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Old Yaller Dog
We're All in This Together
10:17 AM on 12/04/2012
It's always the Republicans that are behind these phoney efforts to combat "voter fraud". It's quite clear this is simply a smokescreen to disenfranchise voters likely to vote for Democrats.
This, to me, is the most shocking shortcoming of the mainstream media this election cycle: they never reported this slimy Republican effort for what it was.
Karl Hildebrand
The GOTP Is Disorganized Hypocrisy
09:01 AM on 12/04/2012
Kansas is as looney as Arizona.
Equality is only equality if it is for all
08:28 AM on 12/04/2012
On the issue of citizenship to register, I don't have a problem with that as long as that state requires that you are a citizen to vote. Voter ID, however, should be provided free of charge and obstacle. The simple way to address that, and Democrats should both take note AND action, is to change the voter registration card to be one that includes a picture of the voter. Either use the picture currently in the state-issued ID database, or if there isn't one then take the picture at the registrar's office or direct the voter registering to their local state office that takes pictures for the state database as the last step to complete their registration. Basically it adds a step to voter registration, one that I don't THINK violates the federal motor voter law - and if it does, then federal representatives and senators can implement legislation to address that.
09:47 AM on 12/04/2012
Thats a good idea, but it still doesn't help those indidivuals who cannot obtain the required documents to get an ID in the first place. Many older voters who registered decades ago may not be able to, easily, obtain the documents that meet states strick requirements. For people who already have a pic in a state data base, they have an aceptable ID so why create another one.
Equality is only equality if it is for all
02:14 PM on 12/04/2012
Actually, it does, since the threshold for voter registration is a bit lower than the requirement for RealID.  If you Democrats (whoever that is a Democrat that is reading this, not assuming anything about anyone) would get the movement going in this direction, where what had been acceptable before for registration, or grandfathering in people who have been registered a long time, or otherwise making allowances for other than new registrations, and change the voter registration card to include a photo the way I outlined above, it would take all of the wind out of the extremists sails in my opinion.  It would provide for a photo ID, for voting, at no cost to the voter, and when sold right will shut their yapping traps.
08:10 AM on 12/04/2012
Support the Kansas Democratic Party to fight back.
07:44 AM on 12/04/2012
When everyone votes, GOP loses. GOP only can win by preventing votes.
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07:31 AM on 12/04/2012
Do you imagine what will happens is ID is eliminated? Let's say no one has to ID themselves. I will go to the bank and withdraw money from any account. I will use the Medical insurance of my friend. I will apply for Welfare checks in several counties. I register my children in any school. Chaos. Is that what Democrats propose. Elections are a very important part of our Democracy, very important. We vote to elect the people we believe will do the best for the country and society, Why not identify yourself for this important task?
Dystopia is here.
09:00 AM on 12/04/2012
Well, most of the places you list will use the last four digits of my SS number, no picture needed. Your examples are pretty silly, since you really don't seem to have a grasp of the difference between your examples and the right to vote, which is mentioned in the Constitution.
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08:20 PM on 12/04/2012
Yes we all have the right to vote as stated in the Constitution, agreed. But to vote at a precint you need to prove that you live where you say you do. That is why the ID is a must.
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Safe from zombies until my 2nd cup of coffee
11:17 AM on 12/04/2012
Why do you go overboard to total chaos and complete lack of ID?

There are a lot of stages in between that and a voter ID law so strict it makes it difficult for older people, disabled people, poor people and students to register.
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08:10 PM on 12/04/2012
Older people, disabled people, poor people and students find the way to apply for free benefits why not to vote?.
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06:32 AM on 12/04/2012
06:29 AM on 12/04/2012
Keep up the good work Kris, you are making our day for us! We appreciate the added funding! Thanks again! Kansas Democrats
Dear Prudence...
04:29 AM on 12/04/2012
We must have federal laws and oversight to our national elections. Every state should have identical rules, requirements and registration for national elections.
truth bee told
02:05 AM on 12/04/2012
Would it not Bee less expense to RECALL him?????
01:05 AM on 12/04/2012
Awesome idea, I may not be Adelson but I'm in.
01:03 AM on 12/04/2012
It is ironic -- most US citizens have no proof of citizenship other than a birth certificate.

Isn't it enough to have a statement that a prospective voter must sign stating that (on pain of perjury) one is a US citizen before voting?
04:15 AM on 12/04/2012
Nothing is required. Investigations across the country, even those by Republicans, have shown voter fraud to be ridiculously minimal. But, you know, if your message is on the nose with the people and you can't change your message, you have to get rid of the people...
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07:21 AM on 12/04/2012
Why showing ID is so controversial.? You are requested ID for everything and no one complaign. Why Democrats see in the ID issue so many ghosts? Just because they are the ONES that want to protitute the electoral process.
10:04 AM on 12/04/2012
You sign that exact statement when you register. No need to do it again. You can only show up on the voter roll if you are registered. The point of registration is supposed to be where we filter out those not elligable.
12:42 AM on 12/04/2012
Kansas Here in Nebraska we have Dave Phipps, a morbidly obese republican who did his best to make sure my district did not give another electoral vote for Obama like we did in the last election. He achieved his goal by limiting the polling places here in Omaha. He further achieved his goal by reopening some polling places while closing others after intense public protest. In the end no one in the democratic areas of Omaha knew exactly where we could vote and some (like me) had conflicting mail arrive with two separate cards claiming two different polling places. I just said to hell with it and drove to the main office and voted early. This obvious voter suppression was combined with creative redistricting to ensure that Nebraskans like me would never again award the President with an electoral vote. It was blatant, it was obvious and they got away with it.
04:17 AM on 12/04/2012
Pyrrhic victory though... So now you need to get some people together and enlist the support of others, and figure out how to prevent this guy from playing the same games next time - and, hopefully, get rid of him.
12:17 PM on 12/04/2012
Thanks, but in my state the GOP can do whatever the hell they please.  They vote republican here and the only thing I can do about it is put my puny little vote out there every 2 years and hope it gets counted.  Believe this though, I do write my congressman on a regular basis.  It means nothing though, he won't even take the effort to send me a form letter in reply.  At least the governor has sent me a personal reply, but it was just condescending GOP BS.  We just need to keep the faith and continue on I guess. 
avid reader
12:28 AM on 12/04/2012
Kobach will be paid a visit by karma