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Applaud the people that make you think.
08:46 AM on 12/13/2012
The only thing she didn't understand were why she was being discriminated against. If other people were buying more than two, why couldn't she? Perhaps it was because of her race?

Yes, let's assume the worst because its always worked so well in the past.
08:39 AM on 12/13/2012
It's her own fault if she didn't live in America, you need to learn English. I'm tired of the "I didn't understand" crap. If I moved to another country I would FIRST learn how to speak the language. I mean, isn't that common sense? It's not like she can't afford "Rosetta Stone'...she's got more cash on hand than what I have in the bank!
09:01 AM on 12/13/2012
Hahah......True that! At least make an attempt to learn English.
p c r
Compassionate and Conservative are polar opposites
09:40 AM on 12/13/2012
English is not the national language. No one HAS to learn English to live here. Many native born Americans do not speak English. It is not her fault, and she was no threat to those people who were not even on duty but store employees at the time.
09:53 AM on 12/13/2012
Really?  Were you there??  English may not be the 'official language', however, it is the 'defacto national language'.  If you can't speak English your going to have a difficult time getting anywhere in this country...common sense, no?  Ignorance is not an excuse...yourself included.
11:25 AM on 12/13/2012
No , but if you want to get by you need to learn English.
Mariah Dailey
08:07 AM on 12/13/2012
I'd sue the pants off of them. period.
08:01 AM on 12/13/2012
Taser? Come on...when will we as a people put a STOP to police abuse? If the Taser didn't work would he have shot her? What's wrong with police TALKING people out of stupid situations? Is this male idiocy; the desire to overpower in all situations?
personal responsibility is not a crime
07:49 AM on 12/13/2012
better learn english,and be a better scammer next time
07:36 AM on 12/13/2012
Come on.. Your Headline suggest it was because of the language barrier... Get real had nothing to do with it.. She knew what she was doing trying to scam the system skirt the rules.. If she feels language was the problem, there are lot's of different ways to learn english now a days....
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08:35 AM on 12/13/2012
Why should she have to learn English? The good ol' US of A doesn't have a national language so there's no need for her to do so.
10:55 AM on 12/13/2012
Last time I checked, our Constiution was written in English...I am pretty sure it's the preferred language here...
09:46 PM on 12/13/2012
You don't seem to know the different between store policies and laws. Apple may have a 2-phone limit (they didn't, actually, the 2-phone limit ended awhile ago) but even so, that's not a law.
08:13 AM on 12/14/2012
You don't know the DIFFERENCE not different. Check your spelling. As for the law, a store rep./and or homeowner has the right to tell someone to leave the premises. Which they did.If they refuse which she did they call the police to have her removed which they did. Once the police arrive if she still refuses which she did, the police have the right to use the amount of force including TASER they deem necessary to remove her. Which they did. Check your facts next time...
07:34 AM on 12/13/2012
She had proof others were buying more than she was allowed to buy? Why was this being allowed and this should thoroughly be checked into before her being mishandled. She then ordered phones and refused to leave a store without buying them? Feeling she didn't get the same treatment she had seen others get? It seems if you do it for some, you have to do it for all. Especially if there is proof right there. I feel bad for this woman. She didn't know English, I highly doubt she knew going into a store to buy something would wind up with her being tazored. Ouch. And she's so tiny.
07:08 AM on 12/13/2012
Good reason to learn the native langauge in the country you live. Why was she foolishly fighting with the police over some stupid cell phones? If the offender was so embarrassed, as her daughter in the video stated, why did they call the media and put on a big show? If we went to China and start acting foolish I don't think the "Me speak no Chinese" excuse would work.
07:13 AM on 12/13/2012
We`re not in China, she is an american citizen living in America, or the rules should be different for different Americans according to you?
07:28 AM on 12/13/2012
Is she an American citizen? If I was in a foreign country and wanted to become a citizen; I would learn the native language.
07:38 AM on 12/13/2012
All the more reason for her to learn English...
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08:37 AM on 12/13/2012
Yes, but China has an official language, the US does not.
10:58 AM on 12/13/2012
Last time I checked, we actually do...Make sure you look at road signs and our Constitution and bills...they are all in English...
07:07 AM on 12/13/2012
Tasers are supposed to be "non-lethal", so the cops get away with using them indiscriminately, and too often, it seems, for their own amusement. Although non-lethal, tasers are extremely painful, debilitating, and HUMILIATING! Personally, I'd love to read about someone tasering a cop's wife.
08:25 AM on 12/13/2012
if you resist arrest you get what you deserve.
p c r
Compassionate and Conservative are polar opposites
09:44 AM on 12/13/2012
She wasn't resisting.
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04:12 AM on 12/13/2012
Its sad, we live in a country, where when trying ambitously to buy a few cell phones the police will electroshock, even a woman, to enforce a private store policy. Our freedom is gone and what we have left is an illusion.
07:02 AM on 12/13/2012
If you just blindly accept the story; all we are hearing is the offenders side of the story.
07:42 AM on 12/13/2012
Yeah buying a COUPLE of cell phones with 16,000 dollars on her.. Get real how many people do you know that walk around with 16,000 in cash.. Answer ZERO. Wake up people..
12:38 PM on 12/13/2012
so we electroshock cash carriers?  Wait till they start doing that on native born middle class Americans who speak english normally.
03:48 AM on 12/13/2012
All this to avoid sales tax. Wondering if it was worth it. The iPhone, made for how much, sold for how much. Hmmmmm Wonder if MA found out about this and set her up.
Can't say what I REALLY want to say
03:38 AM on 12/13/2012
Oooohhh 16,000 dallah
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that is not my foot
03:38 AM on 12/13/2012
I can't find the full Youtube video, just the news story and their edited videos. There is more to the story, and I think the lady is not telling it.
03:31 AM on 12/13/2012
Give me pound...
Give me pound...
Give me Euro...
Give me Yen...
.....sad story....