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Stop whining! You lost!
12:36 PM on 12/01/2012
Hrmmm... I saw the whole thing. It wasn't edited out. It was funny and got hilarious, watching the two of them just completely break up. :D
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07:10 AM on 12/01/2012
They do this all the time.

Yesterday they cut out the argument Joe had with Richard Wolfe in the 8 am rerun
11:18 PM on 11/30/2012
Still laughing!
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Jim Roos in SC
Former USMC Officer, SC Dem'
10:54 PM on 11/30/2012
I'm proud that both of my state's senators are minorities. Lindsay is a homosexual and DeMint is a homophobic TP.

We are fair and balanced.
Magnolia's mom!
01:13 PM on 12/01/2012

LOL!  Thanks for that laugh!

03:34 PM on 12/01/2012
I'm originally from Charleston, SC. I suspect Dems are always elected mayor there because of the large number of gays (?). U have to love the conservative south. They are cheaters like Strom Thurmond (w/ black daughter born of 16 yr old mother) and Mark Sanford (I'm going hiking) or gay like Lindsey. Newt still claims Georgia (as does Herman Cain - 999) as home but keeps making money in DC.
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Jim Roos in SC
Former USMC Officer, SC Dem'
06:09 PM on 12/01/2012
Being a liberal dem in SC you have to learn to adapt.

On my Obama signs and bumper stickers I covered the O with a large apostrophe.

Dem's honked and gave me a thumbs up. Repub's honked and cheered "roll tide."
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Jim Roos in SC
Former USMC Officer, SC Dem'
10:43 PM on 11/30/2012
It's a shame that Lindsay lives in this state so he is forced to live a lie if he wants to keep his job.

I don't want him in that job-he's nothing but a fool that makes his constituents look like fools, but I imagine AZ voters feel the same way about sore loser McCain.
09:40 PM on 11/30/2012
is it any wonder that there is so much bullying in schools? all those kids' parents are here attempting to make a joke out of calling mr graham gay. it never was funny. it is mean spirited. every gay person recognizes this for what it is. i'm no fan of lindsey graham but i sure don't have any respect for any talking head on tv that does this and then wants me to listen to anything else they want me to take seriously. joe s is the designated jerk on that show. more of the same won't draw me to watch.
03:26 PM on 12/01/2012
It's funny when you take positions which are in direct conflict to who you are. Have you heard Michael Steele, Herman Cain, or ANY black republican speak out about the racists caricatures of Pres Obama by Tea Party elements? Any comment about voter suppression and (one) Black Panther intimidation by a black republican? When republican Gen. Powell (4star hero, admired by all) supports Obama he and Obama are insulted by the likes of Sununu. When you have the GOP against abortion but one of your own Tea Party congressmen (re-elected Rep. Scott DesJarlais, TN) asks his mistress to have an abortion, when you say you are for family values and run Newt Gingrich (serial marry-ier), when you are Gen. Petreaus (GOP) and cheat on your wife, when McCain (ole coot) goes after Susan Rice but defended Condi about WMD (=going to war + thousands dead), then you are going to be ridiculed/made fun of. People are NOT making fun of gays, but of a politician who is soooo conservative and "MIGHT" be gay, it's funny. Why be in a party which despises you. You have to laugh because it's so sad.
07:09 PM on 12/01/2012
Well said.
You be Frank & I'll be Earnest
03:04 PM on 11/30/2012
12:28 PM on 11/30/2012
That's "No labels" Joe for you....laughing like a high schooler. Would have been better if he called Heilemann out on his words.
03:41 PM on 12/01/2012
Don't like Joe and never will. If he was a Dem he'd been replaced a long time ago. I watch because of the guests. He tried to get Ray Liotta to comment on Brad Pitt's Channel commercial but Liotta didn't bite. Even if you thought it was strange, silly, of whatever would you take the chance on insulting a co-star & colleague? Joe is a juvenile and shows what he must have been like as a politician - stupid.
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07:51 AM on 11/30/2012
That was funny!
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enchanted, enlightened, embalmed. . .
03:24 AM on 11/30/2012
12:20 AM on 11/30/2012
Sounds to me like two good ol' boys having a sophomoric laugh before the morning homeroom bell. So what's the joke boys, that Senator Graham is gay? That he has a 'girly-man' name? That he's a drag queen? What exactly does any of this have to do with your newsworthy critique of the McCain/Graham/Ayotte dog and pony show?

The apparent anti-gay humor was lost on me, but I don't think it should have been edited out of the replay. In fact, leaving Heilmann's and Scarborough's snickering exchange in would serve to rightfully expose these two boorish clowns. I only wish Mika had called them on it.
03:57 AM on 11/30/2012
In fact, Lindsay Graham is gay.
The Brain Is Not A Hat Rack
05:26 PM on 11/30/2012
It was nothing. (Not that it was funny -- if Scarborough goes into a cackling fit, it usually isn't.) But, please, enough of the mommy scolding from Mika -- it is one of the most bizarre recurring features of Morning Joe.
09:57 PM on 11/30/2012
It is sad that Mika's "mommy scolding" is so often needed. She is treated so badly on that show -- constantly interrupted by Joe. He is the bore -- not Mika.
11:34 PM on 11/29/2012
Never a truer word said in jest.
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08:05 PM on 11/29/2012
Lindsey, you should have come out of the closet in a respectable and noble manner when the time was right. Now you have people everywhere laughing at you because of your closet queen status. No pun intended, but you blew it.
20 Year Retired Military Veteran & Business Owner
07:14 PM on 11/29/2012
Well it's true.
Broadcasting from somewhere in the Caribbean
04:12 AM on 12/07/2012
I'm sure there are many women that take exception to that statement, if not feel downright insulted by it.