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Dissident Dexter
02:17 AM on 07/09/2009
IF we divest ourselves of hypocritical repugnicans and IF we lose the uptight religious right and IF we brush our teeth and promise to be good kids.....WE COULD HAVE THAT HERE TOO!
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Uh, is that a beer hall?
02:04 AM on 07/09/2009
My eyes are lowered in her presence .... just for a few minutes :)
01:55 AM on 07/09/2009
Mama Mia ... that is one beautiful woman.
Truth Seeker
01:50 AM on 07/09/2009
I have to admit that she is BEAUTIFUL!
12:49 AM on 07/09/2009
Don't get the wrong end of the stick please!

This "woman" is a LIVING INS.ULT to all women and men who work hard and fight for living in a decent democratic environment.

"She" is just one of latest es.cort of Bitchlursconi's harem and she's totally inadequate and clueless as you can easily guess. To put it bluntly she's just a "yes-woman", period.

We're in dire straits here in Italy no way.

If you speak a bit of Italian take a look at this:

By the way even if you don't speak any of it you can still catch a glimpse of it just to see how politicians react when some well-prepared citizens pose some questions to them: they just fly off. Re.volting!

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02:46 AM on 07/09/2009
She's pretty much the S.arah P.alin of Italy:

"She describes herself as an antifeminist, as she believes that "liberty" depends not on independence, but on rules and discipline. She opposes certain gay rights, and says that matrimonial rights should be tied to reproduction. Soon after her accession she refused to back a gay pride march, arguing that discrimination was no longer a problem for homosexuals in Italy, a statement that was strongly criticised by gay rights groups."
02:48 AM on 07/09/2009
Ciao Amanda!

Nice to read you indeed.

Take care
03:29 AM on 07/09/2009
Sarah Palin WISH she looked that good.
02:43 PM on 07/09/2009
Bravo Matt, pero' visto che insegno a Roma, mi da piu' fastidio la Gelmini per la mancanza di background per il suo lavoro perche' il futuro dell'Italia--i giovani--sono fra le sue mani. Dobbiamo offrirli di piu'. Peccato!
12:39 AM on 07/09/2009
Mamma Mia, those are some spicy meatballs! She can be the Minister of anything she wants. Maybe we should create a Department of Male Morale to get our minds off of the economy, war, etc. She is evidence that Global Warming exists as her globes make me warm.
12:31 AM on 07/09/2009
She gets hotter with age.
12:29 AM on 07/09/2009
She's definitely beautiful but I think she looks better now with professional clothes and simple hair and makeup.
12:32 AM on 07/09/2009
12:24 AM on 07/09/2009
A Canadian Hindi politician hottie. What samosas!
07:46 AM on 07/09/2009
umm - Italians do it better
and that's all that needs to be said...
11:35 PM on 07/08/2009
she cleans up nicely
11:22 PM on 07/08/2009
Quello è delizioso!
Freedom From Nuclear Fascism...
11:05 PM on 07/08/2009
You can only try and make do with what you got,
and she has done what Palin' has not
Kept her eye on her job...
10:30 PM on 07/08/2009
Si...Si Si...Si Si Si.....
10:12 PM on 07/08/2009
I don,t speak Italian. but I understand every word !see palin its the words!
10:02 PM on 07/08/2009
Remember in U.S. the limo liberals only approve of women poles who are tightly- wound dour h.ags in red suits who eat nails for breakfast and are afraid to acknowledge their own sexu.ality.
10:53 PM on 07/08/2009
Funny you don't mention the prudes on the right who feel the same.
11:23 PM on 07/08/2009
Ditto for Repubes as well. Sorry forgot to mention them.
Overall American poles are expected to be prudish saints. Although most of the time they turn out to be thieves desperately clinging to power.
Though for there are more pretty women on right wing TV. For whatever reason.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood
10:59 PM on 07/08/2009
You don't know too many liberals, do you.
11:33 PM on 07/08/2009
I know many, many socialists. Some communists. Although communists in U.S. have degenerated into an uneducated caricature. Too bad.
Although it's hard to do in my line of work, I try to avoid liberals as much as possible. They're almost as dour as Republicans. But in a different more petulant way.
In the end, all people can talk, as long as they're willing to stand up for their believe with a modicum of common sense.