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Socially Liberal, fiscal Conservative
12:55 PM on 11/16/2012
As usual, this was business at its worst. The CEO gave himself a hefty pay raise, and asked the workers for significant reductions in salary and benefits. Of course, revenues from the company have been declining for decades, and the existing union benefit clauses around pensions are too high to be met with existing revenues. If the workers wanted to keep their jobs, they had no choice but to take a reduction in benefits. Unfortunately, while the teamsters distribution centers agreed to a new contract, the baker's union rejected it.

So its good-bye to the twinkie for now. Though I imagine some other company will start making them again eventually.
02:10 PM on 11/16/2012
So, are you saying that it is the bakers' fault since they did not want to pay for the CEO's big pay raise? Seems to me that he is just as guilty as the bakers, if not more. In the old days, the boss would take a pay cut (okay, maybe only in small businesses) if income was bad.
Author of Minnesotan EH!
02:23 PM on 11/16/2012
Hey you seem to know the CEO' s got a significant raise, can you give us the amount. Boy that would really put them in a tough spot.
02:40 PM on 11/16/2012
Does it really matter how much he got, all those people are still out of jobs.. That's the point everyone on here is missing. Doesn't matter that the boss is greedy, or the unions or whatever, Americans are out of WORK!!!!!!!. Thanks Pres..Obama another one of his great soulutions....
Jose Luis Herrera
the dark knight
12:31 PM on 11/16/2012
yeah!!! first comment of the day !!...let's see..what do i say? ...about a dead twinkie...i like my twinkies deep fried....yummy...R.I.P. TWINKIE THE gonna miss ya... here's too ya !! (dipping a twinkie in my milk)....mmm mmm good !!! ; P