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10:00 AM on 11/08/2012
Oh cares, half of America is no doubt gay in one way or another.
11:45 AM on 11/08/2012
No, just half of Hollywood. LOL
09:49 AM on 11/08/2012
I have to agree so what if he is gay? Why did she feel that she needed to come to his defense? Is it so bad if he was gay? I just feel sorry that all those gold diggers out there that are trying to capitalize on the threat of exposure. I personally dont think he is gay, bisexual yes. He just needs to learn a person of his statue does not put his sexual preference or business out there.
There are unscruplous people out there who try to gain by knowing his sexual business.
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09:47 AM on 11/08/2012
He's bi, what's the big deal. I am straight but I could'nt care less which way somebody swings. I think it would be refreshing if an actor came out. It's got to be a horrible way to live if you can't be seen with the person you love. I think adultery is a bad thing not being gay or bi sexual.
Tax wealth, not work.
11:50 AM on 11/08/2012
Great post. You rock. I agree
09:39 AM on 11/08/2012
Why are all of these new things with Kirstie Alley being brought out now? The gay rumors have been around for some time. When someone tries to hide something as much as John Travolta has, there may be some truth in the gay rumors. However, he cannot suppress the way he is! It seems that the Scientologists are at it again. Incidentally, this whole "news" thing with the celebrities is sickening. They are not news, but rather pay their publicity people big money to keep their names known.
08:51 AM on 11/08/2012
Kristie also says she's a size 4.
Can I get a group MUAH HA HA HA HA?
08:43 AM on 11/08/2012
Who in their right mind actually believes Kirstie Alley actually had an affair with Swayze or Travolta? Two of the most famous, good looking actors and Kirstie Alley, one of the most annoying cow "actresses" ever... Sorry, I think it is pretty obvious she has nothing else going for her anymore and is trying to stir up some attention.
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Fascinated by red polish on women
08:36 AM on 11/08/2012
Whether he is or not, he still sucks.
Nil Magnum Nisi Bonum
10:24 AM on 11/08/2012
I am assuming no pun was intended.
08:29 AM on 11/08/2012
Gayer than a 3 dollar bill. What do you expect kirstie alley to say... he is gay
Its easy to figure it out. He is a scientologist and he has sex with men
Who really care
09:58 AM on 11/08/2012
And you of course have NO proof to back up your statements.
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08:24 AM on 11/08/2012
Classy AND concern over the people she's hurting.
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07:59 AM on 11/08/2012
She is just following her Orders from on high at Scientologist HQ.
Tom in FTL
I am always for the working person
07:35 AM on 11/08/2012
Is this a big deal? Does it make my life change? No, being gay or bisexual isn't a big deal anymore.
06:53 AM on 11/08/2012
whether hes gay or not doesnt matter as hes bedded some hollywood hotties us mere mortals could only dream about.
if you don't want to hear it, don't say it.
10:54 AM on 11/08/2012
come on, even the young movie actors, not stars. movie stars went out with john whyne. anyway, if you took the makeup off of them, theyed be so ugly they could get a job in prisons curing sex offenders.
Duck and cover.
06:42 AM on 11/08/2012
I know John Travolta is not gay. He had an affair when he was young with his costar Diana Hyland (Boy in a Plastic Bubble) who died in his arms from cancer. He could be bisexual, but even if he is, what's the big deal?
Dw Skinner
06:37 AM on 11/08/2012
and John says Kirstie has never had weight problems.