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Steven Feinstein
Grateful Dead rules
12:20 PM on 06/15/2009
This smacks of fascism and censorship - didn't i just read that Leno told a similar joke? What, Palin likes Leno, but not Letterman? Huh?
12:43 PM on 06/15/2009
You'll find it all here:

There's a pretty extensive string of uncontested jokes, now all of a sudden the faux outrage? If you don't want your children the butt of comments, jokes, etc., then do not parade them around and use them as props to foster your so called "conservative values".
02:46 PM on 06/16/2009
Liberals hate Palin. She would have be critizied if she tried to hid her teenage pregnant daughter. Just because someone has conservative values does not mean they are prefect. The bible does not say that when you become a christian that you are all of a sudden perfect and without faults. That does not mean that we should give up when we do make mistakes. We keep trying to do the right thing base on our conservative values.
Uchenna Oguekwe
12:17 PM on 06/15/2009
Are they also going to call for the firing of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and other neoconservative for their continuing hateful comments about our president?
12:17 PM on 06/15/2009
Everyone who has a public forum - Leno, Rush, Glenn Beck, Conan, Nancy Grace, you get the picture, should speak out against this no matter what they think o f Letterman's comments. While tasteless, Letterman was taking aim at fair targets, unlike, say, Imus, who spouted gratuitous racism.
It was the Palin family that injected the inflammatory words and concepts into this fracas - rape, pedophilia and sexism (what has Rodriguez said about all this? Exactly). This episode proves that there is one thing Sarah Palin is good at, and that is creating mass hysteria.
02:38 PM on 06/16/2009
Oh, so racism trumps sexism?
11:56 AM on 06/15/2009
Believe it or not but this is gaining traction folks.
01:41 PM on 06/15/2009
And the majority of Americans - as in those with functioning brains - are fighting back. Palin and her peddlers of sleaze will NOT win!
01:57 AM on 06/17/2009
Well this is why I think Letterman should be fired. Both Palin and Letterman are Republicans and this jig of their's for more public exposure and ratings is up and exposed. Letterman should take the fall for his pal Palin. WE do this by ignoring them, not setting up a rally to fire him.
11:55 AM on 06/15/2009
NEW YORK - New York State Assembleymen Gary D. Finch and Brian Kolb have called upon CBS executives to fire David Letterman after the late-night talk show host made jokes about the daughter of Alaska governor and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, according to reports from

In a letter to CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves, Finch wrote , "While she was a guest of our state, Gov. Palin, her daughter and all women, were subjected to Mr. Letterman's outrageous comments on national television. To make the situation more egregious, during Mr. Letterman's explanation of his remarks, he took the opportunity to continue making degrading comments towards women."
a mind is a terrible thing to waste
11:53 AM on 06/15/2009
Oh for pete's sake....Letterman did apologize....Now get over it all you hypocritical "Trolls". If you don't like what he says...don't watch his show..
11:58 AM on 06/15/2009
that makes too much sense for people of low functioning abilities. Oh, sorry, is that politically incorrect too? I don't want to insult people with Borderline Intellectual Functioning. I should say, that makes too much sense for rethugs.
02:34 PM on 06/16/2009
If you ddn't like what Imus said........... don't listen to him. Imus did not deserve to get fired and neither does Letterman. It doesn't matter if it is racism or sexism.........joking or not......wrong is wrong. because Letterman is an open liberal.........he gets a free pass.
Your microbe i/o is empty
11:47 AM on 06/15/2009
Administrative Contact:

Michael Leahy (
Fax: +1.6152436869
PO Box 183
Thompsons Station, TN 37179
11:53 AM on 06/15/2009
Thanks. I'll be sure to contact them to tell them what a bunch of whiny, disingenuous, hypocritical babies they are.
01:43 PM on 06/15/2009
01:45 PM on 06/15/2009
Sorry, he's a comedian who told a joke in bad taste. He apologized.

Since you're wanting a comedian fired for making comments, I'm sure you're for firing Bill O'Reilly for inciting at least two folks to murder in the past year . . . right?
12:13 AM on 06/16/2009
This situation with Palin is ridiculous and I wish I could be in NY tomorrow to support Letterman. He simply made a questionable joke. To be reminded of what was said on SNL and then Palin appears shortly thereafter on the program really begs the question now what is she thinking. I have been indifferent toward her and also respectful but have to say I think this is working against her.

Now for your comment. How ridiculous to suggest O'Reilly incited people to murder. Too bad you couldn't stop with your first sentnce. Your second destroyed the good judgement of your first.
12:21 AM on 06/16/2009
Hmm....I have not heard all Republicans voicing opinions about this. Do you know something the rest of us don't?
11:46 AM on 06/15/2009
Hmmm...does this mean that they want to fire the long list of comedians - including Jay Leno - who have made inappropriate comments about Sarah Palin's family? Are they callling for Rush Limbaugh to be fired, since he has made grossly inapropriate comments about women for many years now? I'd honestly love to see their blacklist. Or is this just another example of phony right-wing outrage?

And when did the right-wing nutjobs become "politically correct"?
12:16 AM on 06/16/2009
What is wrong with brainwashed people who think every thought or comment one has is , in your case, a right-wing comment or for others, a left-wing. State your thoughts and get over it as there are people who can analyze a situation and have an opinion on it without being brainwashed by the left or the right. Others should challenge their minds as well instead of going with the soundbites.
Proudly progressive
11:34 AM on 06/15/2009
This is inane. And hypocritical. But perhaps that's redundant as I am referring to the GOP.
12:17 AM on 06/16/2009
I too will be redundant as say "ditto" to what I just posted to the comment above yours.
11:29 AM on 06/15/2009
Only freedom of speech for Republicans
12:01 PM on 06/15/2009
OH, good grief. The wingnuts are loose again.
I didn't like the joke -- I don't think Celebritys' kids should be punished because their parents have poked their heads above the crowds. But I also didn't like a lot of the incendiary things Palin was parroting during the election. Letterman is one if the most intelligent, articulate talk show hosts on late night. The IQ of the nation will drop 10 points when he finally retires (which I hope is a long, long time from now.)
12:17 AM on 06/16/2009
Kudos to you.