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11:56 AM on 06/26/2009
The foreign terrorists in Iraq WANT the U.S. troops to stay, that's why the increase in bombings. I hope this administration is smarter than the last and doesn't take the bait and pulls out the troops as scheduled.
Max Baucus: What's in your wallet?
11:44 AM on 06/26/2009

For the most part where they shouldn't be for all the wrong reasons.
11:08 AM on 06/26/2009
Iraq has taken a far back seat to celebrity deaths, the Iran demonstrations and to Ameica's continued obsession with money and even health care.
do you want fries with that?
09:12 PM on 06/26/2009
Iraq? What's that? Wasn't there some little war over there that never ended?
11:06 AM on 06/26/2009
Interesting propaganda being spread that Americans are just so great that their leaving will mean the certain ruin of utterly self-centered and insulting to belittle the abilities of Iraqis to tend to their own problems...America leaving is good for everyone...soldiers will be back with their families and Iraqis, for the most part, are glad to see milirary gone.
10:44 AM on 06/26/2009

Where are the soldiers who march in line?
Where are the soldiers every color and kind?
Where are the soldiers who made their moms cry?
Where are the pilots who face death in the sky?

Where are the soldiers born brave of heart?
Where are the girls and boys that part?
Serving our country with their future on the line
Battling the enemies of freedom of mind.

All of us are soldiers with missions of our own
We do what we do as history is sown.
Support our troops who we love and adore
Support our troops with prayers, letters and more.

Where are the soldiers so far, far away?
How many will perish no one can say.
Where are the soldiers we love night and day?
Deployed world over to keep evil at bay.

By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
On The Web
12:00 PM on 06/26/2009
Did Iraq attack America on 9/11?

In fact, were ANY of the 9/11 hijackers Iraqis?

So why has America invaded and occupied Iraq, resulting in the deaths of over a million Iraqis, and leaving their country utterly shattered.

And you write poems glorifying our soldiers.

Your "conservative patrotism poetry" is badly misplaced Tom. Post it somewhere else.
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02:31 PM on 06/26/2009
he should post it somewhere else, anything praising our troops falls on deaf ears here.