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Livin, Lovin, Dancin, Dancin, Dancin!
10:12 AM on 12/17/2012
The Elder Gomez see socialism in America and they don't like, yet, it's capitalism that keeps moving jobs overseas so that we do not have the ability to find three or four jobs like they had, let alone one.
If trolls had minds, they wouldn't be trolls
09:20 AM on 12/17/2012
Interesting article:

Like Albert Gomez, the children of Cuban-American immigrants are increasingly likely to buck their parents’ Republican allegiance and vote for Democrats, according to polling data. This change helped President Barack Obama become the first Democrat in 68 years to win Florida twice and creates new hurdles for Republicans, who are searching for ways to win favor among Hispanic voters after losing four of the last six presidential contests.

I think the last line should read "losing five of the last six presidential contests."
Wayne Caswell
Consumer Advocate & Founder of Modern Health Talk
09:10 AM on 12/17/2012
A THIRD PARTY? -- A likely strategy of the Koch brothers and other über wealthy Republicans may be to establish a new political party favoring immigration, gun controls, traditional families, and other values designed to siphon votes and support from Democrats. Many Republicans would leave the GOP for the new party, but such a move could split the Dems more, potentially leaving the surviving GOP stronger politically, giving even more control to the plutocrats. It would be made to look like a grass roots initiative, just like the Tea Party movement was, so watch out, Democrats! This strategy makes too much sense.