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04:36 PM on 01/02/2013
Bit of a fine line where pranks and kids or anyone for that matter are concerned...but if the little guy was ok with it...then I'm ok with it too. Might have even taught him a bit of a scary lesson about pushing buttons on e-bay. I remember my Dad telling me about a prank that some of his fellow Arts School (RMIT) students and himself pulled on the local (Melbourne, Australia) Art Gallery once (1959?). The gallery was hosting a Henry Moore (English Sculptoral) Exhibition. They (students) snuck in an "extra" exhibit consisting of a piece of fancy driftwood (found on a local Melbourne beach) carefully placed on a white pedestal, complete with a plaque which read "by Harold Less". Do you know the security guards and other staff faithfully walked past it, guarding it for about a week before they finally woke up to the fact that they'd been tricked...but only after the students had managed to sneek it out again. Couldn't do this sort of thing nowadays, with high resolution security cameras and the like...mores the pity...pardon the pun.
04:30 PM on 01/02/2013
Idk I think there are a lot more cruel and saddistic things that children suffer, than a harmless little prank. #Firstworldprobelms I guess, I thought it was funny.
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04:19 PM on 01/02/2013
I thought his explantion of it was telling, he knew he did something on ebay he probably should have asked about before he clicked.I don't think I could have let an 8 year old go that long being that upset w/out telling him he didn't spend the money.
04:14 PM on 01/02/2013
This is not very funny
04:09 PM on 01/02/2013
Reading these comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this kind of "prank" is cruel. That poor kid. The mom says it lasted "less than a minute," but watching that video was one long minute for ME, so I can only imagine how that kid feels. Plus, she videotaped it for her amusement, and the amusement of the entire world. He even asked her point-blank, "Did I really buy it?" She said yes. She lied to him. What exactly is she teaching this boy? Not funny, IMO. I couldn't torture my kids like that.
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03:28 PM on 01/02/2013
I love that he was just looking at cars.

Love a grown man who does the same thing. I guess boys never change.
03:08 PM on 01/02/2013
I don't get how this kind of cruelty is funny. He's crying and really distressed. How is that funny? Sick and sadistic.
03:48 PM on 01/02/2013
I completely agree. Not only do you drive your kid into hysterics for your own amusement, but then you post the video on the internet.
03:08 PM on 01/02/2013
It will teach him that he can't trust his mom! I think pranks are mean period, but for a mom to prank a child...I just can't stomach that.
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03:04 PM on 01/02/2013
Pretty funny! I also like the Most Embarassing Dad slideshow! #17 made me LOL!
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02:04 PM on 01/02/2013
This is so funny.
We can use a bit of lightening up in our world.
What a cool family!
01:53 PM on 01/02/2013
Not funny. She let the poor kid suffer way too long, even though it was less than a minute, he was completely devastated.
02:38 PM on 01/02/2013
Big deal the kids won't be forever traumatized. It will teach him a lesson.
Success and happiness lies in you, not prayers.
03:27 PM on 01/02/2013
Agree. He'll always look twice before clicking.

Mean, yes, but funny.
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03:57 PM on 01/02/2013
and a good lesson, too, to not trust his sadistic mom.

It's one thing to kid around, another entirely to video your kid bawling and blowing snot out his nose and go on to post it online for his peers to see.