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01:41 PM on 11/29/2012
I really thank these young ladies. Black people think that we are in a "post-racial" society. However, this type of racism is in the caucasian babies. So genetically it must be in the nature of caucasian people to be oppose Black people. So, we cannot fault them for acting out their nature. Black people need to learn their nature and be ourselves. These girls are showing the mindset of caucasians. If we learn our natural enemy, then maybe we will learn to respect one another. After 310 years of chattel slavery and 120 plus years of jim crow, Black people must learn our history and stand on it. This is why I respect the Jewish people they have a mantra, "Never again!" Black people what is our mantra for this type of behavior? Wake up !
Erick M McNeal
If you think I care about your thoughts, stop.
02:10 PM on 11/29/2012
So all white people are the same?
02:41 PM on 11/29/2012
not all white but a lot
10:32 PM on 11/29/2012
Yes except you...cause you're cute!
02:15 PM on 11/29/2012
I'm not sure what Black people you are talking about but no one I've met who is not caucasian thinks we are in a post racial society. I think you generalize too much. And while I do think you are right that it is human nature to be attracted to those who are like us, we do not remain in a state of nature all our lives. All white people are not my enemy, there are those who have managed to move beyond some of that programming and overcome (or attempt to) overcome the racism they may have learned or been born with. I refuse to accept that anyone is my enemy merely because of the color of their skin. We have allies in this fight and I think it would be a mistake to reject them because they lack melanin.
03:21 PM on 11/29/2012
You're neato, "Freedom"65. :-)
12:57 AM on 11/30/2012

Please read my comment carefully and reflect on history. I gave some clues. Of course no one can hand pick those who maybe "allies". Why waste time with the given history of America against Blacks? We should learned to love each other and build a Nation of our own. Study genetics verses melanin, it is not about color. However, when you know and understand the nature of a thing you will know what to expect.

Watch "Roots" or Read "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Vol II" (Best history book on the planet today)!

"Accept Your Own and Be Youself"

The Traveling WhoDat
01:38 PM on 11/29/2012
I can't even get upset about junk like this anymore. Stupid girls who probably won't amount to anything in life...
Gay Pinder
05:18 PM on 11/29/2012
No, they'll end up running states like Arizona.
01:07 AM on 11/30/2012

Well said!
The Traveling WhoDat
12:21 PM on 11/30/2012
pretty much...
01:36 PM on 11/29/2012
Maybe ElizabethHasselbeck will defend these two too.
Trapped in a Red State
01:33 PM on 11/29/2012
"I apologize" after the fact. How about not doing it in the first place? It was made over a year ago, but now you decide to make it public... really? Apology is not sincere.
01:31 PM on 11/29/2012
Of course Chris Brown rips a white girl a new one and everyone calls his misogynist.
Putting People First Again
03:25 PM on 11/29/2012
Chris Brown didn't even mention her race in that twitter feud, you are trying to turn exhibit A into exhibit B.
10:34 PM on 11/29/2012
Chris Brown did not rip a white girl a new one. A comedian, at least she thinks so, felt she should make inflammatory remarks to someone and didn't think he would humiliate her in his retort. She just happened to be white but you made it about race.
01:30 PM on 11/29/2012
This is who they are.
10:34 PM on 11/29/2012
Yeah those white girls, that's who they are.
12:55 PM on 11/29/2012
Don't apologize ladies!!! Stand your ground and double/triple down on it. Do a white face video, then a red face, then a blue face, orange face. Be equal opportunist sterotypists.
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03:24 PM on 11/29/2012

This is one thing they will never try. I bet they would never mess with jewish stereotypes ( including the 2 ww ones ) .
12:53 PM on 11/29/2012
College girls messing around and having fun while everyone else is getting all shook up. Have people lost their sense of humor? We are a nation of diversity. All of a sudden, we are supposed to walk on eggshells so no one gets offended. Only you can allow yourself to be offended. Is it worth it? What does it accomplish? Nothing!
01:24 PM on 11/29/2012
Translation: I am making excuses for them. So I will throw it back it to the other side. I have to protect that white color.
01:30 PM on 11/29/2012
How could you consider that "fun" where it is obviously offensive! My grandmother told me stories about her upbringing and never did she ever describe "blackface" as fun! She described it the way it is "Racist!"
01:54 PM on 11/29/2012
Minstrel Shows were a source of fun for many years.  I saw one and laughed through the entire show.  The volunteer firemen put it on in our town as a fundraiser. 
12:36 PM on 11/29/2012
I bet they were high on mushrooms and glue. lol
12:30 PM on 11/29/2012
The blackface didn't mean nothing because it shows the both of them are butt wipes. lol But the apology is what burns my rear end. Why they were showing their true color. If your bold enough to pull it off don't back down now because of a little heat. Keep it real!
01:44 PM on 11/29/2012
So True
12:19 PM on 11/29/2012
Whatever. Please stop the apologies. It's so empty. I'm black and I don't care anymore. The power is in giving a phk. Just bring the boil to the head but don't expect me to be jolly about it. As long as it doesn't involve active discrimination, I could give a rat's behind. *typing as I look sexy in the mirror, drinking ginger tea*
01:58 PM on 11/29/2012
Oh and grow some chesticles and stand by your words.
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12:17 PM on 11/29/2012
“We were doing facials and it happened to have been a brown facial mask,” Cooper wrote. “We had to leave it on for 12 minutes. During that 12 minutes, we horribly decided to make a video that we regret and are not happy about. This was made over a year ago.”

Oh, well, then what a relief! Carry on ladies!

*snark off*
10:38 PM on 11/29/2012
Don't they have cow tipping in Duluth?
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10:06 AM on 11/30/2012
LOL...ah, cow tipping...I know about it, but only because I went to college in a small, rural Indiana town.
My micro-bio is as empty as your head.
12:09 PM on 11/29/2012
Lol who cares? That's not a real school anyway. It's not like they are going to get relevant jobs & have to deal with people who matter. They will probably live in Duluth forever & be right at home among other insensitive people.
40 Winks
Dream Keeper
11:35 AM on 11/29/2012
"So we were like sitting around in our facials and thought wouldn't it be funny if we put ourselves on YouTube as Negroes?"

Can you imagine if they become teachers or some other professional person dealing with the public?
Ezra Black
Long Live New Orleans
12:06 PM on 11/29/2012
Future GOP candidates for Congress
01:25 PM on 11/29/2012
That will be the only place they can get elected.
03:10 PM on 11/29/2012
Bet they're already in the binder.
Don't Delete Me Bro!
11:27 AM on 11/29/2012
These girls need a beatdown.
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12:15 PM on 11/29/2012
...i agree...
01:32 PM on 11/29/2012
According to some, teenagers who offend our sensibilities deserve it. See the Michael Dunn case.