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01:32 AM on 12/11/2012
This type of story is not going to be popular with the people who sell wedding rings for a living.
01:13 AM on 12/11/2012
40 years, and only did 16. WOW!
07:52 AM on 12/11/2012
par for the course unfortunately. And she only wanted a dead husband. There are repeat offenders who don't serve their full time, And they go out and repeat again.
That is even more unpallatable.
07:45 PM on 12/11/2012
How many husbands get do only 16 years for first degree premeditated murder?
01:08 AM on 12/11/2012
She should be in prison for the rest of her biological life.
Charles Malone
01:01 AM on 12/11/2012
in spite of what she did somebody will marry her.
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02:19 AM on 12/11/2012
Lord have pity on that poor bas%ard!!!!
07:52 AM on 12/11/2012
Not sure, at least not if that was the picture of her I saw.
Real eyes realize real lies
12:53 AM on 12/11/2012
....all I know is if a man had slowly poisoned his wife for the sake of keeping his status that she gave him, he'd get nothing less than life if not the death penalty....I hate this double standard in the law.
01:14 AM on 12/11/2012
Me too.
01:15 AM on 12/11/2012
Thats so true!
12:20 AM on 12/11/2012
You're so unhappy in a marriage where you don't even see your spouse, but for the sake of maintaining your "status," you decide to poison the poor guy...that's just sick, selfish and disgusting on so many disturbing levels.

What's next? She decides the guy at the grocery store is charging her too much for steak and mails him an envelope full of Anthrax because she doesn't want to lose her customer "status"?
Ron Berg
12:20 AM on 12/11/2012
Wonder if she is marrying another Navy officer or is she moving to Marines now??? 16 years, what a joke, she should have gotten the needle. What a slime ball!!!!
Tell the Truth
12:18 AM on 12/11/2012
Black Widow Syndrome.

Hard to believe she is out ?

No Tox Tests ? Why ?

Sorry Lee Hartley, God will make it up to you !
12:13 AM on 12/11/2012
did she get his pension i wonder?
12:09 AM on 12/11/2012
This case is a typical women's crime. They poison their prey thinking they will never get caught. Welll surprise she did. Too bad she didn't serve her full sentence for pre-meditation and conspiracy to commit murder in the 1st degree. I have no clue as to what state this crime was committed. The purpose of my comment is because if this took place in Alamaba for instance she would be sitting in the "Yellow Mamma." Better know as the electric chair.
11:59 PM on 12/10/2012
Now that is dedecation to your crime.
11:23 PM on 12/10/2012
I can't believe she got out after sixteen years or a forty year sentence. She deserved forty or life plus or the chair. This was not a "crime of passion". This was clearly premeditated--she had lots of time to think about it, hence "murder 1". Unbelievable
11:46 PM on 12/10/2012
she flat out confessed when they had no proof to hold her. She could have pinned it on someone who was besides him in the military. She may also have serious health issues that make it more expensive to stay in prison w/o lawsuits.
12:12 AM on 12/11/2012
Ditto! Furthermore, I can't believe she got forty years for killing her husband in the first place! If you intentionally kill someone, I think you should spend the rest of your life behind bars...not be freed for "good behavior." If you behaved well in the first place, you wouldn't be in prison.
01:57 AM on 12/11/2012
??? did the guy die ? i though he was still alive ? my bad i missed that part , but any ways , maybe some killer/murdering type of guy will have fun with her and marry her and then make her eat her own cookies and stuff ? with a glass of his special milk to wash them down ???? hhmmmmm hahahahaha ? ok to far of the edge .
11:19 PM on 12/10/2012
Why is she out on parole? Premeditated murder and conspiracy and whatever else. She tortured this man and now she is free to live a long life and maybe even do it to someone else. His family's pain will never end. This is justice?! It's disgusting. Well, maybe karma will jump in on this one.
It came out of the faucet that way...
10:44 PM on 12/10/2012
Have already commented, but this one shakes me to the core.

Women are supposed to be the life-givers, the nurturers... That this deviousness has been rewarded with parole is beyond comprehension. How could anyone believe any sort of remorse from this 'creature.' There is no crime more pre-meditated than one that takes more than a decade to carry out. It's the worst death imaginable, such a betrayal I cannot conceive of. It's worse than cooking a lobster by putting in a pot of room temperature water and then slowly cranking up the heat for 16 years...
01:17 AM on 12/11/2012
"Villainy wear's many masks, none more dangerous than the mask of virtue." Unknown Author
It came out of the faucet that way...
03:15 AM on 12/11/2012

Couldn't think of a better one myself...
10:36 PM on 12/10/2012
Worse than killing someone who is abusive or vicious. She poisoned him from a distance at least 30 years ago when phone calls would have been not very often. He only pestered her via mail, really. And she hated him so much that she poisoned him with malice over a long period of time. That's psychosis. Selfish, grotesque, she is disturbed.