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10:00 AM on 11/15/2012
is that a sledghammer in your pants or you just happy to see me..?
01:17 PM on 11/15/2012
It's a sledgehammer.
Right is RIGHT and left is WRONG
09:35 AM on 11/15/2012
The guy went " mental " when he found out what Obamacare was going to cost him.
08:56 PM on 11/15/2012
And it's not even 2014!
A new age Republican
08:54 AM on 11/15/2012
This seems like a family dispute that just wouldn't go away. Weiss and the attacker, Nolan, are related. I don't understand why Nolan would involve himself in any dispute between Weiss and his ex-girlfriend who is Nolan's cousin. Apparently Nolan found the sledgehammer in the bathroom. It seems like he arrived at the office with the knife. Regardless of his mental difficulties, did he arrive at Weiss? office with the intent to assault him? It is likely that Weiss and Nolan had their own history together.
07:49 AM on 11/15/2012
Folks do anything for drugs. And of course drug addicts and alcoholics are people with mental diseases.
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05:18 AM on 11/15/2012
I want to be your sledgehammer
Why don't you call my name
Oh let me be your sledgehammer
This will be my testimony

"Sledgehammer"- Peter Gabriel
Honesty is the best policy
03:55 AM on 11/15/2012
Well dang...
02:47 AM on 11/15/2012
I hope he had a license for that sledge hammer...
08:02 PM on 11/15/2012
didn't need one as it was not the concealed model
02:46 AM on 11/15/2012
mymy, two grown men conversing as adults.. lol
05:22 AM on 11/15/2012
I thought it was a republican convention
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01:30 AM on 11/15/2012
One would think a psychiatrist would be aware of the danger of this type of mental illness.
but not always right
12:01 AM on 11/15/2012
I hope they didn't go over the 50 minutes allotted for the one hour visit.
Annoy a Conservative, Help Someone!
11:54 PM on 11/14/2012
That's what happens when you prescribe the wrong medications!
Mark Helfgott
11:26 PM on 11/14/2012
That's what you get when you ask, "and how do you feel about that" one time too many.
11:25 PM on 11/14/2012
Hit with a sledgehammer, stabbed several times, not very hurt? Was it a pen knife? An inflatable hammer? Did he have to go into the bathroom to pull it out of an Acme box from a black hole in the wall? Looney toons.
02:31 AM on 11/15/2012
The incident is alarming but could not help finding your comment hilarious.
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05:22 AM on 11/15/2012
Hey, they poisoned, shot, clubbed and drowned Rasputin. He lived long enough to escape his restraints. Besides, this was NYC. They probably get worse than that from the Starbucks Barista.
10:08 AM on 11/15/2012
Actually, Rasputin did come to mind, but I think it had more to do with his reputation for possessing a sledgehammer, which I understand is on display in a St. Petersburg museum. I only know Starbucks by reputation, as I generally prefer to step off the beaten path to mom and pops, so my brain conjured Wile E. Coyote crawling out from under a ton of bricks unscathed, and especially Bugs Bunny, sauntering in with a What's up Doc? But that's more Brooklyn, ain't it?
11:17 PM on 11/14/2012
No one hates psychiatrists more than Scientology.
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
11:11 PM on 11/14/2012
Should I say to ban all the sledgehammers? Ban all the knives? You must heard that before.