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09:07 PM on 07/15/2009
Creating a "new" health care bill that would make it mandatory to have health insurance is rediculous. If you can't afford health insurance then you will still be unable to afford health insurance and you would now be breaking the law? Why make it so complex?

Rather, the USA and Obama should bite hard on the idea that works well elsewhere - universal health care. It is what we have in Canada and it works. It is not tied to your job. It is simply tied to the fact thatyou exist, and you have registered for the program. The payments are based on your ability to pay and that is based on your most recent tax return. That's it. No funny stuff. No extra fear of losing your job. That's it. Everyone is covered. Easy. And the doctors all send just one bill and they all get paid. Done.

Just do it!
Nearly all of us are both makers and takers.
01:24 AM on 07/16/2009
We're trying to (just do it), if we could just get congress to listen to us instead of their corporate contributors.
03:02 AM on 07/16/2009
And how many marches, protests, floods of letters, etc. have we seen? There are ways to get Congress to listen. I don't see anyone doing them. I'm stationed overseas, so this sort of thing isn't an option for me, but from where I'm standing the American people look frighteningly apathetic on this issue, as on most issues.

If you people want this (and I think we should want this) you're going to have to stand up and fight for it.
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08:20 PM on 07/15/2009
Recently our economic system was poised to collapse. Had it collapsed, then we would have the situation that FDR had which made it easy for him. Instead of letting it collapse, we fed it more fuel before a larger collapse, after which we will again have the situation that FDR had when he was able to push so many radical changes into law.
07:49 PM on 07/15/2009
The Senate bill's requirement that everyone buy insurance is not reform as much as a windfall for insurance companies. Aside from being required -- supposedly -- to cover everyone, the companies could continue to abuse and gouge their customers to their hearts' content. What a nightmare. Just imagine the steady upward ratchet of premiums. This is precisely why Congress should simply expand Medicare and adequately pay doctors and hospitals for related care. Instead, what's unfolding is a yet another ripoff disguised as reform. That would be a sorry legacy for Obama.