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Waltfl 09:59 PM on 12/11/2012
Bernie is right! Conservatives went into the November elections stvpid, and have learned nothing since! After November's epic GOP election loss, the GOP's taking points today are still:

- repeal of Obamacare
- more tax cuts for the upper 2%
- preventing immigration reform
- preventing g ay marriage
- blocking everything Obama 

There was a loud and clear wakeup call last month: two seats in the Senate, loss of the WH-bid, loss of 7 out of 11 gubernatorial races, and only a paper thin majority of 17 votes left in the 435-seats House, which was lost by popular vote, too)

If there ever was change needed, it is now, but tthe party was not even able to rid themselves of the loser-trio McConnell, Boenher, and Ryan. 

Post Election GOP 2012 = Same party, same leadership, same talking points, same obstructionist strategies. Dissociated from reality, they move into the 2014 Congress-race, where they will lose again, on top of Charlie Crist taking Florida. 
safe drinking water for all
06:19 PM on 12/11/2012
As usual, Sanders is right. But it's not just Faux News. The GOPers resonate with one another inside the parallel universe.
Conservative, NRA and Proud of It
06:19 PM on 12/11/2012
Only you Leftists listen to what the GD Socialist has to say!
Please do disagree with me, but be nice.
06:24 PM on 12/11/2012
More class, brought to you by the right wing.
Unrepentant Liberal
06:32 PM on 12/11/2012
I don't know which GD Socialist you have in mind. There are quite a few of us GD Socialists, you know. In fact, there might be one living next door to you right now.

Now, let's examine your micro-bio. You believe in the rule of law, do you? Well, then, let me tell you this:

1. By Law, Obama is the President.
2. By law, the republicans are now fewer in congress than a year ago.
3. By law, gays can marry in more states than ever before, AND the SCOTUS is reexamining gay marriage. Imagine if it becomes federal law that gays can marry?
4. Obamacare is the law of the land.

I am sure many here will be happy to add to the list.
James Kessler
Sic transit gloria mundi
06:37 PM on 12/11/2012
it's not a law but it is a fact that 70% of the country wnats taxes raised on the rich.

and its also a fact that the GOP and their rich masters are far more reflective of what actually existed in the Soviet Union then any Democrat.

After all the Soviet Union was run by a few people who held all the wealth and all the power.

But it is law that blacks, other ethnic groups and women can vote despite the GOP's attempts to change that.
06:41 PM on 12/11/2012
Odds are pretty good MSStar's grandfather was a GD Socialist.