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03:44 PM on 07/02/2009
Bill Clinton should stay out of that race. The Clintons serve themselves, not the people of NY.
03:49 PM on 07/02/2009
And so should Obama, Rahm Emmanuel and Biden. Let the people of New York decide who they want as their senator. I, for one, would take McCarthy over that trojan horse republican any ole day.
04:02 PM on 07/02/2009
There is one reason and one reason only.
It's because the Senator is reaching out to the base.
And that is ILLEGAL in the DLC rule book.

Read her most recent blog:

She not only enthusiastically welcomes Senator Franken (where Bayh and Nelson are grinding their teeth) she THANKS the Daily Kos community for the grass roots campaigning and fundraising we did for 2 years.

I will watch her votes and statements very closely as MANY others are doing, and she knows it. Once she locks herself into a position and we get her votes in, it will only look better for her.

And this is why primaries rock, it can take a good candidate and make them great.
04:20 PM on 07/02/2009
Me too so I think Clinton should campaign for her. What's the problem
04:34 PM on 07/02/2009
So a former POTUS shouldn't have a fundraiser for a Senate candidate because you have CDS?

Try again.
04:54 PM on 07/02/2009
You are right, only a distinquished statesmen would stay out of a primary campaign, and Bill does not rise in any way to that standard.
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03:43 PM on 07/02/2009
We sure would want to see Smilin' Bill Clinton at a fund raiser for anything.

Oh yes, the guy that signed NAFTA into being that sent American jobs packing!

Thanks for nothing!
02:49 PM on 07/03/2009
Maybe those people should get some skilled jobs.
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03:24 PM on 07/02/2009
I like Gillibrand. She's turned out to be a very reliable liberal vote.
03:58 PM on 07/02/2009
She has been reaching out the netroots regularly.

I stereotyped her as the token DLC crony, and for that I appologized to her personally.

No DLC crony would EVER EVER post on the Daily Kos, let alone THANK the Daily Kos staff and members for making an epic push to get Franken and plenty of others elected this year:

If she is a conservadem, she is reaching out to the base which is NOT in their MO.
As soon as she does some interviews on Rachel, she is golden.

What we need to do is watch her votes and statements like a hawk, and if she tows the line, lets go with the younger and more stable candidate.
Running for Senate is not a game.
04:33 PM on 07/02/2009
Maddow's ratings are sinking like a stone.

It's better to get her on Larry King.
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05:02 PM on 07/02/2009
.......also known as pandering.

I highly doubt this so-called 'conversion' sticks once she gets the nomination and your votes for the Senate seat next year. She'll just revert to being the NY version of Bayh, Landrieu et al. Leopard, spots and all that.
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03:11 PM on 07/02/2009
Given HRC's strong support of Gillibrand as her successor, it's strange that WJC would so openly support her challenger. Then again... Maybe it's a reverse-psychology move. If WJC does for Maloney what he did for McAuliffe in VA . . . =)
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03:17 PM on 07/02/2009
I am not buying this whole story at all. He must be greasing her up for something else, like to get her to drop out, fer instance,
04:06 PM on 07/02/2009
Good point, but Bill has not really towed the line for the party.

I just can't wait till his era of Democrats are flushed away forever, they do nothing but obstruct and they water down our message and values.

Bill could do ALOT to push Obama to fix what he couldn't, but I think his hubris is so great, he doesn't want Obama to bring regulation back to wallsteet, end DADT, and get the public option.
If he did, he could use his reputation for good.
So far, since 2007, its almost all been negative.

It must eat him up that he may be America's second greatest president of the post vietnam era.
03:09 PM on 07/02/2009
This should be interesting . . . Bill didn't help Terry McCauliff, whom he backed in Virginia at all. But then NY is quite different.
I'm Just Me!
02:50 PM on 07/02/2009
Looking like Big Dawg's fixing to howl at the moon again!
Yes We Are!
02:48 PM on 07/02/2009
soo this is a big deal because of what?
03:01 PM on 07/02/2009
Because Obama and Schumer have been leaning on people so that no one will challenge Gillibrand to this seat. According to a local paper, Obama personally called one person and asked them to drop out of the race. This is also significant because Maloney's big crutch is that she won't have the same financial resources that Gillibrand will.

Understandably, this is a big deal to us here in NY and not to someone in Florida as elections pretty much go without a hitch down there.
03:03 PM on 07/02/2009
Any idea which of the two candidates would be more popular in NY?
"Only education is capable of saving our societies
03:04 PM on 07/02/2009
" elections pretty much go without a hitch down there."

That was sarcasm, right?