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north of 60
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati
04:25 AM on 12/04/2012
Industrially raised pigs and poultry consume the most antibiotics. The antibiotic laced chemical soup in the effluent pits is growing the next antibiotic resistant plague. Those who eat the most industrial meat will have the lest resistance to the new viral strains. Ironic revenge, as a problem solves itself.
12:11 AM on 12/04/2012
Finding it "comfortable" eating the bird that you killed is one thing; mugging for the camera over it is quite another. I've always had a problem with people who found death.... any death... humorous. But my personal decision to disconnect myself from eating meat is based upon so much more than that.
10:35 PM on 12/03/2012
How sad to se two young people smiling and laughing while contemplating the death of a living being. If one choses to kill to eat, at least approach the fact with a bit of reverence for life.
11:07 PM on 12/03/2012
I was thinking the same thing!!
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12:20 AM on 12/04/2012
09:17 AM on 12/04/2012
IT'S A CHICKEN!!! I really doubt your great-grandmothers were reverent when they was wringing necks to feed their families. It's just a part of life and we should be able to find joy in all that we do - even harvesting a chicken.
12:05 PM on 12/04/2012
Nice attitude! "Just a part of life"? Maybe yours....
Look mom no head!
03:22 PM on 12/04/2012
Yes, it's a chicken. Another life. Our grandparents did many things we would never dream of tolerating in this day and age. We are no longer just trying to survive as many of our ancestors were. Our attitude toward animals are changing as they SHOULD. Respect for ALL life should be the goal. All life is important. Everything has a purpose and compassion and thoughtfulness is always important. We do not have to be HAPPY and SMILING during every event. If you know so much about life you should know that it isn't all about being happy and having fun! Life is messy and sometimes very sad. It's okay to be sad even over a "chicken". Many of our grandparents DID have a proper reverence for other animals by the way.
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05:58 PM on 12/03/2012
Jenna: the picture of you grinning while preparing to slaughter that animal while the two others watch and await their fate is very off-putting. The text of your post was OK, but nothing new.
08:51 PM on 12/03/2012
Look closer. I believe that has no head.
I think therefore I'm dangerous
10:27 AM on 12/04/2012
The head is still there: you're seeing the red comb.
I don't know until I know
04:21 PM on 12/03/2012
Jenna...there is no such thing as GMO poultry. Poultry production does not involve using growth hormones. Don't forget that a large part of using antibiotics in agriculture is for making sick animals well. For example, organic dairy calves with pneumonia are allowed to suffer since they can not be given antibiotics. It is forbidden for organic purity. And animals get just as sick as conventional animals. Biology doesn't know what organic means.

You need to learn the nuances before your write anymore politically correct articles about agriculture.
10:18 PM on 12/03/2012
If antibiotics are for making sick animals well, why are they given to the vast majority of commercially raised animals on a regular basis? And while obviously all animals can get sick, even those grass-fed, opened pastured cows, I'm thinking it's a whole lot more likely that the cows living up to their udders in their own feces (as I've seen in feed lots all over CA) get sick more often.
How is Jenna wrong to point out that we have no connection with where our food comes from? And I there's no way around agreeing that the fact that a law even needs to be made for us to know what's in our food is crazy.
If she needs to learn nuances, you need to see broad truth.
11:01 PM on 12/03/2012
If the chickens are fed a "vegetarian" diet of GMO corn and/or soybeans, I would say they qualify for the GMO poultry label.

And for the record, an April 2012 study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found evidence of a BANNED class of antibiotics in chickens. This study was published in Environmental Science and Technology. It's an interesting study and you can find a summary here:

Bloomberg also states that " In the U.S., antibiotics are introduced into the feed and water of industrially raised poultry, primarily to make them grow faster, rather than to treat disease. An estimated 13.2 million kg of antibiotics were sold in 2009 to the U.S. poultry and livestock industries, which represented nearly 80 percent of all antibiotic sales for use in humans and animals in the U.S. that year." That amount of antibiotics doesn't go towards "sick" animals, or if it does, there is a huge problem.

I think Jenna did a great job expressing her opinion, and I believe it will be the young people who will insist on change. If more people actually did what Jenna did and experienced slaughtering an animal for food, there would be more reverence and gratitude, as well as healthier people, because their food is grown as nature intended.
09:12 AM on 12/04/2012
So any human that consumes GMO corn is now a Genetically Modified Organism to you? How can that be? Our genetics haven't been modified.

Same thing with the chickens - consuming a GMO substance doesn't no make the consumer a GMO substance.