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09:45 AM on 07/16/2009
Much ado about nothing....................................
10:15 AM on 07/16/2009
You are right I saw this "much ado about nothing" was started by CNN from yestrday in all their prime Time show " how Obama's insiders are diminishing Clinton's role in the administration" The funny thing was that all the guests CNN brought to back them up refuted the rumor that it was NOTHING!Is CNN beginning to be like Fox..any critical news a bout this President is either reported by Fox or CNN. See all the leading sories in CNN political ticker..they are negatives stories to wards the President..CNN ticker does not lead with positive story about the President...look it up!
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10:17 AM on 07/16/2009
It was started by Tina Brown in the Daily Beast, but of cours the Clinton News Network picke up on it.
10:59 AM on 07/16/2009
Exactly! Some still bitter people trying to stir up something where there is nothing. Get a life!
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09:45 AM on 07/16/2009
Oh great, now US foreign policy will be all about Hillary.
10:57 AM on 07/16/2009
Hillary and Palin have the same traits. But, Hillary is not a quitter! Both like to play the victim!
09:31 AM on 07/16/2009
Blumenthal threw some of the nastiest mud during the primary. I haven't forgotten. It surprised me, because I thought highly of him.
09:29 AM on 07/16/2009
".....Japan, which went to a fund-raiser for President Obama......"

Wow - good thing we elected the CHANGE president.
09:40 AM on 07/16/2009
Oh shut up..
09:43 AM on 07/16/2009
Why? If he is wrong, challenge him (or her) with facts.
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Yer enemies know what yer friends can't believe
09:49 AM on 07/16/2009
Wowee! What a devastingly intellectual comeback... well done, Daffy Duck.
A Pessimistic Optimist
09:44 AM on 07/16/2009
Wait Wait ...... don't see what the fuss about ....

Ambassadorships for decades now .. are always given as payback ...
09:50 AM on 07/16/2009
but, but, but he said Change!
09:28 AM on 07/16/2009
I’m with those who can’t help but notice Hillary has been given the card table at the Thanksgiving Feast of foreign policy decisions. For the superstar that she is, her presence has been far less than I would have imagined. I don’t know if it’s intentional. I don’t know if it’s because our whole foreign policy is summed up by Obama traveling to other countries and giving speeches. But for whatever reason, she is definitely in the kids’ seats, and not being presented in as visible light as others in the administration. Maybe that will change as we begin making clear decisions on some of the world crisis in the - hopefully - not too distant future. But my guess is it will have to change, or something will be hitting the fan pretty soon.
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10:29 AM on 07/16/2009
What will hit the fan? Hillary lost the nomination fight, she's not the POTUS, she's not the co-POTUS. She either does her job of furthering her bosses foreign policy agenda or she resigns.
10:46 AM on 07/16/2009
Well, her resigning would probably be, from a media vantage point, it hitting the fan. I mean, think about it. The woman who, two years ago, was supposed to be the first woman president, defeated, and then given this position only to be visibly in the back seat to others? That's serious drama there. And if DC politics is anything close to its reputation, what is going on in the editorial pages and new casts isn't anything compared to what is going on behind closed doors at the State Department.