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12:27 PM on 12/17/2012
Those with autism have a more permeable blood brain barrier therefore psychotropic drugs build to a toxic level in the brain of those with autism causing more severe side effects and severe discontinuation syndrome if medication is stopped abruptly or a dose is missed, therefore a COMBINATION of autism and psychotoropic drugs/'anti-depressants' that are often prescribed for anxiety and can cause drug induced psychosis and seizures that also cause the post-ictal state/psychosis which can last for months (those with autism have lower seizure thresholds and these 'medications' often lower that seizure threshold further.) James Holmes also appears to have had higher functioning autism and has suffered similar side effects soon after being medicated, ( he referred to the side effects as dysphoric mania, which is a term psychiatrists have invented to explain medication side effects as being a mental disorder rather than being due to the drugs themselves. . .you have to admire psychiatrys gift for spin really. . . ) All of this can be evidenced by scientific facts and an MRI scan of the blood-brain barrier.
09:26 PM on 12/17/2012
Can you cite your sources on the blood-brain barrier?
04:11 AM on 12/18/2012 There's a pretty comprehensive article that explains the dynamics here but it is well known that autism sufferers have more permeable gut and blood-brain barriers hence their sensitivity to gluten, casein and medications.
12:04 PM on 12/17/2012
A focus on Asperger's is not only wrong, but a distraction.