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Patricia Russell
We are sorry, your micro-bio did not meet our guid
07:42 PM on 11/19/2012
Best wishes for you Robin.
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07:17 PM on 11/19/2012
I truly can't stand GMA, but Ms. Roberts has always seemed like one of the "good guys," so I am glad she is doing well. Be strong, Robin!
07:11 PM on 11/19/2012
I have to give ABC and GMA kudos for their treatment of Robin Roberts during her leave. If it were NBC, poor Robin would be kicked to the curb after a bit of publicity exploitation.
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07:10 PM on 11/19/2012
Just a sincere note to Robin Roberts from myself and I know many, many others that love you and are praying for your complete healing through my Lord God in Jesus Christ. Go girl !
Except and expect and it will be done.
Bob Marta the kitten
06:35 PM on 11/19/2012
You GO Robin. Love ya!!!
06:02 PM on 11/19/2012
I love this lady. She is full of grace and you can feel the goodness of her spirit come through the TV. Many blessings on your road to recovery Robin!!!
05:52 PM on 11/19/2012
Robin, Keep on keeping on!
Life, Love, Lemons...and a Quart of Vodka
05:49 PM on 11/19/2012
I don't always agree with Ms. Roberts, but she is always a consummate, calm, composed professional. Blessings to her and wishes for a speedy recovery. What a tough lady (she got it from her mama).
05:46 PM on 11/19/2012
Bless you Robin! Prayers sent your way!
05:34 PM on 11/19/2012
When Oprah does her show "my favorite things" No. 1 should be Robin!!! The strength you show is truly inspiring. Get well soon Robin. God Bless.
05:30 PM on 11/19/2012
Get well soon - you are missed - many many prayers are with you and praying for a speedy and 100% recovery.
Old age is always 15 years older than I am.
05:19 PM on 11/19/2012
Robin Roberts is a trooper and a survivor, she will be OK....... thank god.... She is incredible.
To God and thy ownself be True..
05:03 PM on 11/19/2012
praying for her...
04:59 PM on 11/19/2012
Robin! Stay healthy & know so many peeps are rooting for you! Hurry back to GMA!