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07:34 PM on 11/06/2012
I wouldn't want these people voting in the first place. They lack the skills to formulate a good argument
Up, Up & Away
07:44 PM on 11/06/2012
You sure about that? You can only pray that they do not vote.
Let's review....
07:33 PM on 11/06/2012
Given the logic of these non-voters, it's just as well they're not taking part in the election.
07:31 PM on 11/06/2012
537 votes made all the difference in Florida in 2000.

Would Al Gore have taken us to war in Afghanistan & Iraq?

Every vote matters.
Proud American, Father, Veteran, Democrat..
07:41 PM on 11/06/2012
Pure truth friend, you have a voice...USE IT!
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07:48 PM on 11/06/2012
That was so hilarious that Gore lost. He should be on The Biggest Loser (and not just for losing the race). He should drop 100#.
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07:30 PM on 11/06/2012
gotta fill some space with some space eh?
There must be a pony...
07:30 PM on 11/06/2012
Such egos, to think that the public needs to know that they don't care to vote.
07:56 PM on 11/06/2012
Such an ego to assume we care what you think. LMAO
D to go forward R to go backwards
07:26 PM on 11/06/2012
if you don't vote, you can't complain about "the system".
07:33 PM on 11/06/2012
No, if you vote you CANNOT complain about the system. If you vote you are participating in the sham that is the electoral process, and giving your tacit approval of that system.

You cant have it both ways. Either you participate, and show your support of the system, or you do not. I do not.
07:40 PM on 11/06/2012
Can't have a society without a system. You're engaging in semantics to excuse your irresponsibility.
Proud Liberal, College Graduate, Wife, Mother, Gra
08:15 PM on 11/06/2012
So, run for office & improve things.
07:24 PM on 11/06/2012
That's ok - you choose not to vote - but don't then b&*^tch and moan when things don't go your way over the next 4 years. I assume you're all young and idealistic. Probably too young to appreciate just how many people sacrificed their lives to give you the right to vote. I didn't live through WWII either but I knew plenty of people whodid, and if it wasn't for their willingess to go out and fight Hitler and his allies, you could be living under a Nazi regime today. Do you think you'd be free to vote then?
The writer---not the politician.
06:51 PM on 11/06/2012
I don't care that you care about your not caring.
10:34 PM on 11/06/2012
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06:50 PM on 11/06/2012
I voted because in California there are a number of important propositions worth voting on. Especially with the Koches laundering money to undermine workers and unions in my state. But once again I resent having to decide between two of Wall Street's chosen corporatist candidates.
08:00 PM on 11/06/2012
Speaking of unions. Have you heard that non-union electrical workers from down south went to NY to help and were told unless they agreed to a contract that paid union wages, etc they could go back home. I wonder how the people without power feel about that.
10:34 PM on 11/06/2012
GOP never met an economy they didn't wreck
06:49 PM on 11/06/2012
Our educational system has been undermined, especially on American History and Civics (both targeted by revisionist school boards taken over by right wingers). Never the less, that Americans, and the media, do not understand the Electoral College and why the Founders established it is sad.
The Eletoral College was designed to force a presidential candidate to be a centrist: you can't win enough Electorals if you are a partisian or extremist. For Instance, winning enough Electorals requires a candidate to appeal to both California AND the Midwest. Another Analogy would be the World Series: a team could score 100 home runs, but if they are not allocated throughout the best of seven series, that team will still lose. Unfortunately, with radical gerrymandering, the establishment of Corporations as having more rights than people under Citizens United, and the 24 hour news cycle of bs propaganda, sensationalism, and "it bleeds it leads" stories instead of real journalism, the Electoral College has been adultered.
07:54 PM on 11/06/2012
Except that premise, now more than 220 years old, is no longer relevant or effective.

Is Romney a Centrist?


Was Dubya?

Clearly your argument is void based on the fact that NEITHER candidate is Centrist and one will win.

So blame whatever you need to, point fingers at gerrymandering and Citizen's United as being the reasons that America no longer appreciates the Electoral College but the fact remains that America wants a One Vote, Equal Voice election process.

The College has NOT been adulterated by CNN or Citizens United you poor over-intellectualizing fool!

What is sad is folks of your ilk holding on to a no longer relevant ideal when it suits your needs, but otherwise considering the words of the Founders to be a living document subject to interpretation of the courts.

Hypocrisy is never pretty and you are rather hard on the eyes at this moment.
We The People or We The Corporations?
06:40 PM on 11/06/2012
That is their right, but what do you wanna bet that after they refuse to exercise this one, they will spend the next 4 years exercising their free speech rights to bash whomever wins?
06:39 PM on 11/06/2012
Allie dear,

There is no constitutional right to a SECRET ballot.