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toothed night fury
06:02 PM on 07/13/2009
If this doesn't scare the daylights out of real and mainstream Christians, nothing will. I know it will help keep thinking people energized and realizing "They" (the far out ones) never give up when there's money to be made or power to be grabbed.
06:00 PM on 07/13/2009
Jesus is a Liberal.

Try reading the Gospels.
06:05 PM on 07/13/2009
I agree. Jesus was to good to be anything else.
Cranky yankee and a rehabilitated ex-Republican
06:12 PM on 07/13/2009
There is an argument to be made, at least among those of us who believe the real Jesus of Nazareth was a teacher of enlightened beliefs, that those who cling closest and most insanely to his sandals and the hem of his tunic are so far from his mind they have never even listened to his words. Had they, and had they understood them, ... I believe they would absolutely revile this poor itinerant minister, ... for the company he kept, the things of which he spoke, and his utter commitment to peace and love toward others, particularly the poor, downtrodden, and our enemies.

Wouldn't make a lick of sense to them, ... any more than folks like Ralph Reed make to me.

05:39 PM on 07/13/2009
He was great on 'News Radio.'
06:04 PM on 07/13/2009
How about an Reid / Alan Keyes ticket to get the black vote, and Sarah as secretary of state. That's a winning formula if I ever heard one!. ....................well, maybe not, but it would take the south! ( and Texas ) and if not, there's always a carnival somewhere.
No Pets but like Animals
06:06 PM on 07/13/2009
Where do you people come from? Hypocrisy is not what Jesus who do!
05:15 PM on 07/13/2009
You don't have to be an athiest to not appreciate the holier than thou right winger christians. I believe in God and still don't think I have the right to tell you or anyone else that you must believe what I believe. Every person who loves God isn't like these people. Trust me, I don't trust people who introduce themselves to me a "good Christians" either. I have been taken advantage by some who want ed me to think they were.
06:41 PM on 07/13/2009
Yes, thank you gpeach36 for your kind and thoughtful remarks. If all Christians were really Christians, I might consider Being one.
07:16 PM on 07/13/2009
Being a Christian is up to you. It should not depend on others. You can look to good examples, or bad, but in the end it's your choice.
08:23 PM on 07/13/2009
You might call attention to those Pharisees wherever you see them and help your congregations shun them.
05:09 PM on 07/13/2009
The fault is not with christianity but unmoral ethics. Congress needs to care about the poor and the middle class they need to stop allowing corporate america control everything and they need to listen to the nation who is crying out to be heard that we are tired of the rich getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.
05:08 PM on 07/13/2009
It is time for any church leaders that tell their congregation who to vote for is taxed. We had enough of that BS, pay taxes, or stick to what you were intended to be for - praying. This pencil-necked little geek is as crooked as they come. He is Abramoff Jr.
05:58 PM on 07/13/2009
Right on, he's actually the reason for Abramof - he's much worse! He exploited old people out of their retirement money to fill up the CC coiffure, there's a special place in He// (his Christian He// that is) for a$$h0les like him.
05:08 PM on 07/13/2009
Must need the money. Honestly, though, enough is enough. No more Social Conservatives attempting to change the US to a Theocracy. Go away, Ralph.
05:04 PM on 07/13/2009
Jack Abramoff's friend, Ralph Reed (I think I'll refer to him in this way always), doesn't have a chance. He's toxic as is his brand of evangelical christianity.
05:00 PM on 07/13/2009
They don't hear it (because they don't want to) but the US does not want any more conservative christianist leadership. It didn't work the last time and we don't want to see it again. Go home, Mr. Reed.
I am a classical- liberal woman and a Jeweler.
04:42 PM on 07/13/2009
Good luck with that Ralphy. The party is over, WAY over!
04:40 PM on 07/13/2009
I am probably going to regret this, but I would like to see more christian morals brought into Congress. Candidates that have integrity and not bought by corporate America. Christianity is not synonymous with bad.

Is everybody on this site athiest. Why not a ethical christian party who believes in helping the fellow citizen. Isn't that what God preached? Love.

You can be a Christian with conservative values and still hold out a helping hand to others and stand strong against oppostiion. 'Seventy five percent of Americans believe in God, why take away their rights just because you don't.

I have conservative values but also believe in social welfare. I believe the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer and we need to find a way to stop this cycle. I believe corporate America holds all the cards when it comes to making law and I believe you can offer freedom without demanding everyone to be like you. But, I also believe no one better tell me how to believe and try to take away my God.
04:54 PM on 07/13/2009
I think most people here believe in the separation of church and state. You and everyone else has the right to what you believe - just keep it private.
05:04 PM on 07/13/2009
Most of these people are not keeping their beliefs private. To many the few who try to bully the many is never right. If it is corporate CEO's or if it is athiest. Christians are tired of being bullied as I am sure you are as well.

Let me give you my brief definition of a Christian. A christian sins just like you do and everyone else does, but they just believe in Jesus who will forgive them of their sin so that they will go to heaven.

I definitely don't think Christians are perfect, but I don't want to be bullied.
05:20 PM on 07/13/2009
I think your general sentiment is good but that you are repeating some falsehoods. Nobody is telling you what to believe, nobody is taking away your rights and nobody is trying to take away your God. I think your real beef is with your fellow Christians. What more, I think Christians would be able to make a more convincing case for their faith if they actually lived by the words of Jesus rather than just repeated them. Perhaps there are a few that do, I haven't had the pleasure to meet them. And do you really believe everybody on this site is an athiest? I think that is a rather un-Christian attack.
05:31 PM on 07/13/2009
Not that their is anything wrong with being an Atheist !!
05:34 PM on 07/13/2009
No, I hear a lot of anger and I just the right to correct some misconceptions that I perceived most of these posters had. Yes, I did generalize, but as I am sure that anyone can tell you many people will fight when they feel like they are being attacked.
04:36 PM on 07/13/2009
America's flirtation with The New Dark Ages is over and the healing process has begun. We won't fall for that one again.
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An Arizonan, a voter, & a snarky progressive!
04:17 PM on 07/13/2009
NO MORE right wing "christian conservatives". We have had enough of you! Take you gambling winnings and lobbyist payoffs and your hypocritical cheating senators and go away!

Division of church and state. I do not want to live under your religious dogma.
04:11 PM on 07/13/2009
This is exactly what we need--more "Christian" involvement in our politics. Just look at all they have accomplished. A Christian Coalition, oh my. God Bless America!
04:09 PM on 07/13/2009
Actually, what we really need is an Atheist Association 1.0

It's really time for a campaign to put religion in its place -- the historical mythology shelf at the library.
04:22 PM on 07/13/2009
I agree