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12:00 AM on 11/27/2012
I liked the music for the BF shopping video in the slideshow. Those people were going nuts over a $2 waffle maker. I wonder how long such a cheap waffle maker would last anyway?
11:21 PM on 11/26/2012
Did anyone stop and think it might have been an accident? Have you heard about the illegals who have 'mur dered' people in car accidents when they had no legal right to be in this country and no license? Be reasonable. This is not the whole story. Parts are slanted because of bias.
11:16 PM on 11/26/2012
I don't think we have the full story.
11:03 PM on 11/26/2012
The shoplifter put his own life in danger. He stole two DVDs, not food or anything of dire need. He has given his notice to the public that he is a thief and criminal. Do so at your own risk.
Dont hate me because I'm right.....
12:22 PM on 11/28/2012
I know people who are in need who are on food stamps, and come up with a need that isnt food, and they will take something, return it at another store, get a gift card, and get the medicine, clothes, sundries, etc. Where I can not argue that it is wrong to steal, everyone knows that. But there are people who arent on drugs, arent drunks, just good people in a rough situation. The little petty crime, that hurts only a retail giant who throws more than the value of those DVD players daily, and treats employees with as much indignity as we do them. Its not a great world.

I think that DVD players are a tad risky to just take, so he must have wanted them good...

But to say that he put his life on the line to take them.

I dont see that at all.

The security people should have chased him and reported what they saw to the police. They are security guards at walmart, not officers trained.

SO for the price of 2 dvd players, a man is dead.

The guy that had him in the choke hold killed a man.

He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

To say different is just ridiculous.
08:44 PM on 11/28/2012
Many people make terrible and irreparable choices in life. All those involved have made them.
10:39 PM on 11/26/2012
Since corporations are people, and if a person when their lives are not in danger kills another person is charged with manslaughter, then shouldn't Wal-Mart be charged? Start at the top with the Walton family.
11:15 PM on 11/26/2012
Such a voice of reason....... Can you read? Reason?
09:47 PM on 11/26/2012
i don't see why would an employee risk their health/life for someone else's merchandise/money..take a description and call the cops..
The Constitution is the Law of the Land.
09:23 PM on 11/26/2012
If he stole something in the middle east, they would have just cut of his hands.
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08:38 PM on 11/26/2012
That's it Great Wall Mart... kill someone for daring to steal OLD outdated technology....

Totally worth a human life to save your company twenty bucks.
The Constitution is the Law of the Land.
09:21 PM on 11/26/2012
So stealing is ok if it's old outdated technology? Obviously the full story isn't in this article. Maybe the employees were acting in self defense after they caught the CRIMINAL.
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10:08 PM on 11/26/2012
Companies USED to say "your life is not worth it.. give them the money and call the cops"

Walmart employees are not qualified to do their own jobs most of the time... much less those of the police.
I'm too old to be governed by fear of dumb people.
08:38 PM on 11/26/2012
Next we can expect John McCain and Lindsey Graham to scream "cover up."
Left Side, Strong Side.
08:29 PM on 11/26/2012
Over a DVD player? A really sad tragic.
Steven Mackey
04:39 AM on 11/27/2012
Hey the theif would still be alive if he chose to not seal. Completely his own fault.
Left Side, Strong Side.
12:14 PM on 11/27/2012
Right, I am sure Walmart do have insurance that covers their loss items.... So there no need for securities to do excessive actions and put other lives in danger over a DVD player. Although, DVD player is slowly fading anyway why would a billion $ company need to care? 
Wendy Davis 2014
08:18 PM on 11/26/2012
that is really putting profit over people...

what a sick country we are in our greed
11:23 PM on 11/26/2012
Had you thought about the fact that they were just doing their job? We have been conditioned to envy and hate in the past 3 1/2 years. We need to stop it. Greed? We live in a capitalistic country - not a socialist one.
Fran Jaime
12:09 AM on 11/27/2012
Their job description doesn't include killing someone.
It's the 21st Century -- Deal with It!
07:57 PM on 11/26/2012
Sounds like maybe the employees used to work at K-Mart and staged their own "blue light special."
A Small Drop of Water in the Ocean of Life
07:53 PM on 11/26/2012
It wall all part of Walmart's sinister plan to open up a store in GA state prision.
Q: Why aren't there any Walmarts in Afghanistan?
A: Because they are all Targets
Remove corporate bribery from government
07:52 PM on 11/26/2012
If any of these wannabe heroes had been injured while murdering the thief Walmart wouldn't have given them a dime
07:46 PM on 11/26/2012
I am sure we can all agree that this is likely a terrible accident. I will not believe that the intent was to kill anyone when this altercation occurred.

Was anyone else taken back by the "suspension with out pay," thingy? You would believe that Walmart would reserve judgement until all the facts have been determined and even if they sent the employees home for some time that they would continue to pay them.
We're going to need a bigger nutshell
07:56 PM on 11/26/2012
When you're an hourly employee, you get paid for the hours worked. If your hours are under 35 a week, you are part time and are not eligible for paid time off.
06:52 PM on 11/27/2012
Granted Don but that has nothing to do with this situation. 
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07:58 PM on 11/26/2012
I'm sure we can all agree that when you shoplift, you're supposed to wind up in jail, not dead after being "detained" by private rent-a-cops.
09:57 AM on 11/27/2012
Well he wound up in jail 16 times since 1996. Finally he is where he should be which is in the ground.
06:53 PM on 11/27/2012
That is not my point. My point is that they were doing what they were either taught to do or asked to do. I do not believe the intent was to do this kind of harm.