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03:03 PM on 06/16/2009
This guy deserves a public shaming. I want to see him cry and begging forgiveness like a television preacher!
I prefer not to......
10:29 AM on 06/17/2009
Do what I the company he works for and tell them that you won't be buying real estate through their firm because of the racist remarks made by one of their senior sales associates, Rusty DePass. Enough pressure from ordinary people and maybe they'll fire the guy.
I prefer not to......
06:10 AM on 06/18/2009
Update: Mr. DePass doesn't appear on the company website link "Our People" any longer. I wonder if he got canned? Can only hope...bigots and racists shouldn't be employed.
Registered pharmacist, registered democrat
02:33 PM on 06/16/2009
When will the repubs learn to just not go there?
02:14 PM on 06/16/2009
More repub repugnant humor

more bigotry and hatred from the gop

more disgraceful behavior
01:57 PM on 06/16/2009
Although it wasn't always the case, the republican party has clearly become the party of racists and white insecurity in America. And THAT is the white elephant in the room and the attitude behind every rationalization given behind all the criticisms of Obama's administration from the right. THAT is why their criticisms of Obama lacked coherence or substance (in contrast to criticisms of Obama's policies from the left). THAT is what is transparent to the rest of the world. Can anybody really deny this and dare to insult the intelligence of the rest of the world? It's ridiculously obvious. The white elephant cannot be hidden forever. It shows up in slip ups like this and there are many more to come. That is also obvious too.
04:18 PM on 06/16/2009
01:33 PM on 06/16/2009
All in Jest?

Please .... Sell that to someone who's buying. I'm guessing most of us won't.
By Any Means Necessary,...
01:11 PM on 06/16/2009
Where is the NOW and Emily's List? They have decided to boycott with Palin over recent comedic comments by a late night entertainer, but they can't protest and show outrage for the comments over this racist remark? If you did not know before, you sure know now, that Michelle Obama is not going to get support from Emily's List or NOW.
03:46 PM on 06/16/2009
I think NOW and Emily's List would respond if it were a sexually harassing joke (such as Letterman's so-called bad taste joke which I think wasn't about feminism but about morals and hypocrisy, but I disgress). This is so clearly a racist joke, made not because Michelle is a woman, but because she is black. So, I think those organizations probably would not be "supporting" Michelle on this matter for that reason.
01:10 PM on 06/16/2009
It's this stunning level of ignorance and hatred that has their party where it is: only 21% of Americans associate themselves with Republicans and Republican ideals.

What amazes me is that any election is even close.
indy girl
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01:31 PM on 06/16/2009
Is this the same group of Bible-thumping evangelicals that wants Sarah Palin to run for President?....good luck with THAT.

The GOP is in sorrier shape than anyone thought. Every week or so some dumbas$ like Virginia Foxx or Rusty De_As$ runs their mouth and shows their true colors (white and cottony), and digs the Republican hole a little deeper. No one has to finish them off--they are doing a spectacular job of it themselves.
12:54 PM on 06/16/2009
He removed millions of years from the equation, but I guess deep down, people still feel insulted being compared to primates...
"A great democracy must be progressive." TR
05:05 PM on 06/16/2009
The comparison is almost always made in a racial context and not about humans in general. It's not about a simple comparison of people in general to the primates from whom we contemporary primates have all descended; it's about using what has for generations been racist language.
12:43 PM on 06/16/2009
Gee, I'd thought this DePass jerk didn't believe in evolution.
The most important things in life aren't things.
02:12 PM on 06/16/2009
EXACTLY! What WAS he thinking? Doesn't he know he's not supposed to believe in evolution? Didn't he get the memo? This is, besides showing him to be a complete racist a@@hole, a real error in judgement on his part. What if his Sunday school class finds out? His one "joke" just threw their whole creationist agenda out the freakin' window.
05:44 PM on 06/16/2009
Dear Ms.JRsNANA...
You are right on!
12:41 PM on 06/16/2009
Pitiful, just pitiful.

"Do Republicans have higher moral standards than Democrats?" - obviously not.
12:16 PM on 06/16/2009
In case the GOP was wondering why their prospects keep tanking..........
Mongoose king
11:56 AM on 06/16/2009
This story should either get Major media coverage to express our collective (both Republican and Democratic) outrage or absolutely no coverage at all. The types who make these sorts of comments love whatever media attention they get, no doubt giving themselves high fives behind the scenes. What a shameful story to present to the world media, who represent a Majority world population who are not White. At least we can take comfort that the obvious High qualities our First Lady, make any attempt to defend her so unnecessary.
We are so blessed as a Nation to be so wonderfully represented by our first Family.
A liberal tree-hugging Oregonian...
04:10 PM on 06/16/2009
You hit the problem right on the head: the Obama's are our President and his wife.....they simply do not deserve this kind of ignorant, bigoted and downright racial comments being thrown out at the media. Whatever happened to the respect the first family used to get from the media, politicians and the public in general? Just because the Obama's are black does not justify these mean-spirited comments. As for that idiot's apology.....ya, he really meant that, right? I hope sooner, rather than later, American's realize that the GOP don't stand for anyone anymore, and I can't wait to see the end of this group of toxic, hate-spewing, extreme ass's.
11:52 AM on 06/16/2009
What would the reaction be if he uttered jokes about Judaism?
02:21 PM on 06/16/2009
To some degree, it remains OK to make fun of Black peoples painful past, but it's never OK to make fun of Jewish peoples painful past or religion. Both deserve the same level of outrage.
03:33 PM on 06/16/2009
you said, both deserve the same level of outrage. do you mean about them or for them. Please, learn to use the language.
and btw, its Never ok to make fun of either black people or Jewish people.
you are right about that.
02:41 PM on 06/16/2009
Depends. How many Jews are in Carolina? XD

(Why do so many people like asking that question? "If it were something else, how would people react?" Change variables, change outcomes. But that isn't enough for people, who seem to like to find hypocrisy. I guess it makes them feel better.)
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11:50 AM on 06/16/2009
What does he mean by "if I offended anyone"? Does he seriously think most sensible people would consider calling their First Lady a Gorilla offensive? I'm shocked he still wants to maintain this belief that only certain people would find this offense.

Gots to love them Republicans.
11:49 AM on 06/16/2009
We are in 2009, it is embarrassing that elected leaders, possess this mentality. Of course it is the South, so there is that "Consider the Source" dialogue. Rusty DePass needs to look in the mirror, last time I checked wrinkled, dried, prunish features are not attractive...........Michelle Obama is a beautiful, accomplished woman, with an Ivy league education, most women in this country would love to look like her............Every designer wants her to wear their clothes........JCrew sales tripled after she wore them............Mr. De Pass go home and sit in your rocking chair, your politics are no longer the day..............the 50's were a long time ago, that was the last time you had hair right?