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msgirlintn 07:34 PM on 11/20/2012
Portman served as Budget Director under Bush when the Federal Government took the surplus they were handed from the last Democratic Administration and turned it into the biggest deficit in history.

The former VP told the Republicans that "deficits didn't matter", so the Republicans, Bush and Portman as Budget Director presided over the largest deficit spending in recent  Read More...

Portman should realize that the election is over.  He campaigned with Romney who proposed a tax plan without any specifics and where economists from both sides of the aisle admitted the math never worked for.  Obama and the Dems campaigned and won on raising taxes on those making over 250k a year. 

The Dems won seats in the Senate that the Republicans never thought possible.  The Dems won the popular vote in the House that the Republicans never thought was possible.  Obama won 332 to Romney's 206 electoral votes and the Republicans still seem to not understand how that happened.
11:26 AM on 11/21/2012
"Democrat" is a noun. You want the adjective "democratic."
11:18 AM on 11/21/2012
Portman ended up making as much of a fool of himself in surrogating for alexithymic Mitt as McCain did. Who cares what he's saying now?
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10:57 AM on 11/21/2012
Male cow excrement!
10:56 AM on 11/21/2012
Of course you can gain more revenue by expanding the base by eliminating what you call tax expenditures.The problem is that expanding the base makes the lowest pay much more than the wealthiest pay less.This economy is based on consumer spending and when the majority of consumers that spend the majority of their income have less of that disposable income to spend that will further drive growth lower,cause business to lay off more increase,and increase the death spiral of this economy.This man is from may state and he is becoming more of a disappointment by the day.Republican dogma of taxcuts for the job creators on display as they say they will not hire because of lack of demand.Circular lying squad of vacuum up economics.Trickle down without the trickle.
If corporations were people they'd get jail time
01:26 PM on 11/21/2012
What we're seeing is proof that wealth isn't something that trickles down. Crap, on the other hand, has expanded beyond a trickle and is raining down on the folks.
10:51 AM on 11/21/2012
Senator, please grab a mirror when you talk about "dogma".
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Truth over Knowledge
10:44 AM on 11/21/2012
Portman, this dogma is going to bite yourA$$
10:39 AM on 11/21/2012
these are the same types of ppl who burned the library at Alexandria and thought the Dark Ages were a pretty good time.........
Independent and Proud of it
10:32 AM on 11/21/2012
"Democratic Dogma"? OMG..

Here we go again, the lessons of the election are already going away. Common Sense is being lost again.

Small business will not suffer because of raising taxes on the wealthy, in fact it will help them. Even small business owners realize this, at least 97% of them do.

Geeze Louise
All is Maya
10:32 AM on 11/21/2012
Portman? Portman? Oh yeah, now i remember. He was Bush's numbers guy. The guy who OK'd Bush on spending every penny that America will have for the next 20 years on Making Iraq a modern western like country. It's thinking like this that makes Republicans so popular.
10:10 AM on 11/21/2012
We're supposed to accept this guy's math? How many times did he claim on tv that the numbers showed that Romney would win?
If you can't say it I will
10:04 AM on 11/21/2012
More tax cuts for the rich does squat for job growth. The last ten years with tax cuts for the wealthy should be enough to settle any argument on the matter. If we give each person that made 1 million or more last year 1 million dollars and watch the economy. Nothing will improve. Give just $5,000 to everyone that made less than $250,000 last year and the economy will boom.The corporations should be interested in seeing the middle class and poor make more for that would increase business. The only way out of this mess is increase revanue thru a tax hike on the wealthy then make cuts to programs that hurt the middle class and poor the least. No other way to do it and to think we can give more tax cuts to the rich then cut our way to prosperity is just a fools belief. Yea it really is that simple.
09:59 AM on 11/21/2012
Portman the only dogma is you thinking, you're not Rove and Norquist's lap dog. The only jobs being created by these elitist clowns now are in foreign countries to exploit the cheap labor, despite the tax breaks they get at the moment. I agree with the president for tax incentives to keep the middle class jobs here and not offshoring them like they've been doing on the advice of Bain Capital, or another company like that.
I love mountains.
09:33 AM on 11/21/2012
Another typical Repub basking in his ignorance. If tax cuts created jobs we would have almost zero unemployment, we don't.
09:31 AM on 11/21/2012
The dogma that tax cuts for the rich creates jobs?
09:31 AM on 11/21/2012
Like the below

Is. 10:1-3. "Woe to those who enact evil statutes, and to those who continually record unjust decisions, so as to deprive the needy of justice, and rob the poor of My people of their rights... Now what will you do in the day of punishment, and in the devastation which will come from afar?"