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10:10 AM on 01/02/2013
Every time I fly I cringe at the thought that the 89.50 a week cop wanna be is the one I'm depending on for my safety. They are a joke and there is no across the board standards for them it's whatever the agent decides. They need to go now, there are plenty of other make work projects where the money would be better spent
10:08 AM on 01/02/2013
The proclivity of any government agency is to increase in size consumning more resources all in the hope of justifying its existance. The TSA is just another government agency trying to justify its existance by finding more things to do beyond its created mandate which was originally to safeguard the air transportation system.
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11:54 AM on 01/02/2013
the TSA is simply ONE tentacle of the homeland security "experiment". this bloated cow needs to go to ren der ing.
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10:02 AM on 01/02/2013
It think they just wanted to go to the game on the company dime.
09:53 AM on 01/02/2013
How much policing did East Germany do? Are we just about there yet?
09:47 AM on 01/02/2013
This is simply another story that illuminates the glaring obvious; the TSA should never have been created and once follishly created, should now be permanently disbanded.
08:43 AM on 01/02/2013
Curious on whom are at the end of the private firms food chains in the name of security.
10:48 AM on 01/02/2013
cptamer2, Rapiscan, L-3, American Science & Engineering, Raytheon, to name a few.
02:48 AM on 01/03/2013
I wish I had a piece of that pie, I could have retired a thousand times over...
10:26 AM on 01/03/2013
my commit was towards the ones whom profit from this, we know who the payees are.
08:36 AM on 01/02/2013
As long as we as a nation allow ourselves to be motivated by fear, and as long as we maintain the us-versus-them mentality, the freedoms we enshrined in the Bill of Rights will continue to be eroded. One has to say, honestly, that the tendency toward bias in favor of the rich has always been there: the original framing of the Constitution, after all, did not even address individual rights, and only after the liberals of the day vigorously protested did the Bill of Rights get introduced as the first ten amendments to the Constitution.
The solution to the problem of the TSA overstepping its authority is quite simple: abolish the agency, along with the Department of Homeland Security. We already have an amazing diversity of police forces, and scarcely need another. Some would argue that the DHS is needed to perform a specific, antiterrorist function and to coordinate among agencies, but the truth of the matter is that by creating yet another agency, all we have accomplished is to make the job of coordination even more difficult. We were far better off, and far more secure, when at the national level we had just the FBI (operating domestically) and the CIA (operating abroad). We could both save money and lives by returning to that model.
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10:41 AM on 01/02/2013
"those that give up freedom for security deserve neither" (or something like that.)
10:47 AM on 01/02/2013
The FBI etc are not included in the DHS anyway. It didn't take long to build their own empire and scare us into paying for it.