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Let me up...I've had enough!
09:30 AM on 12/01/2012
Nice gesture on the cops part but am I the only one who finds the homeless mans comment about "Never owning a pair of shoes" to be a bit of a stretch? Never as in NEVER or would saying " I have not owned a pair of shoes in a very long time" be more accurate. Hard to believe that from birth to whatever his age is now that the man has "never" owned a pair of shoes. Yes, I'm sure 99.9% of you will say I'm being over critical on what the man said and will no doubt blast me for yourself the time.
07:59 PM on 12/01/2012
Wow, you are really smart, maybe the man is mentally challenged or he could be autistic he might even be from a different counrty. being really smart you should of looked at the whole picture
Let me up...I've had enough!
09:21 PM on 12/01/2012
So what does any of that have to do with not ever owning a pair of shoes? Are you saying mentally challenged or autistic people or people from a different country don't own shoes? Your comment is really smart as well. Seems like you and the cowboy read my comment in the wrong tone. Oh well....
08:15 PM on 12/01/2012
or maybe his whole family was poor from the get go and he never owned a new 30 and I own a car....but ive NEVER owned a brand new one.....rather than over analyzing what the man said, maybe look into what that officer did to a man whom probably has thousands of people walk past him and turn the other way. it becomes very easy to be judgemental of the homeless when you have a home to go to.
Let me up...I've had enough!
09:18 PM on 12/01/2012
Why don't you climb down off your high horse cowboy...seems you are the one being judgmental. My comment was not being judgmental of the homeless (as you put it) I was merely commenting that I found it odd that he said he never owned a pair of shoes. I don't recall the article saying that he said he "never had a new pair" I recall it simply saying that he said "he never owned a pair". Maybe you don't find that odd but I do. Even poor people have shoes at one time in their life. Apparently you have a comprehension issue since I DID comment that it was a nice gesture on the cops part. Seems you read my comment the way YOU wanted to read it....which was in a hostile way.
You have a nice evening Cowboy.
08:28 AM on 12/01/2012
i sincerely hope this story inspires all of us to stop and do one kind act to someone in need...the world would surely be a better place for it
07:28 AM on 12/01/2012
My name is Fabio Nery, police and'm here in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I'm actually very moved by the attitude of the police ny. congratulations! Sr.deprimo you are a hero!
11:39 AM on 12/01/2012
People no longer know the meaning of hero. Mr. DePrimo is not a hero; he's simply an ordinary man doing what most of us do on a daily basis afforded the same sort of opportunity. Deciding to buy and give the shoeless man boots did not require of him great courage, or strength. The shoeless man did not need to be fiercely protected, saved or defended. His need was for a pair of footwear. I am not attempting to minimize the beautiful gift with which Mr. DePrimo blessed the shoeless man - just trying to keep this incident in proper perspective.
03:58 PM on 12/01/2012
Exactly, I must admit you said it better than I did!
07:20 PM on 12/01/2012
Yes . . . but how many of us would do this? Especially while at our job? I'm a pastor (United Methodist) and I'm always torn between the generosity of some people and the complete lack there-of of in most others. I suppose it depends on how you define hero. Is a hero one who commits a courageous, death-defying act for the sake of others, or can it be one who embodies a quiet, undramatic urge to serve others despite costs? I think our world needs both. My brother is a firefighter and a Navy man - he fits the first definition. But in vocation I have seen lives) (literally changed through the second, as well. One's perspective, perhaps.
12:25 AM on 12/01/2012
What a touching story! Thanks to this officer for being such an inspiration to others! :o))
...but you are Blanche! You are....
11:32 PM on 11/30/2012
It seems a refreshing change from "Stop and Frisk" or just plain out shooting at people. Happy Holidays.
10:57 PM on 11/30/2012
Of all the acts of kindness I've seen over the course of the year, this one has touched my heart most deeply. Thank you Officer DePrimo for showing the world that the true spirit of kindness lives on. What a purely beautiful act. God bless you.
Pavarti Ben
10:52 PM on 11/30/2012
1 for humanity! Classic Italian man, not many of them left. Thank you to his parents for raising such a wonderful being :)
10:41 PM on 11/30/2012
Pulitzer prize for this photo.
10:40 PM on 11/30/2012
Well at least there's one good cop in this FUBAR nation.
10:38 PM on 11/30/2012
random acts of kindness if evveryone did them think ofwhere we would be
10:25 PM on 11/30/2012
I have to agree with Fox & Friends and Bill O'Reilly; this is what Obama did to get votes.
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10:19 PM on 11/30/2012
Makes me cry. His generosity was so unselfish. What a nice story.
10:15 PM on 11/30/2012
God Bless you Larry DePrimo...what an awesome thing to do! You brought tears to my eyes...if more people were like you, the world would be a better place! You are a hero!
10:00 PM on 11/30/2012
When I grow up I wanna be like him. He's a real hero :)
Life may be sweeter for this- I don't know.
09:42 PM on 11/30/2012
I love this story. THIS is WJWD.

But am I the only one who hates these new videos?