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Lily P
12:45 PM on 11/26/2012
Needs to be said, if someone gets taken out to sea by the rip, that person should swim along the shore and not try to swim back. People on the shore should NOT go into the water, as they will be swept out to sea as well. Such a horrible situation. :(
Never apologize for being honest.
12:25 PM on 11/26/2012
Horrific story. I am an animal lover and would risk my life to save an animal; but I don't expect everyone to feel the way I do. The boy might have "reacted" and not thought it through before going in after the dog. The father did what any father would do and went in to save his son. When the son found his way back to shore, he should've stayed put. And the mother should have never gone in WITH her son to find the father. All while the daughter watched. I know hindsight is 20/20 and they all probably did what their emotions told them to do. Very sad. I hope the girl keeps the dog and remembers that her brother gave his life trying to save the dog.. it could go the other way and she might not be able to look at the dog again. I hope it works out for her to hold onto possibly the only constant in her life. And I hope she gets the help, love and support she needs to get her through the next few months/years. This is something you never get over but you can learn to live with it.
I'm sorry, I cannot hear you over how EPIC I am ;)
12:21 PM on 11/26/2012
"The dog got out of the water on its own, Jones said."

this is just so sad.
What part of Not Guilty don't you understand?
08:26 AM on 11/27/2012
Classic, right?
12:14 PM on 11/26/2012
READING POSTS IN THIS THREAD leads me to believe the human race is irretrievably stupid and ultimately doomed. You jerks condemning the family for trying to save a dog, first of all, don't understand the story and secondly should NEVER curse a dog by owning one. The SON ran into the water to save the dog. The dad and mom went in to save him. It was not a whole family diving in to try to save the dog. Now...back to the idea that saving the dog was silly. Anyone who thinks that, please, go live in a cave and stop burdening society with your sociopathic existence.
11:21 AM on 11/26/2012
This is so sad!!! People really do need to fear and respect the power of the water and wear life jackets during water activities!!
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Now take your nice red pill
11:21 AM on 11/26/2012
Seems so, so sad.
It's good to be good & nice to be nice
10:52 AM on 11/26/2012
Although not noted in the article, it seems as if none of the family members were wearing life vests, which no doubt would have saved their lives. I've gone out with friends on their boats in the past. I won't get onto a boat without wearing a life vest, even though I've been made fun of for wearing one. One ignorant reason for not wearing a life vest I've heard is; "a life vest will mess up my tan." I'll take a bad tan over drowning any day.
01:06 PM on 11/26/2012
I see nothing that says they were on a boat, and considering they were playing fetch with the dog and it says he was "pulled into the ocean by a wave" makes me think they were on the beach... maybe not even dressed to swim if the surf really was that rough. Do you wear a life vest on land?

Don't get me wrong, I value life vests... but I see no reason from this article why any of them should have had one on.
It's good to be good & nice to be nice
08:11 PM on 11/26/2012
HuffPo had a pic of a boat along with the article. I re-read the article. This time not looking at the boat pic. I was in error thinking the people were on a boat. ty for correcting me.
Cody Wandel
Unaffiliated Malcontent. I drink nobody's Kool Aid
06:47 PM on 11/26/2012
They were on the beach, not in a boat.
10:40 AM on 11/26/2012
The dog got out of the water on its own, Jones said.

And 3 lives lost.
10:37 AM on 11/26/2012
Wow... So sad
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apparently, my micro-bio is empty
09:44 AM on 11/26/2012
How very sad.
Allison Ambers
09:40 AM on 11/26/2012
I figured the dog would have made it out alive. You'd think they would have thought the same thing.
09:05 AM on 11/26/2012
Yes, the story DOES say the dog went to fetch a stick that was thrown into the water. Duh!
11:39 AM on 11/26/2012
who threw the stick...duh!!!
09:05 AM on 11/26/2012
I lived in California for 27 years, and sadly had a Sister In Law drown near Half Moon Bay after being swept out to sea by a rogue wave she never saw coming while walking at the water's edge with her Husband and Golden Retriever, both of whom survived.
The surf in California is dangerous for most people. My son wanted to learn to surf in SoCal; we made him take a Summer of Lifeguard Training, involving being in the water for hours at a time, recognizing rip currents and being able to swim out of them.
Living on Cellophane Island as Queen of the Patago
10:45 AM on 11/26/2012
That's actually a great idea [the summer lifeguard training] LBA7895, and probably instruction anyone who wants to be involved with ocean/aquatic activities should complete. I wonder if they have something like that for adults who are over 25! Favorited.
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09:01 AM on 11/26/2012
I'm sorry for the family but, that was just poor judgement. My wife is an emotional person and would probably have tried to save the dog. I would have stopped her. I always preach to my wife and goddaughter that they need to keep their wits during a crisis. Emotional over-reactions can be far more dangerous than the initial crisis.
10:28 AM on 11/26/2012
Good Grief, trying to save a beloved dog is not an "emotional overreaction" it's a NORMAL reaction when witnessing a loved one (dog) in a dangerous situation. We'll see how you react if something, somebody you love is really endangered, you won't be doing systems analysis on any initial crises risk management before reacting, I'm sure.. at least I hope not.
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10:47 AM on 11/26/2012
Lets recap- dog goes in due to a stick tossed in the surf which the dog was chasing, people react and go in after dog, people die dog gets out on its own and lives,...... perhaps not blindly rushing in and thinking it out would have been better. Fools rush in and die, smarter heads think and then find a better solution, keep in mind the dog saved itself.....
10:29 AM on 11/26/2012
Nothing wrong with fetching a family member. I was a flight for life paramedic for years, and always Disliked running into people just like you, that would willing Watch a loved one die. Good thing the kids around your family have your wife to get some actual real feelings of caring from

Wanna go swimming?
11:38 AM on 11/26/2012
So, would you have "disliked" the daughter for not going in also? Glad you are not a paramedic any longer, with your judgmental views....sheesh!