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01:49 AM on 12/06/2012
What a awesome guy. God Bless him
avg american
I have a right to freedomof speech and privacy...
01:43 AM on 12/06/2012
Good job, Mr. Johnson.
Lights! Camera! Action!
12:51 AM on 12/06/2012
Good for him and God bless the children
11:51 PM on 12/05/2012
"I would like to thank Mr. Johnson for his thoughtful and generous gifts. Maybe more people who have been financially successful could learn from this young man."
12:08 AM on 12/06/2012
Many do, but keep it out of the media.
02:47 AM on 12/06/2012
And many of those people aren't part of a professional sport that kids look up to, yet is filled with folks like Dez Bryant and Ndamukong Suh who are absolute thugs.

Like it or not, Andre Johnson is a role model to many of America's youth, and by making is charitable ways public it stands as a stark example that not every NFL player is a lowlife, and in fact some of them are truly remarkable individuals off the field.

Or you could just find a way to be bitter about someone helping out children, that's always an option.
Jocelyn Beverly
06:37 AM on 12/06/2012
I am pretty sure he gets followed, he did it none the less, 12 kids 19,000 dollars that is quite the hefty sum.
11:48 PM on 12/05/2012
"Talking about leading by example."
09:25 AM on 12/06/2012
Well said.
11:47 PM on 12/05/2012
"Isn't this what the season is all about? "
06:47 AM on 12/06/2012
Actually, the season is about Christ's birth: Christ-mas. The original giving done was by the 3 Wise men to commemorate the significance of that event. Christmas has been churned into a spending-spree shop-a-thon ever since. I would bet you that these kids would not mind if not given gifts and just had time to spend with a loving it's supposed to be. This holiday was never intended to be about buying gifts and going into debt.
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07:00 AM on 12/06/2012
ACTUALLY, the "season" is about giving and sharing. Christ's birth is a one-day event, December 25th.
11:46 PM on 12/05/2012
"Why don't we see more of these stories on the front page?"
11:18 PM on 12/05/2012
Good stuff andre johnson! Reciever on the field, giver off the field
11:12 PM on 12/05/2012
this is what the holidays are really about making a difference for someone else and showing the true colors that this guy really has. I love this guy as a receiver he's one of the best in the league as far as I'm concerned. this just goes to show you what it's really about god bless Andre Johnson great receive guy with a great heart to go along with that.
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11:10 PM on 12/05/2012
Merry Christmas, in-deed.
A Boomer
11:00 PM on 12/05/2012
Andre has shown not only that he is a Top NFL player but a Super Human Being trying to make a mark in the memories of a little kid who will probably never forget that one day, in their life something great happened to them.There is no price on a little kids face of happiness. Andre ,you are a great human being and may you live long and prosper .
10:53 PM on 12/05/2012
Andre Johnson does a truly wonderful thing for kids, and people find a way to criticize it. "He should've spent more", "he should've helped even more kids"... some people are impossible to please.

Kids he didn't know, who have had a life harder than many, were given a little joy this season by a man who is clearly aware he has more money than he and his family need. How about instead of being cynical, you find a way to help all the other disadvantaged children out there Mr. Johnson could not.
10:34 PM on 12/05/2012
There we go AJ, that's what I'm talking about.
Hi Mom!
12:56 AM on 12/06/2012
I'll second that. In an age where a lot of athletes, particularly and strangely in the WR position, to a more talking about themselves, he literally put his money where his mouth is.

It's what I'd like to see a lot of these other athletes talking about too.
10:15 PM on 12/05/2012
Thank You Sir!
09:53 PM on 12/05/2012
He made some poor kids Christmas and we debate it . Bah Humbug full a holes . Nice to see real gestures .