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05:10 PM on 11/28/2012
Confirmation of Senator Kerry may be much less a chore than for Ambassador Rice but our President has recently demonstrated more of a willingness and itch for a fight. It would be nice if the Senator put aside any concerns about his personal legacy or the awkward circumstance of being an advocate for Rice and acted senatorial. Besides, almost any replacement for Hillary Clinton may be found wanting.
Never underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity!
05:07 PM on 11/28/2012
The Republicans want Kerry to be in the Cabinet because they dream of getting Scott Brown back into the senate. That's the REAL reason they are going after Susan Rice.
The one part of the story that I haven't seen so far is anything about which Democratic Candidates might step into a race for Kerry's seat.
04:57 PM on 11/28/2012
He is not going anywhere. Dems need every Senate vote they can get, and who wants Brown back?
Never underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity!
05:11 PM on 11/28/2012
He might go for it if they could recruit a Top Tier Democratic candidate to kick Brown down the road.
So far, no names have been put forward for that candidate that I've heard about.
05:58 PM on 11/28/2012
why take the chance? Warren won the election, but don't think that doesn't mean Brown isn't well liked in Mass. - not worth putting a Senate seat at risk just so Kerry can end his career with a cabinet line on his resume.
Fairness for all
10:36 PM on 11/28/2012
This is the problem, Gmasters. I would guess that Mass. is very happy to have Kerry and Warren as their senators. They are probably in the very early stages of seeing whom they would want to run in the next election. They weren't planning anything so soon and I doubt that they have developed a strong candidate.