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02:31 AM on 06/06/2009
Another fix is in! Again when the rules are "inconvient", change the rules. Isn"t that what they have been doing for years with the law.
They never break the law, they change the law. That used to be called putting your head in the sand.
02:30 AM on 06/06/2009
AmandaBC is correct, the size of American families are shrinking and have been for over half a decade. As for Japanese success in the American and European market with high MPG small and mid-size cars, the numbers speak for themselves. The German's have also done pretty well for themselves over here. That is once they gave up on low quality manufacturing... (cough- Mexican and Brazilian sweat shops -cough)

BTW, nearly thirty years ago when Chrysler was last on the ropes they turned themselves around with the American equivalent of eco-box cars and innovative products. Volkwagon may have capitalized on the micro-van, but Chrysler capitalized on and defined the mini-van. They also produced a consumer level four wheel drive pre-SUV, the Eagle. The evolution of that Mitsubishi drivetrain powers the EVO/Lancer today.

If in the mid 1990's, the American automakers had not convinced a "Gloom-&-Doom" congress that they need to drop CAFE and vehicle weight taxes they might still be competitive. The SUV market happened through legal complicity and short term planning, not because American's demanded them. Besides, the asian manufactures have shown they can build competitive "Large" SUV's also.

Chrysler can become competitive again, they still have good people, just like Ford. (Speaking of Ford, do you think that Bill Ford saw this coming?) And unlike GM they haven't screwed over their pensioner.
03:13 AM on 06/06/2009
have you been to Japan or Europr they have to have small cars because of the way the cities and communities are built. The roads are narrow.
01:41 AM on 06/06/2009
Chrysler was looking for a buyer/partner almost immediately after Cerberus bought it from Daimler, so inept was the management at both Cerberus and Chrysler. They were turned down everywhere; by VW, GM, Nissan, Renault, Toyota. This was when the president was Bush and Obama was a senator from Illinois.
Fiat's Marchionne thinks outside the box. What Daimler paid 36 billion for in 1998 and Cerberus paid 6 billion for in 2007 he would get for free. How's that for maintaining brand value? And he works with everyone else's money and gets to try to crack the N.American market almost cost free.
According to an article in the Harvard Business Review late last year, Fiat is solidly in the black.
I'm not sure what the WSJ's angle is here.
12:52 AM on 06/06/2009
The government pushed the Fiat deal?

Granted its acquisition of Countrywide was a bonehead move, but when BofA tried to back out of its Merrill-Lynch deal, the government wouldn't let it. Maybe I'm a cynic but it seems a bit like the Treasury Dept is acting like a drunk matchmaker in some awful comedy.
He of the smoldering eyes
12:47 AM on 06/06/2009
Like we haven't known that since this whole thing started? Thanks for the OLD info, Rupert!
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12:41 AM on 06/06/2009
you know, i'm getting pretty good at reading situation. I saw this report coming very clearly.

what nonsense.
12:35 AM on 06/06/2009
It was either that or liquidation.
12:41 AM on 06/06/2009
Or exstintion!
05:28 AM on 06/06/2009
liquidation = extinction
12:34 AM on 06/06/2009
I am sorry, but Americans with three kids will not be buying cars that fit 5-7 Americans that gets 50+ mpg and they will buy...but little matchboxes, no.
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12:51 AM on 06/06/2009
"I am sorry, but Americans with three kids will not be buying econoboxes"

Yeah, that explains the huge failure of the Japanese auto industry in America in the 1980s...
Sure, lots of people were uttering the same nonsense, but somebody was buying those cars though. By the millions...

Oh, and BTW, the American family is also shrinking. Families with three kids are more and more a thing of the past.
03:33 AM on 06/06/2009
Id never buy a small car. Been in three bad accidents in my life and never...ever...noway will you see me in a small car without airbags, side-impact airbags, etc. Been there...done that! Ill pay for the safety...there is no avoiding the law of physics.