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10:40 AM on 11/08/2012
I just felt that Romney never seemed to connect with voters on a personal (Human) level. First how could he identify with the middle class when he grew up wealthy being the son of the former governor of Michigan? How could a wealthy,white, male identify with the plight of minorities and women? How could (can) he empathize with most of Americans? His wife with her "You People" comments and him with his 47% statements,only re-affirmed people's beliefs that he was out of touch and yes I agree with an earlier post that stated that they (the Romneys) seemed to reek with snobbery.
07:58 AM on 11/08/2012
who is romney? we never knew; except for the 47% video, we never learned who the man is, including his failure to release his taxes. He gave the impression that he did not even know who he is. just a fabricated figure.
Brevity is the soul of wit - Shakespeare
10:26 PM on 11/07/2012
I would put women as the number one reason that Romney lost. Also , people got the feeling that Romney and his wife have a complete disdain for the less fortunate. They reeked of snobbery. I think that people felt that and rejected it.
10:50 AM on 11/08/2012
Yes, I feel this same way too. I just felt like a man of his upbringing couldn't understand or most importantly,empathize with the plight of the poor,minorities and women.
08:38 PM on 11/07/2012
If you really look at this list you will see that the common thread has to do with keeping the poor, poor. Or forcing a religious beliefs onto everyone. Eight of the 10 poorest states are also 8 of the 10 most religious states. They are also red states. If people keep thinking that God will provide just because you think that something like gay marriage is not Christian or abortion is a sin then just look at where you and your neighbors are.
11:02 AM on 11/08/2012
I don't know if your comment was meant to be punitive,degrading, without feeling or some type of freedom of religion statement,but being poor and/or depressed is simply not the result of following personal and religious beliefs.
12:35 PM on 11/08/2012
There is nothing wrong with having faith, but when that faith makes someone believe things like the Earth being only 6,000 years old and that what they believe is what everyone should believe it will limit opportunities that will go to people with a broader understanding of science and history and are more tolerant of people of other faiths and beliefs. North Carolina is a good example. They recently passed an amendment to their constitution banning gay marriage. That was done only because of religious beliefs. They have alienated that entire group and no gay person would want to move to that state to start a new business or for any other reason. That means lost revenues in business and income taxes.
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03:36 PM on 11/08/2012
I think he was implying causality the other way. The good ol' opiate, you know? I don't blame people who want opiates. It's a painful world for everybody. That's what Christianity has always understood: suffering is the core reality of this existence. Other religions address the same point in a different way, most obviously Buddhism.

However, we do happen to be at a point where there is a demonstrable correlation between irreligion and education, and between education and success. I don't know just what to make of that but we'll see where it takes us...
George Kaplan Observes
Witness to the fascinating Parade of Humanity
08:27 PM on 11/07/2012
I'm thinking the ceaseless, shameless dishonesty (No. 8) was probably top of my list.

I wasn't voting GOP, because of many of the other reasons on the list -- with the possible exception of Jon Huntsman, I wouldn't ever have considered the rest of the motley crew. But, while I wasn't supporting Governor Romney at first, I never disliked him, personally. And, for several months, I didn't quite get why *all* of his GOP opponents seemed to hate him with such passion.

Then, I watched him campaign.

And, somewhere around June this year, I concluded that someone this incessantly and intentionally dishonest is someone I wouldn't even associate with, in my personal life. I would make it my business *NOT* to know anyone like that, and pretty soon, I understood why he was so disliked.

Governor Romney didn't just lie to your face. He'd look you up, just so he could lie to your face.

I wanted no part of him anywhere near a position of authority. Period.
08:13 PM on 11/07/2012
Great list - thanks. I think there's at least one more reason: anyone who's been paying attention for the past four years knows that the Republicans and right-wing plutocrats were primarily to blame for the crash of 2008, and knows that the same crowd did absolutely everything in their power to obstruct any move to fix the mess. This knowledge undermined Romney's main knock on Obama - that his policies and fixes were not working or working too slowly.
Andrew Reinbach
is Grand Vizier of
07:46 PM on 11/07/2012
Stuff and nonsense, Ms.Devin: The election was obviously stolen by visitors from the planet Starion, who used forged ID and shape-changed themselves into human form to vote for Obama, in preparation for the invasion they're planning for December 21. Everybody knows it.
Incorrigible. Please do not incorrige :P
10:36 PM on 11/07/2012
I thought the visitors were coming from Rigel 4. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'll have to brush up on my Starionian. I wonder if Rosetta Stone has a program for that? :D
Andrew Reinbach
is Grand Vizier of
10:02 AM on 11/08/2012
Don't blame youself; it's n easy mistake to make, since they're cousin races. The easist way to tell is to look at their ships; the Starions usually had a long violet stripe around the rim of the craft; the ones from Rigel 4 have a red stripe--in contrast to those from Alpha Centori, which are all blue....
07:24 PM on 11/07/2012
Absolutely spot on!
07:22 PM on 11/07/2012
This election has been so divisive to our country. We need to pull together instead of being so negative. Obama was not without faults. The media was very helpful to Obama as they were on his side.
07:21 PM on 11/07/2012
you know nothing on the list had anything to do with the economy.We have a blind country when it comes to real issues like jobs,take home pay,and housing.These were things Mitt Romney would have fixed.What has Barack Obama done in the last four years that has made your finances or your life better.The answer is nothing.You got your president back good luck to all you blind supporters.
07:47 AM on 11/08/2012
We are growing jobs instead of ahedding them, and millions have health care that didnt before. Health care is a social issue, but it's also an economic one. The car companies are thriving and clean energy is on the rise. Whether or not the GOP wants to acknowledge it or not, our oil imports are less then they have ever been. These are all economic issues, and yes, things are lots better than they were four years ago. Look at the stats from four years ago, and then today. I think a lot of people forget how bad things were then.
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Jane Devin
Culture Critic, Essayist, Author
02:17 PM on 11/08/2012
My list is based on internet buzz I've been tracking for the past few months. While those against Romney did have their complaints about the economy, and were leery of Romney being "Bush 3" -- with a Reagan-era trickle down plan that would never actually trickle down -- those concerns were linked with Ryan's tax plan. (#7 on the list).

Outside of the tax plan and domestic energy production, Romney did not offer up a separate economic/jobs strategy. His "12 million new jobs" seemed to be dependent on these two things.
07:16 PM on 11/07/2012
You know this election definitely divided our nation. It is very sad. Do you feel that Obama has no faults? The list could be just as lengthy for him. Problem is Obama had the mainstream media on his side and it should not be that way.
09:00 PM on 11/07/2012
Fox news isn't part of the mainstream media? Talk radio isn't mainstream? They've been relentlessly attacking Obama since his first run. You seem perfectly okay with that. Romney also had entertainers, wealthy people, wall st and many corporations backing him. Should that be? You don't think the networks should have an opinion but its okay for romney suppporters? You sound clueless on questions about bias, a very conservative trait.
Maggie M. Ethridge
07:11 PM on 11/07/2012
Jane you nailed why I wouldn't vote for Romney.
Paul Mezhir
07:08 PM on 11/07/2012
thank you for summing things up so beautifully.....sadly, those who would benefit most from reading this will never set eyes on it.
06:55 PM on 11/07/2012
It turned out that it was not possible for Romney and Ryan – people of substance, depth and ideas – to compete with the shallow populism and platitudes of their opponents. Obama mastered the politics of envy – of class warfare – never reaching out to Americans as such but to individual groups, and cobbling together a winning majority from these minority groups. Conservative ideas failed to take root and states that seemed winnable, and amenable to traditional American values, have simply disappeared from the map. If an Obama could not be defeated – with his record and his vision of America, in which free stuff seduces voters – it is hard to envision any change in the future. The road to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and to a European-socialist economy – those very economies that are collapsing today in Europe – is paved.
10:02 AM on 11/08/2012
Watching Faux again?
Former Republican - now sane
06:35 PM on 11/07/2012
Excellent summation! Romney was the most flawed candidate I've ever seen in my long lifetime. If the President were white, this wouldn't have even been close - Romney would've been laughed off the national stage. That saddens me to know......