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02:18 AM on 12/03/2012
It is hard to stand your ground when fleeing the scene.

How can you be two places at once when you are no where at all ????
02:17 AM on 12/03/2012
Michael Dunn was wrong and should be prosecuted.
But statistics show that young black males are more violent than any other demographic in American society.
Why shouldn't they be feared?.
Mocking the Sun since 1970...
03:01 AM on 12/03/2012
Where are you getting your numbers from?
03:33 AM on 12/03/2012
Are you serious?.Young black males are responsible for aprox. 50% of violent crimes in the U.S..Well known fact.Google it.  
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02:30 PM on 12/03/2012
And 99 percent of rapes are done by men. Does that justify women fearing every man? Whipping out a gun and blowing them away when they hit on you? Gold star for a really dumb statement.
02:08 AM on 12/03/2012
Most people:

My son is getting married today. I need to make sure I have my cummmerbund and the wedding rings to give to the best man.

Mr. Dunn:

My son is getting married today. I need to make sure I am strapping a gun. Never know if I might have to murder an innocent black teen today.

sarcasm intended.
01:56 PM on 12/04/2012
This comment made my day!!!!! Love the sarcasm!!!! Hilarious!!!!
12:57 AM on 12/03/2012
How does this compare to any given weekend in Chicago....where is the outrage. Is life only of value if the killer isnt black.
06:37 AM on 12/03/2012
Chicago population, 8.5 million, Murders per year 425
Jacksonville Population inside the I-295 beltway 437,000, Murders per year inside the Beltway 110

Do the math!
01:30 PM on 12/03/2012
First Chicago pop is. 2.7 million, second even the FBI doest accept Chicago crime stat methodology, so befor you ask me to do the math get some hard data, fool.
02:27 PM on 12/03/2012
The topic of this thread is not about violence in Chicago.... that's why there are not posts... except from a certain group of folks who only are here to get a rise from AAs.... smh
04:04 PM on 12/03/2012
No Homer, it's about hypocrisy. I actually really care about this but MSM is more interested in stirring up hate for ratings than addressing the real roots of fear and racism. We self censor our thinking to maintain our political correctness. We can't get at the problem if we can talk honestly without being called racists. I do apologize for my sarcasm, it does get sometimes get the better of me in this Orewllian World, Peace.
12:38 AM on 12/03/2012
Nobody should be killing anybody. Just hateful.
12:16 AM on 12/03/2012
1.Why did Mr Dunn leave the scene? If he was within his "rights" he should have stayed until the police arrived.
2. If there was a shotgun, the police didn't find one. If the kids in the car tried to hide it, their efforts would have been caught on a security camera.
Hate not each other. Love is the best strength!
10:35 AM on 12/03/2012
If the kids had a shotgun, why didn't they shoot back? Were they not in their rights to fire back on a man who was firing on them?
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11:58 PM on 12/02/2012
Is anybody else noticing how when people get afraid, other people get dead?
12:31 AM on 12/03/2012
You have hit the nail on the head granny.

Racism is NOT manifested by hate.

Racism is manifested by FEAR.

Fear creates hate as a defense mechanism.

Hate causes violent actions.

I fan you, but could you stop pointing the mobile rocket launcher at me ????
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06:08 AM on 12/03/2012
Sorry. My rocket launcher get's carried away.
Stop the GOP/TP War on Women
12:23 PM on 12/03/2012
Spot on. Noticed that I had to fan you again after two years. f n f.
11:40 PM on 12/02/2012
More FBI statistics to combat racism in America.

As I stated before, many racists perceive large cites to be mostly black and most medium sized cities and rural areas to be mostly white.

Of course, like everything else racists believe, this notion is not only incorrect, it PROOVES their IGNORANCE and RACISM.

Many rural areas have large Black populations and many large cities are culturally diverse and not just Black and/or White.

Rapes in 2011 in USA = 26.8 per 100,000.
Rapes in 2011 in Metropolitan areas = 26.4 per 100,000.
Rapes in 2011 in Cities outside Metropolitan areas = 40.7 per 100,000.
Rapes in 2011 in non metropolitan counties = 20.7 per 100,000.

Oh !!! Oh !!!!!!!!!!!

Rapes in large cites that racists believe are crawling with violent black criminals is LOWER than the National Average.

Rapes in cities outside metropolitan areas that racists claim are the suburbs full of law abiding, gun toting whites commit 64% more rapes than those large cities racists believe are crawling with violent blacks.

How will they spin this one ???? Ought to be good for a few laughs.

P.S. for the many attacking my FACTUAL posts with disdain and wondering what my skin color is ???

I am white. What separates me from Racist whites is my brain, logic, deductive reasoning, empathy, and education, intellectual honesty, and a few other qualities racists lack.
12:35 AM on 12/03/2012
I am black and you are my brother
01:04 AM on 12/03/2012
We are all brothers unless you are a sister.

Isn't it funny that no conservatives seem to reply to fact filled posts that expose their hypocrisy ????

Unless they are hell bent on further embarrassing themselves.

I find that hilarious !!!!

Keep up the good work.
02:19 AM on 12/03/2012
We are all brothers, unless you are a sister.
01:06 AM on 12/03/2012
What separates you is your elitist arrogance. Why have whole sections of Detroit been decimated? Because NO ONE wants to live with those who remain. if can't be honest, we can't address the problem. And children will continue to be slaughtered. Sticking your head in the sand and denying with stat games is a fools errand.
04:07 AM on 12/03/2012
My elitist arrogance ????  I will bet you have NEVER been to Detroit.The population of Detroit is ~ 250,000 who seem not to be moving away and live with one another every day.  Actually, the population of Detroit is GROWING now.  Ford built a new plant there.  You should go to Greek town near downtown.  Great Pizza. Elitist arrogance is some one posting about subjects they know NOTHING about.  P.S.  That would be you.  All I did was post FACTUAL STATISTICS.  Statistics are numbers.  Numbers are neither elitist or arrogant.  what is really killing people is ignorance.  You should learn the difference.
11:15 PM on 12/02/2012
For all those that claim Black on Black crime is rampant:

These statistics come from the U.S. Census Bureau and the FBI:

Number of citizens who identify themselves as Black or Black and a combination of another race according to the 2010 census ????


Number of murders and negligent homicides in the USA in 2011 ????


Of course the majority of homicides are committed by WHITES and the majority of victims are WHITE.

But, let us assume all 14,612 homicides were committed by blacks upon blacks to appease racists.

That means 41,985,388 Blacks were NOT murdered last year.

That means 99.965% of Blacks were NOT murdered last year.

These statistics PROOVE two realities.

01: Almost ALL Blacks living in this country are law abiding citizens. Almost ALL whites are law abiding citizens.

02: Whether a citizen is a law abiding citizen has NOTHING to do with RACE.
12:37 AM on 12/03/2012
Thank you for an inelligent and informed posting.
11:32 AM on 12/03/2012
Thanks for publishing. But you should know, I've published these stats several times and know matter how many times we post them, it will not change the minds of those that choose the path of ignorance. People will believe what they want to believe. But again, thank you for posting the facts.
06:12 PM on 12/03/2012
A 20 pound sledge upside their heads wouldn't change their minds either, but it might improve their I.Q.
10:53 PM on 12/02/2012
Here are some more FBI statistics to debunk the racist crap some espouse:

2011 homicide rate for entire USA = 4.7 per 100,000
2011 homicide rate in metropolitan areas (large cities) = 4.9 per 100,000
2011 homicide rate for cities outside Metropolitan areas (medium and small towns) = 4.4.
2011 homicide rate for non metropolitan counties 3.1 per 100,000

Now before some whites point out that rural areas which they perceive as white have a lower homicide rate than large cities which they perceive as mostly black consider the following.

Many rural counties in the south have large Black populations, many where blacks are a majority.
Many ethnically diverse metropolitan areas have homicide rates LOWER than the National average.

Racists see race in numbers. Numbers are just numbers. We ATTACH meaning to them.

Never seen ONE conservative that could draw a proper conclusion from raw data.
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10:12 PM on 12/02/2012
A very astute poster "Mairs" made a very valid point.

I wonder how all the racists supporting this obvious racist murder would react if the situation was different.

What if this same white racist pumped 8 bullets into a vehicle carrying some white teens who were blasting Adele music ????

What if this same white racist pumped 8 bullets into a F-150 where some other redneck was blasting Tim McGraw music ????

All competent posters understand two realities..

First. This racist murderer would never have fired upon a vehicle full of whites.

Second. Those same racists who are now supporting this racist murderer would be the 1st to call for the death penalty if the vehicle carried white teenagers.
10:54 PM on 12/02/2012
This is the second comment I've read. Before I read it, I was thinking that there's no way even the Zimmerites would defend this! But your comment leads me to believe my blood pressure will rise as I continue to read below your comment. Unbelievable what people will bend over backward to excuse when race is involved.
11:58 PM on 12/02/2012
180 over 100 and climbing ????

Ignore inconsequential nuts like "mdccaruder805' below.

He is a well known harasser on any and all race threads, especially those pertaining to Trayvon Martin and/or Zimmerman.

These are pathetic individuals who have no friends and are begging for attention. They receive more attention if the post insane nonsense.

They lack the moral fortitude and the cognitive ability to understand the difference between respect garnered from astute comments and ridicule.

Ignore them. It is best they expose their blackened souls for all to see.

Listen to some music. Download "To Kill A Mockingbird" and be mesmerized by the greatest acting performance in the history of Hollywood.

You will feel better.
11:25 PM on 12/02/2012
I agree that this was murder but I don't believe that it would have mattered if the truck was filled with white teens, Asian teens, or teens of any other race or ethnic group.
12:28 AM on 12/03/2012
Even you don't believe your own drivel.
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12:43 AM on 12/03/2012
what about if they were a group of girls?
10:11 PM on 12/02/2012
If he did that to my son I would kill him, one of his children or a very close a very family members
12:43 AM on 12/03/2012
But fortunately this also is not the answer we seek. Gandhi and Martin Luther Ding, Jr. showed us the path to a better way.
It's called sarcasm, Genius.
10:41 AM on 12/03/2012
And how does that solve anything?
10:01 PM on 12/02/2012
Here are some statistics from the F.B.I that pertain to this case.

Florida's homicide rate has INCREASED since passage of SYG (Stand Your Ground).

Conservatives promised SYG would decrease homicides. They were WRONG !!!!

Conservatives claim gun regulation would increase crime, but they were WRONG !!!!

Gun crimes and homicides DECLINED during the time the Brady Bill was in affect.

Conservatives claim the death penalty is a deterrent to crime. They are WRONG !!!!

The murder rate in states with the death penalty from 1996 to 2011 was 4.7 per 100,000.
The murder rate in states with NO death penalty from 1996 to 2011 was 3.1 per 100,000.

Conservatives claim lenient carry permit laws will deter crime, but they are WRONG !!!!
All citizens of Arizona can carry weapons. NO concealed carry permit required.
However, Arizona had the 8th HIGHEST murder rate in 2011.

Of the 25 states with the lowest murder rate. Only two are located in the south. Virginia and Kentucky.

The 2 states with the highest murder rates in 2011 were BOTH in the south. Louisiana and Mississippi.

On average, Red states have higher homicide rates than blue states.

Now maybe there will be less drivel posted on this thread.
donna luiz
aw ma, I love him awful. . .
11:25 PM on 12/02/2012
You know this gun thing all started with big contributions from the NRA to the GOP, and even though most of the old white male republican-politicians would never think of carrying a gun or handing them off to their sons and daughters, continue yet to support the tired old mantra and outdated Constitutional Right to Bear Arms espoused by the NRA, all which serve to support a skewed notion that there is some "right to shoot", i.e. SYG and other ridiculous gun laws. That said, throw in a little stereotyping into the mix and you have your seemingly justified murders of too many innocent young black men. Get rid of the Second Amendment, it was designed to enable early "settlers" of America to defend themselves against savages and other unknown dangers, in a land where no police or social governing had yet been formed. This Nation resides in the dark ages regarding its gun issues; no other countries face this problem, because their governments don't support and encourage carrying of arms by their citizenry.
12:22 AM on 12/03/2012
The NRA is a terrorist organization many times more dangerous to the future of America than al Qaeda.

313,000,000 citizens.

~ 290,000,00 guns.

America exists in the "Dark Ages" regarding most issues.

Women, race, education, fairness, the list goes on and on.

Keep up the good work donna luiz.
I just don't know what went wrong!
12:29 AM on 12/03/2012
A method exists for amending the Constitution of the United States of America.  While you are free to advocate this Amendment process, little popular support exists for repeal of the Second Amendment to the document.
I just don't know what went wrong!
12:28 AM on 12/03/2012
Florida's homicide rate has INCREASED since passage of SYG (Stand Your Ground).
 Florida's homicide rate has been relatively stable since enactment of the self-defense statute commonly known as the "stand your ground" law.  While the rate increased slightly following enactment of the law, the increase was not statistically significant and the rate in 2010 and in 2011 (5.2 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants) is actually lower than in the year prior to enactment of the law (5.4 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants).

No evidence suggests that the "stand your ground" law in Florida has affected homicide rates either positively or negatively.
01:18 AM on 12/03/2012
Florida homicides in 2005 = 883.

Florida homicides in 2011 = 984.
09:55 PM on 12/02/2012
I have never been threatened by kids playing loud music, sounds like redneck tomfoolery, murder in the real world.
donna luiz
aw ma, I love him awful. . .
11:27 PM on 12/02/2012
Dont you know about the Second Amendment 2(a), the right to shoot at kids playing loud music, look to the evil nature of the NRA and its main supporters, the Republican Party.
I just don't know what went wrong!
12:29 AM on 12/03/2012
Please identify a National Rifle Association representative who claims that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects a right to shoot juveniles who play music exceeding a specified volume.