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05:12 AM on 12/18/2012
Can anybody just set up a fund online? What if I decided to set up a fund for myself asking for donations. I think I will donate to the one the Red Cross recommends.
08:23 AM on 12/18/2012
there are several places to make contributions. sorry the red cross is not on my list.
03:05 AM on 12/18/2012
Do Not Fall For It

Warning Spoiler Alert: Raining on Parade But With Good Intentions

If you intend to give or already gave I admire your caring spirit but most if not all children of this tragedy came from very affluent families. Much of the area is populated with two and three story luxury homes.

Do you come from such a family or live in such a home? I believe it is better to save your money for your own families. They need you far more than the families of these victims.

This reminds me of the funds for the rescuers who never came out alive from the twin towers during 9/11. Of course they were heroes but the families of state rescue workers such as firemen and police are well cared for by a very lucrative compensation package which includes insurance and other niceties.

Just sayin'!
08:26 AM on 12/18/2012
and you really shouldnt have said it. when is it a crime to be a blue collar worker but live in a house, that could be rented, with three stories. who cares where they live, one of their own wont be living there anymore. the snob is is you.
02:56 AM on 12/18/2012
My heart goes out to all involved. It is upsetting about the mother taking this mentally ill son to a shooting range as it turned out to be a fatal mistake. Giving him his drivers license/car and access to all the weapons was another fatal mistake. Common sense tells you that a person like the gunman should be supervised at all times.
10:06 PM on 12/18/2012
I am heart broken, as the mother of a special needs son, that everyone points to the mother to "blame" - as a single parent (although the father apparently provided significantly financially) it's difficult enough, when you know your child is 'different', but not quite different enough to get clear definative support, then you do whatever you can to try to get yourself, and your child through. Who knows where the whole guns/shhoting range issue fit in at all - withholding a drivers license - wow - based on their actions on the road I've seen a WHOLE lot of drivers that shouldn't be trusted with a license - do you truely believe that any of these actions would have changed whatever horrific event that caused that young man to simply step over that line of rational thought into the deep end of completely irrational behavior?? I'd be interested to know your expertise in this area.
01:44 AM on 12/18/2012
my heart goes out to every family that lost some one in a act of rage
i keep all families in my prayers
as i think about the lost of lives as a 64 year old male i sit and cry as it hurts me also
may god bless every family there
Mary Mclocke
Let there be peace on earth, let it begin with me
11:14 AM on 12/18/2012
I'm just a few years younger than you. Though I'm female, and I do the same thing, have since Friday actually. I agree with you completely, Roger. Proud to be your first fan. God bless you and yours. God bless the families of Newtown.
Emily Pawulak Houston
lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep
02:35 PM on 12/18/2012
thinking about the parents having to face everyday with the loss of their little one makes me cry too. To think this one person made such a colossal impact with his horrific acts just tears at my heart. one person, one awful decision, so much lost..
12:52 AM on 12/18/2012
Just one idea, all though this seems ludricrious, but keep the Second Amendment intact. Make ammunition for guns like prescription drugs. If you are going hunting and you need ammunition, you have to have someone in charge, maybe at city hall or at the Police dept to write out an order so you can buy ammunition at the gun shop. Make it illegal to buy ammunition for guns unless you are going out hunting orinvolved in law enforcement. That way you could buy your favorite gun, but you'd better have a good reason why you need ammunition for it.. You'd have to state a reason for the use of the ammuniton for your gun. Minors and young adults under the age of 40 would not be allowed to buy ammunition, but could buy guns that only shoot blanks and wait until they reach age to buy ammunition.
08:32 AM on 12/18/2012
it costs money to have someone just for the purchase permit for ammo. "have a good reason". who would tell the truth if they wanted the bullets for the wrong reasons. the only guns that should be legal should be rifles for hunters (maybe bow and arrow would be better) police, military, and persons in various phases of law enforcement. a fool wanting to strap a gun to his leg to go to church is the dangerous one.
11:38 PM on 12/17/2012
I wish they checked grammar and spelling before posting all these comments. How can I take what anyone says seriously when these comments don't make sense due to spelling and grammatical errors. I have to read these comments 2 or 3 times and even then I'm not always sure what your points are. Maybe THAT'S the point. Those of you that don't bother to check your typing don't have a point!! You just want to see yourself on the internet. Well I have better things to do with my time. Good luck to the living victims in Newtown, Ct. I have nothing but compassion in my heart for you and what lies ahead as you try to heal. This shooting just tears at my heart. An ELEMENTARY SCHOOL people!!! We have got to demand better from those that write the gun laws and those that have to enforce them. Let's not forget the shop owners and pawn shops and the gun shows!! We all have the right to arm ourselves but we don't need to arm ourselves with automatic weapons. A good old fashioned pistol will kill a home invader and you only need a shot gun to kill deer. Hardcore artillary should stay with military personnel on active duty. Definitely NOT in the hands of the average person. I wouldn't trust any of my neighbors with automatic weapons. Do YOU??
08:35 AM on 12/18/2012
you spelled artillery wrong and your critique of that is silly. Once a person with a lesser education reads your opening comments they have already tuned you out and your good intentions further stated go unheeded.
10:10 PM on 12/17/2012
They don't need our money. They are live....well lived in a very wealthy town.
08:36 AM on 12/18/2012
what a piece of work you are. related to Hannity?
09:34 PM on 12/17/2012
Where are you getting your statistics that 1 in 4 people in the UK are victims of violent crime? It is massively misreported by the media. I'm sat with 8 people right now and I'm the only one who has been a victim of violence and that was inflicted while I was in Michigan! Isn't that ironic. Hey I'm a free as you are walths! maybe freer, guns are illegal here, I have never had to worry about home invasion or protecting myself against someone with a gun, and I never will. So last free nation on earth? You sound kinda paranoid and fearful to me
08:12 PM on 12/17/2012
I do not agree about gun control but, I do believe that gun shops and such should be held to some accountability and those laws should be re examined and weighed out.....Also, I am so skiddish on just giving money to these sites that pop up and this does not in any way demean horrific crimes in our society or perpurtrated on our innocent children....Schools are not safe today and if I had children of school age I would not use public school and no I am far from wealthy.....But, I would find a way.....People are becoming crazier and crazier and with each crime it goes a step further each time.....May God bless these beautifful children and these school teachers, Principal, Office Staff, etc...And we will all pray for the many families that were left behind to pick up the pieces in these little lost babies.....
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06:56 PM on 12/17/2012
Isn't this a very wealthy community to live in (Newtowne). Do families really need financial assistance or blankets. I feel very sad when a child or animal get hurt or killed. They are so innocient and don't even deserve to have a lieft threatening disease. My prayers are with the families.
08:40 AM on 12/18/2012
You equate a child with an animal? who said this was a wealty community? why are your prayers with the families when you have just demeaned them because they live in a nice town. wow.
11:08 AM on 12/18/2012
I agree...Throwing money at a situation like this is not going to make up for the tragic loss of life. No amount of money will bring back the innocence lost that day. No amount of psychitherapy will either.The communty has the entire country behind them, and the grief we all feel is profound. Well wishes, comfort and prayer are all we have to offer. I do not trust these organizations, anyhow. If anyone wants to give, going there and listening, and showing your support is all anyone can do, realisitcally. Money isn't the answer, IMHO.
06:15 PM on 12/17/2012
My heart and prayers go out to the families; however, donating money to a town with an average income of $110,000.00 just doesn't make sense. We would be better memorializing the victims by helping to get Gun Control legistlation thru Congress. The families need something meaningful and money is not it.
08:42 AM on 12/18/2012
the last time i checked some of the families were looking to purchase cemetary plots. Families from other states might need funding to attend the funeral. sometimes we need to shut our mouths and open our wallets.
05:28 PM on 12/17/2012
Why omit the fund where 100% of the funds will be hand delivered on Sunday? No hidden fees like most of the others:
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02:55 PM on 12/17/2012
To those that piss and moan about donations to an "affluent"community please consider this. One a lot of families in the area are working class families like a lot of Americans, teachers, first responders, highly skilled, although not as highly paid. Look on not all houses are affluent. Time off of work will be needed possibly beyond what employers who provide time paid off giv, if it provided at all. Not all work covers mental health benefits and some are limited visits. Parents do not often get insurance or a savings on their children in case of an early death, funerals cost money. If they are like a lot of us,the savings account may not be enough to cover that expense. Imagine the survivors and families minds are taxes and lives overwhelmed at this point. As we watch from where we live it is hard to completely grapple. People want to help, want to express compassion, want to do something, be it change laws, donate money, pray, meditate, think, whatever, just something.We can't speed healing or take away grief, it some small comfort some momentary ease is what is offered. Also what is wrong with demonstrations of compassion and to show to them and ourselves that there is still good in the world, good people, hope and all is not lost. We all need this, we are all touched by the horror, but also by the grace. Please stop knocking the good.
Christine Kuszmaul
05:13 PM on 12/17/2012
They can't help is part of the sickness that is wrong with our society.
07:39 PM on 12/17/2012
You are so right! American will never change. It didn't change after Columbine, It didn't change after Aurora, It didn't change even after 9/11. America is a group of mostly mindless reactionaries who fill up their empty heads with texting and tweeting because they want immediate reaction to everything they say and do and they actually do think they are special when they truly are not. Even at the service last night at the High School in Conn I saw people texting and talking on cell phones because they have such short attention spans they have to keep filling up their empty damn heads with stuipidity. All this technology will be the down fall of our society eventually.
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02:29 PM on 12/17/2012
Watch an old western movie.

The bad guy wins everytime the good guy doesnt have a gun.

05:28 PM on 12/17/2012
in the real old west and other cowboy states, many towns required all people to check their firearms with the local sheriff upon arrival and collect them on the way out. it helped reduce the violence.
07:40 PM on 12/17/2012
Look at how far our society has fallen since those days.
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06:06 PM on 12/17/2012
There is nothing terribly wrong with that. Add a few concealed carry permits for appropriate folks, like a teacher here and there, a few cab drivers, and such.

We could even give out good samaritan awards for those that serve the pulbic gallantly.

Anyone remember the good samaritan award?