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07:28 PM on 12/05/2012
So many knew there was a problem and did nothing. they are as guilty as he is, how can they sleep at night????
10:17 PM on 12/05/2012
The professors of a major medical research institution and university are as guilty as a person who killed innocent people in a movie theater? Are you absolutely off your rocker?
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09:04 AM on 12/06/2012
when people know some one is about to do harm to others and don't notify any body, I don't care how smart they think they are, they sholder some of the blame for what happens. when it happens to yours you will feel the same way.
07:03 PM on 12/05/2012
Lawyers,guns and money !!!
06:50 PM on 12/05/2012
Trail without the press. Sentence him. Carry out the sentence. No fanfare. No thrill rides.
08:43 PM on 12/05/2012
No, the press is always on the wrong trail (smirk).
09:02 PM on 12/05/2012
I meany 'trial', of course!
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