Bob Kellerman
Let's have more sanity toward each other
04:50 AM on 11/14/2012
OK, He commanded you to spend billions on glitzy temples and TV ads?
08:26 AM on 11/14/2012
Actualy, Bob, yes. He said to spread the Gospel. And there are hundreds of ways of doing that. And no unhallowed hand will stop His work. He has declared it. You ought to check it out instead of bashing it. It is an amazing faith, and it is what life is really all about. It's not your "just Sunday religion". It is actual life. It is the entire meaning of life - why we're here, where we came from and where we're going after this life. It is about who we really are. And why bad things happen to good people, and why we have free will, and why we have temptations, and why we suffer, and why we have families, and so many others "why's". God said to put it to the test, and then ask Him about it. So please do that for yourself. Visit
11:34 AM on 11/13/2012
The LDS Church is not just for Mormons. It has a welfare system that feeds the hungry in the church and throughout the world. Through this welfare system it donates million of dollars in food, suiplies, and organiozation in every disaster throughout the world. It has been said by a person in a disaster area. There were only two organizations that really cared and helped us, "The LDS Church and the Mormon's. Of course, they are one and the same. Truely we follow the motto "Love they neighbor as Thy Self."
05:17 PM on 11/13/2012
Oh please, are you "lying for the Lord"? or do you have a bridge to sell too?
08:23 PM on 11/13/2012
So you deny that the Mormon church gives millions of dollars in humanitarian aid across the world every year?

I have personally been involved in these relief efforts. Personally.

If you think their welfare system is a hoax, I suggest you take a good look at the facts.

If anyone is lying, it sure isn't the guy above you.
08:40 PM on 11/13/2012
eva07 - - - "Lying for the Lord" was made up by anti-mormons. . . but you would not know that, not knowing how to do real research. . .

So you would do well to honestly research things out or you might buy a bridge you did not want. . .
08:35 AM on 11/14/2012
That's exactly right, arthurwhitt. Sadly, most people today are so worldly, so immersed in lies and deceit of this world, that they don't know how to recognize truth and righteousness when they see it. They disdain it, make fun of it, and feel that it's impossible for someone that good to really exist. But it is all inconsequential. So long as the Lord knows, that's all that matters. :) We can do our part to spread the good news, to set good examples, or to correct misconceptions. Some folks will take it, some leave it, and some ridicule it. But we know where we put our trust and faith. :) Keep up the good work.
Cuidado!!! Llamas!!!
05:02 PM on 11/14/2012

You need this site badly...
10:51 PM on 11/14/2012
I have a hunch people can judge true righteousness. The truly righteous need not bully those that disagree with them.
02:22 AM on 11/13/2012
Nothing will ever make up for the fact that family home life is failing in this country and that is truly the reason for our economic, social and moral descent. The fact is that our faith is a minority and it always will be. There are not many in the world that can live the standards, which is why countless members on the records are not active at all and why countless others actively refuse to fully live it's standards everyday. The beauty is that we can always repent and always come unto Christ no matter where we are in life, but I do not expect many to do so. Why, because it's hard and people would rather just sit back and enjoy what they can see and feel. I try not to be a Mormon "apologist" because there is nothing to apologize for. I can't control the actions of individuals but I know the church and it's organization are perfect and nothing else rivals it on this earth. The principles taught and embraced by faithful members of this church from all backgrounds truly changes lives and is why Mormons will always be at the center of heated discussion, because no one can duplicate the results and nearly everybody wishes it didn't work. Truth will prevail.
Like, you talkin' to me?
05:41 AM on 11/13/2012
Well, isn't that special.
08:21 AM on 11/13/2012
Actually, it is.
04:37 PM on 11/13/2012
Got a youtube video for that BoFo?
08:52 AM on 11/13/2012
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Vet, educator and a political Independent
12:09 AM on 11/13/2012
This Cult definitely exists, but unfortunately, it diverts from the truth.
America is moving forward!
11:13 AM on 11/13/2012
Life without liberty has no value.
08:16 PM on 11/14/2012
What truth is that?